V-mount batteries were formerly considered to be an expensive investment for photographers and videographers. But as the industry has grown, there are now some fantastic, affordable options available. This blog will make a full review comparing the three power supplies from the Moman Power series, including Power 99, Power 99 Pro, and Power 99S.

  • What is a v-mount battery and when do you need it?
  • What to consider when choosing a v-lock mount external battery?
  • Best v-mount batteries recommended: Moman Power 99, 99 Pro, 99S
Moman Power Series v-mount batteries all have mini size yet mighty capacity for long-time photography shooting and video recording.

What is a v-mount battery and when do you need it?

The word "V-mount" refers to the power supply's V-shaped connection, which allows it to connect to other components. One of this type of their benefits is how quickly and easily it can be removed. To get going, all you need are v lock batteries and charger, cable, and a mounting plate. Even today, a number of gadgets, including lighting on movie sets, are powered by this type. You will need one during long-term shooting missions, outdoor filmmaking, on-the-go recording, and other applications.

What to consider when choosing a v-lock mount external battery?

The most important thing to look for in a battery is its performance and the suitability of your application. Customers should see if its features can bring them a good experience of comfort and convenience, helping the shooting activities more smoothly and efficiently. We simply list the following four factors that you need to consider when buying.

With the v mount battery plate like Moman VBS, VBP, you can easily intall the v-lock power supply to your photography rig.

1. Size: A compact body makes carrying and mounting become convenient

Mini V-Mount batteries are an excellent complement to your manufacturing equipment package because of their small size and lightweight but high power capacity. Remember that larger batteries with better watt-hour ratings may also be larger when selecting one for your needs. If the majority of your tasks are spontaneous, you must choose wisely.

2. Capacity: How much power it holds determines how long v-mount batteries last

In any case, the majority of Mini v-mounts that can be found on the market are typically 95-99Wh and have the same power capacity as their bigger, low-power relatives. You can pick the optimal power pack for your shooting needs by knowing its watt-hour rating, which can help you estimate how long it will last.

Moman Power 99, 99 Pro, 99S, these three 99Wh li ion v-mount batteries can charge types of cameras, like DSLR, mirrorless, Bmpcc, etc.

3. Voltage: Different devices have different ranges of suitable standard volts

The voltage of these batteries is greater at 14.8 or 14.4 volts as opposed to the typical 7-8 volts used by the majority of cameras. The ability to convert this greater voltage into different connections to power a variety of devices, however, makes it advantageous. In other words, because of the higher voltage, a compact v-mount battery has the ability to run several gadgets at once. Because of this capability, they are a very flexible choice for videographers and filmmakers.

4. Current draw: A fast and stable charging current with the right amp relate is what we need

The largest current draw, which is measured in amps, should be considered second. Since different gadgets and fittings have varied electrical current needs, it's important to make sure your battery can provide adequate current to power everything. If you're utilizing a camera, wireless transmitter, LED studio light, and other devices at the same time, for instance, the electric current demand will be higher than just powering the camera.

Best v-mount batteries recommended: Moman Power 99, 99 Pro, 99S

Moman, as a battery manufacturer focused on the development and sale of photographic equipment products, they are the most popular and one of the fastest-growing product categories under its name. At present, there are already several V-port batteries from 70Wh to 420Wh capacity, and they have their own characteristics, suitable for different scenarios and equipment. They can be simply divided into two parts: medium capacity and high capacity. Below we list and introduce the 99Wh v-mount li-ion battery in the Moman Power Series.

Comparison of Moman Power 99, 99 Pro, 99S. This guide talks about their similarities and differences in output, size, ports, design, and so on.

What do the three power sources have in common?

Power 99, Power 99 Pro, and Power 99S all belong to the Moman Power series of v-lock batteries, and it is clear from the fact that their names all contain "99" that they have similar characteristics. The table below shows what the number stands for and what they have in common.


Power 99

Power 99 Pro

Power 99S



Regular $169.00


Regular $179.00


Regular $199.00









Battery Cell

18650 Grade A Cell

18650 Grade A Cell

18650 Grade A Cell









1. 99Wh capacity: How long does a 99wh battery last?

The three all have the same capacity of 99WH, which equals 3.5pcs of F550 Battery. When choosing a power pack for your shooting equipment, it's crucial to consider watt-hours, a measurement of the volume of power a cell can store. How long an energy source will operate your gadgets depends on its watt-hour rating. For instance, the one with a 100-watt-hour capacity may run 100 watts of machinery for an hour.

Moman Power 99 is a cost-effective v mont battery for sale at Moman PhotoGears store. It has BP, D-tap, and USB ports for powering your deivces.

2. Compact size: How big is the battery to be considered portable?

  • Power 99 of 530g<Power 99 Pro of 540g<Power 99S of 550g

The difference in size is not much, and the difference in weight is only about 20g. They all have plam-size bodies and are lightweight, extremely compact, and travel-friendly. Speaking of the aviation standard about flying with v mount batteries, the three all support check with luggage or hand carry.

3. Various power output/input: What charging methods do your devices support?

They all have BP, D-tap, and USB ports for charging, though the types and quantities might be different. They are perfect for most cameras from Sony, Canon, Panasonic, etc., and they power up photography devices like wireless transmission, panel light, stabilizers, or even smartphones and laptops suchlike mobile devices as well, just through the according interface. The capacity and the power requirements of the gadget will both affect how long the battery can power the device.

Moman Power 99S has a stardard voltage output of 14.8V. It provides stable current during charging through various types of interfaces.

4. Robust body: Does your power source have enough self-protection?

The three products are not only built of sturdy materials, but also they are equipped with an internal protection system and smart battery management circuit to prevent short circuits, overheating, overcharge, over-discharge, and other problems. The three are long-lasting, stable, and safe. With the right treatment and upkeep, a high-quality v-mount battery system may often last anywhere between 2 and 5 years, or even longer.

5. Budget price: How much do you plan for your photography power supply?

Along with the rise of independent content producers, the need for cost-effective yet dependable power solutions has increased. Fortunately, Moman PhotoGears Store has responded by offering v-mount batteries at a far reduced cost without sacrificing performance or safety.

What’s the difference, and which one is ideal for you?

The capacity, highest possible current draw, and quality of the Blackmagic 6k pro v mount battery vary. Therefore, it's important to choose a battery that meets your power needs and is made by a reputable company that conforms with industry safety regulations.

Moman Power Series are all made of sturdy materies, and they are designed to have smart internal protection system for safe charging.

1. They have different numbers and types of the power ports


Power 99

Power 99 Pro

Power 99S

Max. Current Output




D-tap Output

2 Slots, 14.4V-15A

1 Slot, 14.4V-15A

1 Slot, 14.8V-13A

BP Output

1 Slot, 14.4V-15A

1 Slot, 14.4V-15A

1 Slot, 14.8V-13A

USB Output

2 x USB-A

1 x USB-A, 1 x USB-C

1 x USB-A, 1 x USB-C

Charging Port

D-Tap Input Only

D-Tap & USB-C Input

D-Tap & USB-C Input


As you can see from the table, The Power 99 & 99Pro are compared to the Power 99S, the former has the same peak current output, and the standard voltage is 14.4V, unlike the 14.8V of the Power 99S.

The Power 99 Pro and 99S d-tap v-mount batteries have the same output/input port type. Compared to the Power 99, they have one less USB-A interface, but one more Type-C interface for charging and being charging. Nowadays more and more devices are turning to USB-C as a quick charging method, which is becoming extremely common. We can also use the Moman Power 99 to charge the corresponding devices using a suitable conversion cable.

Moman Power 99 mini 99Wh v mount battery has an OLED screen display for real-time monitoring. It shows the current battery status clearly.

2. They have diverse kinds of designs for indicating the powering status

Power 99 of 4-level indicators vs Power 99 Pro & 99S of the monitor screen
While Power 99 Pro and 99 have screen displays, Power 99’s way of showing power status is using the green indicating lights of four levels, and one light means 25% power left. Moman Power 99S has a small screen. It has a remaining battery power expressed as a percentage. And the Power 99 Pro has a relatively large OLED screen with (U) real-time voltage, (I)charging and discharging current, (T)remaining time of charge/discharge, and the battery power status written on it.


Through the detailed comparison above, we hope you can understand the similarities and differences between Moman Power 99, 99 Pro, and 99S, and choose the one that suits you best. Also, we have other v-mount batteries with different capacities and performances for you to choose from. If you are looking for the right power supply for your high-consumption studio lights, we recommend the Moman Power Max series with 200W+ and 400W+ power output.

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