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COLBOR CTRL1 is a remote control for lights. It is black and mini, made of Aluminum and ABS robust materials.COLBOR CTRL1 is small yet powerful for kinds of wireless control for COLBOR video light. But remember not all the products are suitable.
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Moman Power 99 Pro 99Wh v mount battery Black has an OLED dispaly screen on the side to show charging status. It's of compact palm size.Moman Power 99 Pro is of portable size, weighing only 540g. This li-ion battery is available to carry on plane.
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Moman Power 99 Pro 99Wh V Mount Battery with OLED ScreenMoman
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Moman H2 Bluetooth communicator for motorcycles of Black, 2-rider kit, applys to mountain biking, skiing and other sportsMoman H2 wireless intercom set for two riders supports a communication with clear audio within distance up to 800 meters
COLBOR BP45 photography light softbox is of 45cm. It is portable and foldable for convenient carrying.COLBOR BP45 has a wide range of applications. It can be used in live streaming, portrait photography, product videography.
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COLBOR BP45 Photography Light Softbox of 45cmCOLBOR
In stock, 48 units
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SYNCO G3 Grey wireless collar clip microphone White has one RX and two TXs for 3-person recording during video recordingSYNCO G3 White 3-channel wireless clip-on microphone is packed with two windshields, reducing background noise effectively
COLBOR BP90 parabolic softbox Black is of 90cm. It is compatible with Bowens mount, and it is packed with two diffusers.COLBOR BP90 softbox enjoys a wide range of usage scenarios, such as product or food photography, video recording.
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COLBOR BP90 Parabolic Softbox of 90cmCOLBOR
In stock, 52 units
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