A noise cancelling microphone has a complex and advanced technology intended to enhance voice clarity in busy surroundings. Thus it can offer a better audio effect for streaming. In this post, we'll introduce the top four picks of this kind available at Moman and assist you in selecting the one that best suits your requirements.
  • Best buy background noise cancelling microphones at Moman PhotoGears Store
  • What to consider before purchasing an external noise cancelling microphone?
  • Three applications to use this type of mic: Recording, streaming, and working
  • FAQ about microphones with noise reduction
Moman EM1 desktop microphone uses Type-C to USB as connection. It can be used for live streaming, recording, online classes, etc.

      Best buy background noise cancelling microphones at Moman PhotoGears Store

      We've compiled a list of the top four noise cancelling microphones available at Moman. You may get greater audio quality without any irritating background noise by using SYNCO P1S, G2 Pro, G3, and Moman EMR.

      Comparison table of the top four picks: SYNCO P1S, G2 Pro, G3, and Moman EMR


      SYNCO P1S

      SYNCO G2 Pro

      SYNCO G3

      Moman EMR



      1-to-1: $129.00

      1-to-2: $169.00





      Wireless Lavalier

      Wireless Lavalier

      Wireless Lavalier

      USB desktop mic



      1 or 2




      Lightning or Type-C

      TRS and TRRS

      (With Cables)

      TRRS, Type-C, Lightning, USB-A

      (With Cables)

      Type-C and USB

      (With Cables)

      Polar Pattern










      Frequency Range





      Working Distance


      492ft/150m(LOS area);

      164ft/50m(NLOS area)

      656ft/200m (LOS area);

      164ft/50m (NLOS area)

      820ft/250m(LOS area)


      Wireless Charging case

      (No Need)

      SYNCO P1S Best iPhone noise cancellation microphone

      SYNCO P1S is a 1-trigger-1 wireless Lavalier microphone with one-button noise cancellation. It has a frequency range of the best 20Hz-20KHz and an SNR over 75dB. Thus even in the normal recording mode, SYNCO P1S can provide pure and natural sound as well.


      SYNCO P1S is a plug in phone microphone featuring noise cancellation mode. It has a wireless charging case for long-time shooting.


      • Working distance of up to 492ft/150m in LOS area for stable and clear sound
      • Connector options of Lightning or Type-C for iPhone or Android phone
      • Quick wireless pairing between transmitter and receiver for steady linking


      • Not suitable for a two-person recording or one-to-one interviews. If you prefer a dual-channel microphone with noise suppression, we introduce you the SYNCO P2S with two TXs.
      • Some users reported robotic sound effects with the noise-cancellation mode on

      SYNCO G2 Pro dual-channel lavalier microphone with noise-reduction

      SYNCO G2 Pro dual microphone with noise cancellation can work well with your smartphones and cameras. Its dual transmitters are designed to have the advanced safety channel mode for more protection, which avoids sound howling and blasting. SYNCO G2 Pro with 150Hz optional low-cut feature is ideal for conferences, education, interviews, and so on.

      SYNCO G2 Pro is a noise cancelling microphone for video. It can be used with smartphones, digital cameras, and camcorders.


      • TFT screen display for monitoring the current audio mode and battery status
      • 3.5mm headphone output port for listening to your audio in real-time
      • Wireless fast-charging box for containing and powering the transmitters and receiver
      • One-press mute mode allows convenient brief pauses during recording or live-streaming


      • Need adapter cable to connect microphone to phones or cameras
      • Sometimes the receiver is not easy to attach to your devices

      SYNCO G3 Best noise-reducing wireless collar clip mic

      The biggest feature of the SYNCO G3 noise cancelling clip-on microphone is the 2-way communication and 3-channel recording. It minimizes background noise and produces a professional, smooth tone that stays clean even as you travel from one noisy location to another.

      SYNCO G3 has a LCD screen display for monitor. It enjoys a wide compability to apply to YouTube video producing, vlogging, interviewing, filmmaking, etc.


      • 1.8-inch LCD screen for visualized checking in real-time
      • Long battery life of 5 hours for continuous recording
      • 3rd Generation Syncoder™ Algorithm and sound curve optimization for better audio
      • 8G on-board memory for the separate acoustic players as backup tapes


      • The price is not budget-friendly, however, it is on sale now with a $100 discount

      Moman EMR noise cancelling microphone for laptop

      Moman EMR is a retro USB microphone for computers and laptops. It features the triangle noise-shielding tech and OTG(On The Go) tech for smooth live streaming. Moman EMR has a cardioid pattern condenser microphone that faithfully records your speech and is ideal for dictation, online learning, and other applications.

      Moman EMR is a retro USB microphone for PC. It is designed to have noise-cancellation for capturing clean voice during live streaming and pre-recording.


      • Accurate and natural sound audio with zero latency for streaming
      • Full frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz with -38dB(±dB) Sensitivity
      • Flexible and adjustable microphone and holder to capture your voice better


      • The wired design for connection may cause some inconvenience

      What to consider before purchasing an external noise cancelling microphone?

      A few important variables need to be taken into account when selecting a noise-canceling microphone. Considerations such as the transducer type, compatibility with your device, the plug-and-play design, and the polar pattern are crucial.

      SYNCO P2L wirless lavalier microphone can provide clear audio for Youtube filming, vlogging, and video chattings, and so on.


      Dynamic and condenser are the two primary categories of noise-canceling devices. The four noise cancelling Lavalier microphones mentioned above belong to the condenser or electret condenser kind. You can choose between the two types according to your needs.
      Dynamic mics are a wonderful option for live performances or outdoor use since they are often cheaper and more durable.
      Condenser mics are more sensitive and produce higher-quality sound, which makes them perfect for studio recordings and other situations where sound quality is important.


      Another aspect to consider when picking the finest mic is its compatibility with all of your devices. Find out if you can immediately plug it in or if you need to prepare a supply of adapters for this. The mounting technique is very crucial. Make sure it is appropriate for the area in which you intend to utilize it.

      Plug-and-play feature

      Look for a plug-and-play mic if you want it is simple to use. As soon as you connect the receiver of the noise cancelling wireless microphone to your laptop or computer through a USB connection, it enables you to instantly download the required drivers.

      Pick up pattern

      The direction in which the microphone is most sensitive to sound is referred to as the polar pattern. If you want to operate with various noise levels, we also advise selecting devices with customizable patterns, such as cardioid, omnidirectional, and so on. It will enable you to respond more adaptable to a range of difficulties. For group recordings or conference calls, omnidirectional microphones are the best choice since they capture sound from all angles.

      Moman CP2 small collar clip microphone can plug in to your phones directly. It has two kinds of plugs of Lightning for iPhone and Type-C for Android devices.

      Three applications to use this type of mic: Recording, streaming, and working

      The audio quality is quite important since you want to produce a video for an online platform or to be understood during a voice or video chat. You can minimize background noise and consistently record clean sound in the next three usage scenarios.

      1. Video recording

      The best noise cancelling microphone for video recording would provide you considerably superior audio quality. You can use it for daily vlogging sharing lives with your friends, professional filmmaking, or making YouTube videos and TikTok shorts. The clear audio of your videos helps attract more audiences and followers.

      2. Live streaming

      A noise cancelling microphone for streaming is what you need if you want to be able to eliminate background noise while still producing audio that is crystal clear. Thanks to the noise reduction, live streamers can ensure stable voice output so that the listeners can follow your content and rhythm. Whether it's a live game broadcast or any other type of live, this feature will allow you to have a perfect experience.

      3. Online meeting

      A noise cancelling microphone for meetings may be extremely helpful for anybody who wants to speak clearly during video conferences, including podcasters, classes, and co-workers. With a computer USB microphone like Moman EMR with one-click noise-reduction, you can host the meeting, or make presentations and discussions efficiently in Zoom, Skype, Teams, and other software.

      You can use a Moman lapel microphone for interviewing. It is small and easy to hide in front of lens

      FAQ about microphones with noise reduction

      There are a few fundamental things to know while looking for or using a noise-reducing mic of any sort. Here are three frequently asked questions.

      1. How does a noise cancelling microphone for recording work?

      Modern technology is used to actively combat noise with active noise cancellation. In essence, it listens for incoming noise, analyzes the sound pattern, and then produces a mirror "anti-noise" signal to drown it out.

      In other words, it has a secondary mic pointed in the opposite direction from the primary one. It aims at taking up ambient or background noise. The primary mic is directed toward your mouth to focus on your voice. A computer technique is then applied to decrease the background noise and separate your speech from it. Your listeners will hear a clearer speech signal as a consequence.

      2. What are the pros and cons of using this type of mic?

      • Pros: With the best noise cancelling microphone, the audio effect is a noise level that is noticeably diminished. It is very friendly to all personnel who have outdoor recording work and needs, greatly broadening the scope of filming. Because it can effectively reduce the noise in the environment, such as the wind, the sound of passers-by talking, and the sound of birds, etc., to ensure the high quality of the video.
      • Cons: Sometimes the noise-reduction function may make your voice sound robotic. While technology is constantly improving, it is still a challenging task. Not incidental noises like dishes clattering or objects falling, this type of microphone is better at masking background noise like the droning of a jet or a fan. You may need adequate passive isolation, which comes from a solid fit, to reduce accidental noise.
      SYNCO G2 Pro noise cancelling microphone for filming supports a headphone output for real-time monitoring.

        3. How to use a noise-suppression mic for better recording?

        Here are two tips to achieve higher audio effects:

        • Set up the mode and gain level properly: It greatly aids if you are in a peaceful setting. A podcaster can have her/his voice picked up clearly by a noise-cancelling podcast microphone even if there are background noises like an air conditioner fan, wind, traffic, or other people conversing. If the speakers are too quiet or loud, they may also change the mic levels in the computer's sound settings.
        • Get close to the mic when recording: These tools filter out extraneous noise from far-off things, thus you need to put the speaker next to your mouth and enable it to capture the sound better. A microphone with noise suppression picks up sound close by and might amplify it if you go too far away. This implies that to obtain the optimum outcome from it, you must maintain the proper distance.

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