When you buy an external power source or rechargeable digital device, most people will pay attention to its output and input ports, that is, how it is connected. And the v mount battery pinout is one kind of them. This article will explain the concept, working principle, and applications of the pin connector.
  • V mount battery pinout definition
  • How does the pinout power connector work?
  • What are the pin connectors on v-mount li-ion batteries used for?
Moman Power 99 v mount battery have pinput and plug connector for charging. It can be used to power BMPCC cameras, LED panel lights, monitors, etc.

    V mount battery pinout definition

    To meet the requirements of various devices and applications, battery connections are available in a range of kinds and forms. There are pinout connectors, plugs, bayonets, panels, magnetic connectors, and so on.

    Pin connector: A power connection type on the v-locks

    The v mount battery pinout comprises two or more metal pins, one of which is attached to the battery's cathode and the other to its anode. For example, Moman v mount batteries like Power 99 and Power 140 have five pins of BP output on the bottom.

    Pin connectors link the v-lock power supplies to devices being charged so that they can transfer and give power. They frequently have pluggable designs that make it simple to insert and withdraw cells without damaging them.

    Moman V mount batteries have five pins on the bottom for stable output. They are ideal for charging photography gears like digital cameras and lights.

    V mount battery pin vs plug connector, what's the difference?

    Various applications have multiple standards and criteria for power connections. The v-mount lithium battery pins and plugs are designed differently, support different voltages and currents, and have various applications. We can't say which one is better, but the plug connection is still the most common method in the photography industry for v-mounts and gold-mounts. The plug may connect through cables and other parts or it may be a slot that fits snugly into an electrical gadget. Moman v-mount batteries have both BP pins output and plug connectors of D-tap, USB-A, and Type-C for power delivery.

    Moman Power 99 v mount li-ion battery have three kinds of interfaces: D-tap ports, USB-A, and BP slots.

    How does the pinsout power connector work?

    In one word, a metal conductor or wire in a v mount battery pinout connection is used to convey current through the connector's pinout.

    Based on the circuit's charge flow and the measurement of the potential difference. A potential difference, or voltage, is created inside when the v-mount pins complete the battery hookup. The electrical capacity and chemical reaction determine how much of a potential difference there is.

    Electrons go from the cell's anode to its cathode via the conductor or wire in the power source pin connection and into the electrical system of the device being used when the connector is attached to it. Current is the movement of electrons. The quantity of electrons present and the rate of flow both affect how much current is flowing.

    What are the pin connectors on v-mount li-ion batteries used for?

    In general, the pin power connectors can apply to two usages: Power delivery and Plate-attachment for more outputs.

    You can have extra D-tap charging ports when mounting the v-lock power supplies on the adapter plats via pin power connection.

    Provide reliable power connection and transmission

    V mount battery pinout transmits electrical energy from the power source to other electronic devices so they can be powered or charged. Mobile phones, computers, cameras, LED lights, and other photography gear can all benefit from the usage of the pins. Current capacity, connection type, durability, and convenience of use are all important considerations when choosing a battery connector. Moman Power 140 v-mount li-ion battery supports a 150W/1A charging through the BP pinout.

    Connect to v mount battery plate with pins for extra output ports

    Some v-mount battery holders like Moman VBP and COLBOR VBS are designed to have pinout connections and extra interfaces for output. The battery and bracket lock together with the V-lock mounting, and the pin connector on the bottom connects naturally. Thanks to the extra D-tap interfaces on the v mount battery adapter plates, you can simultaneously charge multiple Thanks to the extra D-tap interfaces on v mount battery adapter plates, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

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