Using a microphone for shirt is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to record high-quality audio, while the majority of us are unaware of how to choose a suitable one, or how to wear or operate it. Today’s blog will address your doubts in four parts following.

  • What is a microphone for shirt?
  • Three reasons you should choose a shirt microphone for recording
  • How to use a lav mic correctly to have clear audio?
  • How to wear it to look natural in the video?
Moman CP2 is a mini phone microphone for shirt featuring Type-C or iOS Lightning output. It's a popupar product for sale.

    What is a microphone for shirt?

    The shirt microphone is also known as a lavalier mic, lapel mic, or collar clip mic. It is named after the fact that the speaker will fix this recording device on his or her clothes to free his or her hands while speaking. It’s usually designed to be small and compact, some kind of feature broadcast-quality audio that produces clear, natural sound in a variety of applications. It is perfect for film, television, video, theater, and the house of worship production and has an ultra-low-noise omnidirectional capsule for maximum versatility when putting on talent. The Lavalier may be safely linked to a variety of wireless systems, as well as consoles and cameras, thanks to the flexible inbuilt connector system.

    Which is better, wireless or wired?

    It's critical to understand the differences between the two basic types of lavalier microphone that clips on shirt—wired and wireless—to select the best one. The sound quality of wired kinds like Moman MA6R is somewhat sound great while costing less, whose prize is no more than 30 dollars. They are incredibly handy because they don't require batteries, but one drawback is that they restrict users' movement. Be mindful of any wires connecting it to the power supply if you plan to move around a lot while recording. Products that send sound wirelessly are known as a wireless microphone for shirt. As a result, the speaker or performer may roam about unrestricted by a cord. For many presenters and artists, this kind is becoming more and more popular as a necessary accessory, while wireless ones are becoming more and more common. There are several situations where these clip-on microphones are used, including broadcast television, public speaking, and theater.

    Three reasons you should choose a shirt microphone for recording

    1. Low cost and high return in a clear sound

    Now the market price of ordinary type is generally within 100 dollars, or a hundred to two hundred dollars ranging, as long as the cost of so little, you can get a variety of parameters in the professional level of recording products, greatly improving your recording level and video quality. For example, the SYNCO P2L shirt microphone for iPhone only costs US $105 during Momanx’s flash sale while it supports a two-person stereo recording and features plug-and-play, nine magical voice effects, and high-fidelity transmission within 492ft in a LOS area.

    SYNCO P2L wireless lavalier microphone can be easily and firmly clipped on speaker's collar, tie, or even necklace thanks to its lightweight mini body.

    2. Enable you to move freely while speaking

    Wireless microphones are very convenient for recording on the go. In an area with a large range of activities, the speaker may need to walk around or have some interaction with other people or objects to make the whole shot natural and more communicative. And this microphone is not like the gun mic fixed on the camera. As long as the receiver is fixed to the camera, the transmitter is pinned to the collar, you walk out tens of meters or even hundreds of meters, and you can receive your voice. This is the advantage and charm of the wireless lavalier type.

    3. Small body stays low-key in the videos

    Professional video producers or bloggers on Youtube, Tiktok, or other platforms will want viewers to focus on the content of their videos more than on something inconsequential in the picture, like your recording tools. A shirt microphone for sale should be of both good quality and has a small body. it's easy to carry around and keeps a low profile, unobtrusive presence in your videos.

    How to use a lav mic correctly to have clear audio?

    It's a pity when you have a good tool and it doesn't achieve the expected results because you use it wrongly. The following will talk about two points to note when using it.

    1. Pay attention to the distance between the mic and your mouth

    It is advised to bring the mic near to the talent's mouth and record crystal-clear audio, instead of using the camera's built-in one. The latter won't have as excellent of sound quality as an on shirt microphone, it will pick up noise from the lens focusing, and your subject is probably at least 3ft away. The ideal mic-to-mouth distance is less than that, and it allows for a distance of roughly six inches. Your voice will sound significantly louder if you place it like that, while the background noise will remain roughly the same.

    2. Adjust the recording level of your device to reduce background noise

    There will be some ambient noise wherever you record. The noise may come from air conditioners, fans, neighboring vehicles, etc. The sound level of the noise remains constant even when you move the mini microphone for shirt by just one or two feet since it is significantly farther away from the background noise than your lips. Comparatively, that shift of one or two feet matters for the tone of your voice. You must lower your camera's recording volume because your voice is now considerably louder. As a result, both the background noise and the volume of your voice are reduced to the appropriate level for recording. Therefore, you may efficiently eliminate background noises, including the echo in your voice, by placing the microphone near your mouth.

    How to wear it to look natural in the video?

    The lapel of a jacket, a tie, the chest of a shirt, blouse, or button-up T-shirt, the neckline of an everyday T-shirt, or the neckline of a dress can all be used to wear a shirt microphone. It may be fastened below garments, on the back of a tie, or even within a shirt collar if it has to be hidden.

    Using on shirt microphone like Moman MA6R with windmuff or windshield can effectively help you reduce the background noise during recording.

    Hide the cable in a “U” shape for a neat and pleasant image

    Clothing rustling can be audible when the microphone for shirt is attached to a lapel and its cord is tucked beneath a jacket. This is because when the subject moves, the cable might move into view and transfer vibrations up to the microphone capsule. By constructing a Broadcast Loop, which is also known as a Newsman's Loop, in the cable, these two issues may be avoided. Create a "U" shape in the cable directly below the capsule to create a broadcast loop. The cable's end should be threaded through the tie-bend. the clip's The cable should then be passed down while forming an inverted U. Using the alligator clip's teeth, secure it to the back of the clothes when you are preparing the microphone clip on shirt before your films, records, live-streaming, or interviews.


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