Having a dependable power supply is crucial for your shooting and illuminating equipment and workflow as a photographer. A battery pack for photography lighting is a vital tool to keep your device charged and minimize disturbances while you're working in the studio or on-site. We'll look for the choosing and using tips in this blog.

  • How to choose a battery pack for photography lighting?
  • How to use a battery pack safely when charging for photography lighting?
COLBOR CL60 can be charged by a battery pack for photography lighting with high capacity, proper voltage and current, and easy mounting, such as the Moman v mount battery.

    How to choose a battery pack for photography lighting?

    It's crucial to take into account aspects like power capacity, voltage, input and output ports, weight, size, and cost before investing in a rechargeable battery pack for photography lights. Here are four essential factors to consider before buying.

    Capacity: Choose a photography battery pack with proper capacity for your lighting

    Depending on the kinds of photography lighting you want to charge and how much power is needed, you may choose the battery pack with the proper capacity and size. Here are two kinds as examples:

    For high-power studio lighting like COLBOR CL100 and CL200R

    Battery-operated photography lighting and studio strobes like COLBOR CL100 and CL220R can be powered by a high-capacity power supply for on-location and outdoor photo shooting. The portable battery pack for photography lights like a power station, v-mount power supply, and the gold-mount battery is ideal for your requirement. You may use these types to provide directional lighting during the day or to shoot at night thanks to the high power output. 

    For portable photography lights like COLBOR W60 or Moman ML8A

    The smaller photography illumination tools like Moman ML8A LED panel fill light and COLBOR W60 portable studio lights can be charged by an external battery pack that is more compact and mini, for example, an electric power bank.

    Compatibility: Confirm the external battery for photography lights can provide safe charging

    Not all battery packs are compatible with all photography lighting, so make sure you check the specifications and compatibility of your devices before buying or using them. Some factors to consider are the voltage, current, capacity, and connectors of the battery pack. You want a power supply that can provide enough power and duration for your strobes without exceeding their limits or causing short circuits. Also, look for battery packs that have built-in protection features, such as overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, and temperature sensors.

    Convenience: Check if the photography lighting battery pack is easy to use

    Instead of putting in the trouble of plugging in strobe lights for studio photo sessions, utilize a battery pack for outdoor photography lighting that is immediately next to your setup. This takes out potential trip hazards and lets you arrange illumination precisely where you need it. 

    A portable and easy-mounting v-mount battery is ideal for convenient shooting since it can attach to your photography lighting directly or the light stands via a v-lock adapter. Some studio LED lights are designed to have a v-shape mount on them for using this kind of power solution better.

    Applications: Verify whether it has multiple powering options for other photographic devices

    The best battery pack for photography lighting may be used for a variety of purposes, not just studio LED lights, but also other photographic gears, such as Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras, monitors, wireless HD transmission, and so on.

    For instance, the Moman Power 99 v mount battery for photography lighting featuring five charging ports can directly power or charge camera bodies, flashes, displays, and other photography equipment, even your laptop and smartphone. It has two D-taps, a Type-C, a USB-A, and BP Power Delivery connections. 

    COLBOR CL100 photography LED light supports both DC and v-mount battery power supplies. It is perfect for portraits, commercials, and outdoor filming.

    How to use a battery pack safely when charging for photography lighting?

    For photographers who have LED illumination for their projects, a powerful yet portable battery for photography lighting is an excellent choice. They do, however, also present some difficulties, including overheating and voltage fluctuations, which might harm your gears. We will teach you how to prevent these typical problems from happening to your photography lighting with battery packs so that both performance and safety are guaranteed.

    Test and trouble with the photography lighting and battery pack

    Always make sure your battery for LED photography lights and devices are operating safely and correctly before utilizing them for a session. Your devices' output, synchronization, and power levels should all be checked and adjusted to suit your needs and tastes. Additionally, you should test your strobes' flash duration, color temperature, and recycling time and compare the results to the specifications. You should troubleshoot your equipment or get in touch with the manufacturer for assistance if you discover any differences or failures.

    Charge an appropriate temperature and monitor the heat dissipation

    Excessive usage or exposure to high ambient temperatures is a major cause of overheating in photography lighting when charged with an external portable battery for photography lights. In addition to posing a fire risk, overheating can shorten the life and performance of your studio lights and batteries. 

    You should routinely check the temperature of your gadgets and keep them out of the direct sun and warm conditions to prevent overheating. As soon as you see any overheating symptoms—such as smoke, sparks, or swelling—turn off your electronics and unplug them from the power source. Before continuing to use or charge them, let them cool fully.

    Use a voltage regulator when charging photography lighting with an external battery pack

    Voltage fluctuations are another frequent problem during the power delivery process to high-end photography lighting. These can be brought on by adjustments made to the power source, load, or wiring. Variations in voltage can harm your lighting's consistency and quality, as well as your battery pack. 

    Use a voltage regulator, which is a device that stabilizes the voltage output of your power source and avoids spikes or dips, to shield your devices from voltage variations. You may use a global voltage regulator that can manage the voltage and current of your devices, or you can locate ones made specifically for studio strobes that run on batteries.

    Use and store the battery pack for photography lighting in good ways for a longer lifespan

    Maintaining your photography lighting and studio strobes with battery packs properly might increase their lifespan and avert future issues. The cleaning, storing, and charging recommendations provided by the manufacturer should be followed: 

    • Generally speaking, you should keep the photographic battery pack out of the reach of damp, dust, and filth, and try not to drop or bump them. 
    • Additionally, you should routinely inspect your cables, connections, and fuses and replace any that are worn out or broken. 
    • Use the original charger or a compatible one to charge your battery pack. And do not overcharge or deplete it.
    Moman v mount battery pack for photography lighting is compact, high-density, and widely compatible with kinds of camera gears.


      Whether shooting in the comfort of your studio or out in the field, a battery pack for photography lighting has become an essential piece of gear for today's tech-savvy cameraman. Using a reliable external power supply will free you from fussy wall plugs and allow you to be creative while taking pictures wherever inspiration strikes.

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