When recording videos, do you struggle with always forgetting content and details? Are you nervous about saying the wrong thing when broadcasting live? You need a studio teleprompter to help you get efficient and smooth performance before lens. This article includes steps and tips on purchasing options, plus introduces you to two budget yet practical equipment.

  • Three steps before buying a studio teleprompter
  • What studio prompter is best for you: Two picks recommended
  • Tips for performing better when reading scripts from a teleprompter
Moman MT12 has a clothing shroud that makes it compatible with all kinds of cameras, smartphones, camcorders for shooting.

    Three steps before buying a studio teleprompter

    Many newbies are often confused when first confronted with the new tool of a teleprompter and don't know where to start. Next, we will make an accurate selection in three steps.

    Decide which type you need

    The use of studio prompters is essential for news, sports, weather programming, public speaking, and presentations as well. They make it simple for the host or speaker to read the content while still maintaining eye contact with the camera or audience. If you are speaking in front of a camera for recording or live streaming, use a studio camera teleprompter. If you are going to give a public lecture live, use the president's studio teleprompter.

    Choose a prompting device in the right size

    To tell whether a teleprompter is good, professional or not, suitable or not for you, you can analyze it from many aspects, such as the clarity of the glass imaging, the solidity of the structure, the adaptability to a variety of filming equipment and so on, but the most intuitive is always the size of it.

    If you are a blogger who is always on the go, then a compact smartphone teleprompter like Moman MT1 or MT2 will suffice. If you do home studio activities like Youtube video making, podcasting, interviewing, etc., then a decent-sized one like the Moman MT12 would be perfect. If you want to use it for live news broadcasts, then you need an option like the tv studio teleprompter which is compatible with large professional camcorders.

    Moman studio teleprompter is easy to use and mount. They feature HD beam splitter glass and are all equipped with a remote control in the package

    Pick up the matching accessories or equipment

    If you buy a camera, you may have to buy wireless transmission, monitor screen display, external battery grip, etc., for a better photography working experience. However, a studio prompting device doesn't require that many. It generally requires a bracket to be mounted on the bottom for support. Small ones can use a handheld grip or monopod, while larger ones can use a tripod with a high load-carrying capacity.

    And some people will need a remote control. Sometimes it's a handheld remote, sometimes it's a foot pedal that can make timely adjustments to speed or pauses during speech. For your attention, Moman studio teleprompters all come with remote control.

    What studio prompter is best for you: Two picks recommended

    One thing all live streams, presidential addresses, announcements, and YouTube videos have in common is the need for lengthy speaking, presentation, or introduction to be delivered fluently. It is feasible to memorize the script, but it is ineffective since it takes a lot of time and still allows opportunities for mistakes. It could also come out as unnatural. You frequently believe that your work is exceptional. But after seeing the recorded live stream, we can see that we might overlook some important details.

    Moman MT12 is a studio teleprompter for iPad with wide reading range. It is ideal for video recording, podcasting, live streaming, and so on.

    Moman MT12 teleprompter for home studio for phone and tablet under $150

    If you are looking for a professional prompting device, then the Moman MT12 with its large reading view is your first choice. It is built of metal one-piece construction for easy mounting and placing, being durable and compact. And it features a 15’wide reading range thanks to the adjustable 12-inch beamsplitter glass for HD reflecting. You can use your smartphone or tablet as the prompting monitor, and shoot by kinds of recording devices.

    Moman MTRX teleprompter and RGB ring light combo enables you to have a bright and fine portrait effect. It is ideal for Youtubers, live streamers, etc.

    Moman MTRX studio teleprompter system with RGB ring light under $100

    Moman MTRX is a portable teleprompter kit with a promting device and an RGB ring light. If you work in makeup or visual effects, you are aware of the value of a ring light during filming. Additionally, streamers can benefit greatly from them. Because it can be put on a conventional or desk tripod, the ring light is a flexible choice for vloggers, podcasters, streamers, and other content producers.

    Tips for performing better when reading scripts from a teleprompter

    The experts have a lot of expertise and make reading from a video studio teleprompter seem simple. The best professionals don't even appear to be reading. But with a few helpful pointers and some practice, you may go a long way toward achieving a more natural style and avoiding the most typical prompter reading mistakes.

    Moman MT1 iPhone teleprompter can be mounted on a tripod for Youtube video making, vlogging, and other shooting activities.
    • Adapt the wording to suit you. If you've written the teleprompter script, this is simple. If not, at least become as familiar with the screenplay as you can without having to memorize every word. If you can, tweak your terminology and sentence structure to better reflect your speaking style.
    • Stick to the main points in the content. Giving a more conversational performance can be achieved by working from bulleted message points rather than a verbatim script.
    • Set the tempo and take breaks as needed. You will set an example for the professional studio teleprompter operator. When necessary, pause to emphasize and give the spectator a chance to think about the main topics.
    • Place the teleprompter in the right range. It will be less noticeable if you place the prompter display at least 6 feet away from you so that you can read the script without making any "shifty" eye movements.

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