Are you bothered by the poor sound quality of laptops while having lessons or conferences with zoom, or gaming streaming and video chatting with friends? Listen to me, you need an external laptop microphone to solve all these problems. And today's blog will introduce three types and tell you how to choose one.
  • Why do so many people buy external recording devices for PC?
  • The most common kind: a USB microphone with high audio quality
  • The portable kind: Clip-on mic with wide applications
  • The convenient kind: Headphone with mic for real-time monitoring
USB microphone can connect to your laptop or computer for gaming, live streaming, or having conferences.

    Why do so many people buy external recording devices for PC?

    Online communication is now simpler than ever. Video communication is now widely used at home and business because of advanced computer processors and fast internet. However, while the majority of PC and Mac laptops have strong built-in cameras, the onboard mics frequently fall short of expectations. It’s strongly advised to purchase an external laptop microphone. Purchasing one is especially crucial if you intend to capture sound into your computer for uses other than video conferences. If you want to establish your podcast, for instance, record yourself singing or playing music, or launch a YouTube channel. You cannot record high-quality audio for these mediums using the integrated computer microphone.

    The laptop's internal mic can not meet your need well

    Due to their omnidirectional design, certain built-in mics also pick up ambient noise in addition to your speech. A directional one is employed by other computers. You cannot change the direction in which the recording is being made since it is fixed within your computer. It will not pick up your voice if you talk outside of the area from where it captures noises. That makes it particularly challenging for many users to log onto the same computer at the same time during a conference call.

    1. The most common kind: USB microphone with high audio quality

    Moman EM1 desktop external laptop microphone of USB type can capture a directional, cure, and clear sound from the speaker.

    An external microphone for laptop setup that connects to your computer via a USB connection is what  it is. Although there are many different versions available, it is safe to conclude that every USB laptop microphone has a more advanced design than your computer's built-in one. Some of them can even record at a professional level. Either dynamic or condenser kinds make up the majority of them. Electromagnetic induction is used to record sound with dynamic kinds. Its diaphragm, which is attached to a coil of wire hung in a magnetic field, is moved by sound as it enters the device. Thus, an electrical audio signal is produced. They are perfect for capturing stronger sound sources since they are often cheaper, more robust, and more adaptable.
    A capacitor is used by an external microphone for laptop for zoom of condenser type to transform sound into an electric signal. This indicates that they need a more consistent supply of electricity to function. They can, however, capture sound at a greater quality thanks to it. Condenser mics are more sensitive and are the best choice for recording in environments with quieter ambient noise, such as a studio. Condenser mics make up the majority of USB mics since voices are a soft sound source that they are typically utilized to record. However, even a dynamic USB type would be a significant improvement over the built-in one on your PC.

    2. The portable kind: Clip-on mic with wide applications

    Wireless microphone like Moman CP2 can be used for lapotop for recording through the Type-C port. And it can apply to smartphones and pads too.

    Wireless external microphone for laptop which clips on your collar gives the impression that it is often used for mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, cameras, etc., but in fact, it can also be used for laptops or desktop computers. As long as its receiver is through the appropriate jack, such as lightning, USB-C, or the use of a converted cable for the adapter, you can start your computer recording. Some people may ask, the advantage of a lavalier microphone is flexible mobile, so we are in front of the computer with zoom class or meeting, it is necessary to buy this kind of? It is based on your needs to determine whether you need it. It has obvious disadvantages, such as when it is omnidirectional will be recorded the room air conditioning noise, etc., or has a delay, but it also has the advantage of being outstanding, you will not be bound by the wire and distance constraints. And when you are out and about, you can smoothly shoot with your phone. It has great application flexibility.

    3. The convenient kind: Headphone with mic for real-time monitoring

    Without headphones, this kind of external microphone for laptop video conferencing, you won't be able to hear each other when interviewing with a guest using a remote recording service like Skype, Zencastr, or Squadcast. The more you can do when recording to speed up the editing process, the better because it takes a lot of time. And listening to the audio while you record is one of the greatest ways to manage it. More sound is picked up by microphones than the human ear can hear. You need to hear these sounds when you're recording so you can make the required modifications. A mild breeze, the buzz of a vending machine, or the sound of an air conditioner are all captured on tape. The last thing you want is for your edits to be so visible due to background noise or poor audio. If you don't keep an eye on things while you're recording your podcast through your external microphone and speaker for laptop, you could discover afterward that the problem is unfixable. Or to spend hours fixing a problem that may have been completely avoided.


    We hope we've persuaded you to refrain from using the computer's onboard mic. While coworkers, relatives, and friends may overlook poor video call audio quality, your podcast, music, or YouTube channel's prospective audience is less likely to be understanding. An external laptop microphone should not limit your abilities.


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