V mount battery holder can be divided into types of clamps, plates, belt clips, and so on. It is a necessary accessory to mount the v-mount external power source on your gears. In this blog, we will talk about how to choose the best one according to types,
  • Three types of the best v mount battery holders at Moman PhotoGears Store
  • Three things to think about when selecting a v lock battery mount
  • Three applications of holders for v-mount power supplies
Moman Power 140 v mount battery can use a v-lock adapter holder to install in a photography set up.

Three types of the best v mount battery holders at Moman PhotoGears Store

We recommended three types of holders for sale at Moman. Here is the specification table of the best v mount battery brackets: Moman VBS, VBP, and DVBP.


Moman VBC

Moman VBP

Moman DVBP

Price (USD)







Dual Plates

Adjustable range


15mm(Dual rods)


Output Ports


D-tap, BP, DC Barrel Outputs


Moman VBC small crab-shape clamp for rods

Moman VBC small v-lock crab-shape clamp is durable and solid.

Moman VBC is built of solid materials Aluminum alloy, which is long-lasting and lightweight. The small crab-shape clamp with a v-mount is small and simple. It has a flexible adjusting range of up to 4.2cm, being compatible with different kinds of rods.

Moman VBP v mount battery adapter plate

Moman VBP v mount battery plate has external output ports of d-tap, BP, and so on.

Moman VBP is a mounting plate with multi-outputs, and it is designed to have two screws to work with 15mm rods. There are two USB ports, a D-tap interface, and four DC Barrel outputs with different voltages and currents. Further, Moman VBP is packed with kinds of accessories in the package, including a DC to LP-E6 dummy battery power adapter and four DC-to-DC cables.

Moman DVBP dual-bay power plate with v-mounts

Moman v mount battery can be mounted on the dual v-lock battery holder for charging for the digital cameras, camcorders, monitors, etc.

Moman DVBP cinema camera v mount battery holder has a dual bay for two v mount batteries. It features two d-tap port outputs and an independent power warning indicator for a smooth and safe charging process. You can replace the power supply or use dual v-lock sources for powering a continuous photography activity.

Three factors to think about when selecting a v lock battery mount

What things do you need to keep in mind when choosing a holder to place your V-mount power supply? After all, it's not just any battery, it's a portable power source that has a certain weight and size and needs to be able to charge your photography gears easily. Here's a list of three things to consider before making a purchase: material, flexibility, and extra outputs.

What are the materials, plastic or metal?

First, you need to know what the holder is made of. Many v mount battery holders nowadays are made of plastic, they are lightweight, relatively strong, and low cost to keep the price low. At the same time, products made from metal are also available. For example, the Moman VBC uses aluminum alloy, which is extremely sturdy and durable.

What is the adjustable range of the v mount battery clamp?

If it's like the Moman VBC, the clamp will have a certain extension range for adjustment, so that it can be used with different thicknesses of rods or sticks. The wider the range, the more adaptable it proves to be. Whereas with something like the Moman VBP, there is no room for adjustment and it can only be connected to two 15mm rods.

Does the v-mount holder plate have additional output ports?

Some holder plates are designed to have external output ports for charging more devices at the same time. They are connected to a v-mount battery to increase the variety and number of interfaces and better meet the charging needs of multiple cameras. The Moman VBP supports three outputs, including D-tap, DC barrel, and USB ports.

Moman Power 140 v mount battery can power up high-end devices.

Three applications of holders for v-mount power supplies

The v-lock holder plate or clamp such kind of v mount battery accessories is used to secure the external power source. they have different usage scenarios. three are summarized below.

  • Attach to your digital camera

High-quality v-mount batteries usually consist of several 18650 cells or 21700 cells. They are characterized by high-capacity and high-density, but still have a certain weight and volume, like a thick cube. To make it easier to use, you can connect it directly to your camera or camcorder via the v-lock mounting plate.

  • Mount on a video light stand

LED studio light is a very high power output power consumption equipment, the power supply installed in the light stand, can be more directly for its charging, to ensure that the shooting work continues. This also avoids messy wires on the floor of the shooting location, thus eliminating the risk of tripping over wires and other dangerous situations. However, it is not convenient for charging other devices.

  • Install in a photography setup

V mount battery holders are most commonly used in complete photography rigs. One of the advantages of a v-lock power supply is the ability to charge multiple devices at the same time, including cameras, external monitors, LED panel lights, microphones, and so on. So the photographer can mount the v-mount battery in a suitable place using cheese plates or rods to mount the v-mount battery in the right place.

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