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Best USB PC microphone Moman EM1 Black adopts the plug & play design for quick, convenient, and high quality recording USB condenser microphone Moman EM1 features one-butten mute, which allows you to instantly cease recording
Sale price$45.99
Moman EM1 USB PC MicrophoneMoman In stock, 50 units
Video Teleprompter for iPad, Smartphone and Camera Moman MT2Video Teleprompter for iPad, Smartphone and Camera Moman MT2
On camera LED light Moman MLQ-RGB is in compact construction as a pocket size for easy carrying LED film lights Moman MLQ-RGB provides powerful illumiantion with a total of 90 LED beads with a high CRI over 95
Sale price$55.99
On Camera LED Light Moman MLQ-RGBMoman In stock, 50 units
Wireless microphone for video recording Moman C1 transmits reliable, secure, and anti-interference signalsWireless mic for DSLR camera Moman C1 features built-in DSP technology and 180Hz optional low cut
Sale price$79.00
Wireless Lavalier Microphone for DSLR Moman C1Moman In stock, 50 units
Wireless lapel microphone for Android phone Moman CP1(C) is suitable for conferencing, gaming, YouTube recordings, etc.The transimitter of Moman CP1(C) wireless microphone is equipped with inbuilt professional noise reduction chip
Clip on wireless microphone for iphone offers steady, smooth, and anti-interference transmission within a range of the 394ft(LOS) Wireless lapel microphone for iphone Moman CP1(A) is perfect for outdoor live-streaming, interviews, online lessons, etc.
Camera LED light Moman ML3-D black has 96 quality LED beads featuring a high color rendering of 96Camera mount LED lights Moman ML3-D Red has a control dial that allows you to modify Bi-color temperature ranging from 3000K to 6500K
Sale price$55.99
Camera LED Light Moman ML3-DMoman In stock, 100 units
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Wireless HDMI SDI transmission system Moman Matrix 600s has one receiver and one transmitter, supporting an encrypted wireless connectionMoman Matrix 600s is a wireless video transmission system for film with zero noise design and low power consumption
V-Mount Battery Moman Power 99 Black is equipped with inbuilt rechargeable li-ion cells which is genuine A-class high-qualityV mount battery Moman Power 99 Camo is made up of eight 18650 batteries and is controlled by Intelligent Battery Management
Sale price$149.99
V Mount Battery Moman Power 99Moman In stock, 150 units
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Wireless lavalier microphone iphone compatible SYNCO P1L stone blue provides 5 hours of recording with its quick charging caseSYNCO P1L with a Type-C port enables you to monitor the current recording in real time and charge your phone at the same time
Sale price$89.00
Wireless Lavalier Microphone for iPhone SYNCO P1LSYNCO In stock, 100 units
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