As a practical communication tool for occupational motorcyclists and off-road bikers, the bike helmet intercom is now becoming more and more diverse and functional, and thus, there are more and more choices on the market. Today this guide will tell you how to choose the most suitable one for you.
  • Four basics about bike helmet intercom
  • Five features the best bike helmet intercom should have
  • What kind of bicycle to bicycle intercom do riders use?
  • Why do you need a bike helmet intercom system for your riding?

Four basics about bike helmet intercom

First of all, let’s get to know more about this tool starting from its four basics, including definition, application, compatibility, and operation.

Moman H3 is suitable for bikers, motorcyclists, skiiers, and people who enjoy the intense sports and races. It supports hands-free operation for phone calls and music.

1. Definition: What is it?

It is an audio gadget that enables long-distance communication between two or more users of intercom-based.

2. Application: What can it do?

  • Talking to your passengers or other riders: You may communicate with other riders using the helmet to helmet intercom for group working, which eliminates the need to take your hands off the handlebars to make hand signals to indicate which way to go. It highlights the value of prompt communication.
  • Dealing with phone calls: The idea behind a bike helmet intercom system extends beyond merely pairing your phone with a wireless headset so you can take calls while you're out and about.
  • Listen to music or radio station: You can connect it to your mobile phone for not only calls, but can also use it to enjoy music for adding fun to your journey, listing to FM radio, or catching GPS for receiving useful road information

    3. Compatibility: Who is using it?

    Many motorcyclists, professional riders, MTB bikers, and people who often take part in intense sports or races in the group would need this practical communication tool. So not only for cycling, Bluetooth intercom for bikers can also be used for skiing, climbing, and other activities. Professional football(Rugby)players like NFL will use intercoms on the field as well, but this type of communication device will not be the same as the one used for cycling. After all, their needs are different and the focus of the function design will be different.

    4. Operation: How does it work?

    You would be familiar with the construction of an intercom if you've bought one before -- even the most common version bought randomly.

    Take Moman H2 for instance, it adopts the simple knob design for controlling. Power on and off the device by pressing the On/Off key for 2 seconds, and press them again for pairing. The indicators will show everything clearly. You can switch FM channels and songs, and adjust the volume by turning the knob. That’s it, press or twist! These are some of the fundamental operations to get you started. You may get the complete list of features by reading the QuickStart and Users Manuals in our Documents area.

    Five features the best bike helmet intercom should have

    Moman H3 bike helmet intercom provides multi-channels speaking with Bluetooth tech, easy operation and mounting.
    • Muti-functions: Its most basic performance should include the communication system between teammates. In this premise, if it can connect to your phone via Bluetooth tech, to play music, receive GPS, listen to FM, etc., then it will live up to your investment in it.
    • Easy to use: It needs to be simple to operate and adjust, to keep your hands off the handlebars for the shortest possible time at high speeds and intense moments, thus making it safer on the road.
    • Compatibility: The bicycle to bicycle intercom needs to fit your helmet, preferably consisting of the types of full-face, open-face, modular, half-helmet, and so on.
    • Robust: It's better made of sturdy and lightweight materials. Not only the drop-resistance is important, but the weather-proof feature in case of rain or snow also should not be missed out.
    • Long-run battery life: A motorbike helmet intercom needs to have a compact yet powerful internal battery for a long operating time. So that it can cope with long rides of up to several hours, preventing losing power and disconnecting from fellow riders.

    What kind of bicycle to bicycle intercom do riders use?

    Our selections are based on intercoms that provide the best balance of performance, safety, features, function, and price.

    Moman H1 is a rider-to-rider helmet intercom for biking, equipped with the Bluetooth tech and smart DSP chip.

    Moman H1 motorcycle microphone for kinds of helmets


    $35.99(Single Pack)

    $64.99(2-Rider Kit)

    Bluetooth version


    Transmission range


    Working & Standby & Charging time

    32H & 360H & 2.5H

    Available channels

    2 pcs could be paired

    Connect with mobile

    ✓( < 20m )


    ✓( IP67 )


    Moman H1 is a two-way Bluetooth intercom for the rider-to-rider or rider-to-passenger. It supports hands-free calls and rejects phone calls, music streaming with its Version 5.0 Bluetooth tech, and easy operation of button design. This wireless motorcycle headset has stereo speakers insuring clear sound quality for transferring messages and receiving radio.

    Moman H4 bike wireless headset is practical and budget. It can be used for picking up phone calls, music streaming, and communicating with other riders during biking.

    Moman H4 bike helmet intercom headset



    Bluetooth version


    Transmission range


    Working & Standby & Charging time

    5H & 160H & 2H

    Connect with mobile


    ✓( IP65 )


    Moman H4 is a budget wireless earphone for motorcycle riding and biking. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 and EDR tech to provide high-quality music stereo and voice prompts. With the compact inbuilt battery, it can last for 5 hours for your riding journey. H4 can pair with two mobile phones, being simple and low-cost, but multi-functional.

    Why do you need a bike helmet intercom system for your riding?

    Bikers' wireless helmet microphone is not only can be used for cycling, but also it can apply to skiing, climbing, and other sports.

    Its versatile functions ensure the safety and fun of your biking

    Utilizing a multi motorbike helmet intercom to chat with one another while riding together is considerably preferable to using hand signals for essential information in a group. Technology advancements have made it feasible to have small gadgets with a feature set that is amazing.

    In the past, the gesture communicating method is very dangerous, thus the best that most groups had for talking were very expensive radio units. Current Bluetooth devices nearly generally link to smartphones as well, so even on solitary rides, you may use a bicycle helmet Bluetooth intercom to alter GPS navigation locations, make or receive phone calls, or play music. Nowadays, technology has advanced to the point where you can now enjoy music for fun or talk to each other easily, even when riders are separated by a great distance.

    It can make up for what normal type and some smart helmets can't do

    Compared to the normal types that are only used for head protection, there are now smart cycling helmets on the market. They are designed to have front & rear lights, brake lights such as indicators for warning, or SOS function for safety. Some also come with built-in audio systems that consist of a microphone and speaker, but they are very limited in what they can do. A bike rider's helmet intercom can provide stable communication among groups, and some of them are even equipped with noise-canceling features to reduce the noise of wind and engine.

    Motorcycle helmet intercoms

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