D tap battery charger is a crucial tool in your photography kit. It is used to be the connection linking the power source and your devices or batteries. This blog will make a simple introduction to it, telling its definition, and applications, and giving you some tips to choose the best one.
  • What is d tap battery charger?
  • When do you need it?
  • How to choose a suitable battery charger with a D-tap plug?

What is d tap battery charger?

A d-tap battery charger is a device that stores energy in a dummy battery by running an electric current through it. It is equipped with a d-tap plug and is used to charge digital gears with the appropriate power input ports. It is a necessary battery accessory for photographers since various modern cameras and gears utilize d-tap charging, such as BMPCC, 4k camera monitor, LED panel light, and so on.

Specifically speaking, we can take the Gimpro DF550 d-tap battery for camera batteries as an example for you to get further understanding. We can see the ports on both ends of the device, one is the available plug for the socket on the walls, and the other is the D-tap plug for connecting the devices being charged. It has a dummy battery in the middle of the cable for current storage and a sticker with its parameters on it. And it is designed to have a light to indicate the current state of charge.

When do you need it?

Here are two applications you may use a d-tap battery charger. One is to charge your shooting equipment from a wall outlet directly. The other is to replenish your external power source after a continuous shooting activity.

Charge your device with AC wall power directly via the d-tap slot

Many devices utilize d-tap charging, including but not limited to the Blackmagic pocket cinema camera, video lights, 4k external monitor, and so on. You can use the d-tap battery adapter to connect the wall outlet and camera directly, but also you can power up the built-in camera li-ion cells like LP-E6 and NP-F batteries

Moman v mount battery with d-tap Power 99 is a compact external power source for cameras and other photography devices.

Replenish external power like v mount d tap battery and gold-mount

In addition to charging small rechargeable li-ion cells, d-tap is one of the common charging methods for external power supplies, like gold mount and v mount d tap battery. For instance, the Moman Power 140 v-lock mount external battery has four various output interfaces and two input methods of d-tap and Type-C for quick charging.

How to choose a suitable battery charger with a D-tap plug?

You need to consider some important factors before buying a D-tap charger for your power supply. And here are some suggestions for every new beginner.

Determine if its wall plug applies to the socket type in your area

The socket holes will vary from region to region and country to country, so you'll want to be careful to pick the right specification when purchasing. The Gimpro Tap50 offers options for four regions, including the US(United States), EUR(Europe), UK(United Kingdom), and JP(Japan) specifications.

Moman Power 140 has four output ports, including d-tap, USB-C, USB-A, and BP slots.

Select a d-tap battery charger with the appropriate output voltage and current

Usually, the voltage and current range of the battery charger are stated on the product page. Just pick it against the applicable parameters of your existing device. Excessive voltage and current may result in damaging your device or power supply.

Choose from reputable brands that offer products with warranty

Are d tap battery chargers safe? As a common charging method nowadays, it has enough mature technology to support its stable use. However, we still recommend choosing a reputable brand or a battery charger with d-tap from the same manufacturer as your camera and battery.

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