What can we do by using studio lights outdoors to achieve the perfect shot in complex and variable lighting conditions in the open air? This article will give four points of view.

Having a bright studio light for outdoor video record is very important

Why bright studio lights are necessary for taking better photos outside?

Outdoor and indoor shooting film are two distinct types. The light in an outdoor environment is variable. There will be if you can use and if you want to make a good like photo shooting or a specific product, you can make sure there is enough light to your subject as clear, there will be no backlight or whiteout picture - assuming that you are not deliberately pursuing this effect.

How to use studio lighting outdoors properly you may ask. Of course, if you're shooting during the day, you may utilize natural lights to achieve this. However, sunlight alone is not enough, not to mention that outdoor weather can be affected by variability, being very unstable. It may be sunny one second, the next cloudy. Shooting activities can easily be interrupted. While it’s hard to get a steady light source with a fixed Angle for a long shot, professional photographic studio lights appear to be important. Thanks to proper lighting, it can immediately grab the viewer's attention. Second, it can help promote the ideal atmosphere for the picture. And third, it offers objects the proper level of exposure. You may conduct some testing to see whether you have full light and show the subject.

While providing adequate illumination is important, you must also be careful not to overdo it. For instance, you will need to get nearer to a soft source if there are many shadows present. Conversely, if the subject is flooded with light, you should move it out of the way. By appropriately dividing the shadows and highlights, you can create stylized photos.

How many types of lights do we need in photography shooting?

Compact photography lighting kit with professional LED studio video light is ideal for beginners

Why not try to make full use of one versatile outdoor studio light first? To create a great image, lighting is fundamental. Along with brightness and darkness, it also establishes atmosphere, tone, and mood.

It would be great if you could make full use of a video light to create a variety of lighting effects. Now there are many photography lights on the market are multi-functional lights, such as COLBOR CL60 COB LED studio light, which has high brightness, bi-color temperature, and dimmable feature. It’s able to meet many requirements as the principle member of a photography studio LED lighting kit. Whether it is portrait shooting, product shooting, art video shooting, etc., it can provide the corresponding professional outcome. Also, its package contents include not only CL60 itself but also accessories like the Bowens mount reflector and the stand adapter for it, which makes a better focus of light throw.

How does a real-time camera monitor affect the final image?

Every photographers should be equipped with a durable and powerful LED studio light

We all know that the outdoor light situation is complicated. Sometimes it is very powerful, and sometimes it is too dark to see clearly. Using your eyes alone to see the picture displayed on the camera screen may lead to errors in judgment, meaning that under normal lighting, the final image may not be the one you see from the lens when shooting outdoors.

Having a good on-camera field monitor becomes very important. The Desview R6, a camera studio lighting equipment, for example, is capable of 4K HDMI output to show a more detailed image in the shadows and highlights. Unlike typical camera screens, it has an ultra-high brightness rating of up to 2800nits, being able to send a non-reflective picture under direct sunlight.

Timely according to the effect of the picture just shot to light brightness, angle, and placement adjustments will greatly improve the efficiency of photography. In a word, it's critical to test to see whether you need to change the lighting for video interview, studio portrait, or photo shooting, a better scene because your camera does not pick up lighting as your eyes do.

Which batteries are best for high power LED studio lights?

The bundle of studio light for outdoor uses, portable v mount battey pack and v lock plate is on sale at Moman Store at a affordable price

The power supply is an indispensable part of the shooting package. Experience photographers and videographers always have to make sure there’s enough power for continuous shootings. The camera, camcorder, video light, monitor, and so on are all high-performance. In an outdoor environment without a fixed power supply, it is very necessary to have a powerful external battery pack.

So what batteries are needed for battery powered studio lights? V mount battery is one of our most recommended battery pack types because it has a very compact structure and at the same time is very powerful as with the inbuilt rechargeable li-ion cells. It usually features many different interfaces to ensure a stable and high-speed multi-type output that can meet the simultaneous charging of multiple devices.

And it is also very easy to install, just use the compatible v lock battery plate can be stable on the stand. Now Moman Store has made this three a budget bundle under $300, saving you neary $100! If you are interested, you can go to the COLBOR CL60 product page and find the bundle of portable battery pack for studio lights.

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