When trying to communicate with pillion passenger or riding mates while you're moving is typically a litany of misinterpreted words and gestures, resulting in widespread misunderstanding. Thankfully, modern technology has made life much simpler and less stressful. The open face helmet intercom allows you to make the trip more enjoyable, especially if it's a long and boring one, by listening to music, following sat nav directions, or just chatting with your friends. This blog will talk about how to choose and install it for better riding adventures.
  • Five things to consider when choosing the best motorcycle intercom for open face helmet
  • Four steps to install the open face helmet communication
  • What’s the difference: Open face helmet vs full face helmet vs half face helmet
Moman H3 open-face helmet intercom has a sharing distance of up to 2000 meters. It can transmitt a clear and crisp sound for communication at high speed.

    Five things to consider when choosing the best motorcycle intercom for open face helmet

    How to choose the best open face helmet intercoms for communicating with other riders or pillions? Here are five important factors you should think about before purchasing: Price, Bluetooth version, communication range, working time, and audio performance.

    1. Price

    Price and budget should be taken into account initially. A open-face helmt communication devices could be tens of dollars or hundreds of dollars. Before making a purchase, you should compare costs and conduct some research because the cost might vary based on what you need. The three best open face helmet intercoms for motorcycle riders at Moman PhotoGears Store are all under US$100 in single pack or two packs.

    Moman H2 motorcycle helmet intercom is designed to have a easy knob-control for adjusting volume, switching songs, FM radios, and others.

    2. Bluetooth version

    The Bluetooth intercom of version over 5.0 should be your first choice because the BT communicators have been updated to Bluetooth 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, and even 5.3. They enjoy better performance for stable connection and wireless communication. From the table of Moman motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms and headsets below, we can see that all of them use the advanced Bluetooth tech of 5.0+.






    H4 Plus





    Helmet earphone

    Helmet headset

    Bluetooth Versions






    3. Communication range

    If you want to ride in a remote area, take this into consideration. An open face helmet intercom system with a higher range of structures or other The kind and capacity of the battery, as well as the distance it can operate before detaching from your motorcycle, determine its operating range. obstructing your signal is highly recommended. Most of the intercoms for sale on the market have a sharing distance of up to 500-2000 meters, or even more. Although the distance of stable connection and communication in actual use may be shorter than stated in the table of product values, clear calls within an unobstructed range of several hundred meters are still guaranteed.





    Transmission Distance




    Connection Distance with Mobiles




    4. Working time

    Many of the headsets available now contain batteries that might last up to 20+ hours. The device's battery will function for whatever long you require it to. If you want to enjoy a non-stop riding adventure with your friends out there, then motorcycle intercom for open face helmet with enough lasting working time are your biggest asset. You'll be able to communicate with your friends for hours on the road or enjoy music on end without worrying about running out of battery and disconnecting from your groups.

    Moman motorcycle helmet intercoms H1, H2, and H3 features a continuous battery life of 20 to 32 hours, and a stunning standby time of up to 300 to 500 hours. They all support Type-C fast charging.





    Working Time

    32 hours

    20 hours

    30 hours

    Standby Time

    360 hours

    300 hours

    500 hours

    5. Audio performance

    You should take the audio quality into consideration seriously since it is the key factor that affect the riding experience. An motorcycle Bluetooth intercom for open-face helmets is mainly used for speaking and music streaming on the road, also it can be utilized to listen to FM radio or GPS audio navigation. Moman H1, H2, and H3 are designed to have CVC or DSP noise cancellation to produce sound with great clarity.

    Moman H3 open face helmet communicator can also work with full-face helmet, modular, motocross headgears, and so on.

    Four steps to install the open face helmet communication

    Bluetooth helmet communicators frequently come with a mounting base and microphone attachments. It is possible to glue or clip the base and fasten the main unit on your open-face helmet. Here lists four simple steps to fit the intercom.

    Step 1: Remove the cheek pads or cushioning of the open-face helmet

    You need to clean up the interior of the helmet to find the area where you put your earphones clearly. Some open-face helmets support moving out the whole cushioning while some are not. If you find the holes are not near to the ears, you need to disable the automatic volume setting of your motorcycle Bluetooth intercom.

    Step 2: Place the velcro and the cables of the open face helmet microphone underneath the lining

    For attaching the boom microphone on the left cheek region, attach the two velcro pads. And you can utilize the movable pad for the ideal fit. After that, arrange the cables of headphones under the cushioning, keeping it tidy and comfortable to wear on.

    You can use the velcro clips to install the Moman H2 motorcycle Bluetooth intercom on your open-face helmet. It can firmly stick on it and it is waterproof for extreme weather.

    Step 3: Install the expanded boom mic and adjust it to the right angle

    If you're using the built-in audio kit, position the boom mic so that the speaker is pointing toward your mouth. It is approximately an inch away from your mouth, or you can talk to see the volume and sound quality effect.

    Step 4: Stick the clips and mount the open face helmet intercom

    Finally, you can attach the audio device, which is also called the main unit of the intercom that has a built-in battery and chips inside. You can install it right next to your ear on the exterior of the open-face helmet through the cilps firmly. Set it in position by aligning the connections on the audio cradle. You're now prepared to talk to your friends, answer calls, and watch your preferred media hands-free while driving.

    Moman H2 helmet communication intercom support wireless 2-way speaking between rider and rider, rider and passenger.

    What’s the difference: Open face helmet vs full face helmet vs half face helmet

    To better comprehend how Bluetooth intercoms may be adapted to them, let's first quickly discuss the differences between open-face vs full-face vs half-face helmets.

    • Open face helmets: This type has longer visors to provide more weather protection when you need it. This style is ideal for motorcycle riders who want to wear sunglasses or goggles.
    • Full-face motorcycle safety helmets: They are among the safest types of helmets, but the excellent ventilation must be sacrificed for safety.
    • Half-helmet style headgears: They are significantly more straightforward and covers only half of your head. More particularly, your head's crown and ears. 

    In this manner, your ears can be protected by complete and partial helmets. The majority of helmet Bluetooth intercoms can be placed as long as your helmet covers your ears.

    Motorcycle helmet intercoms

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