As an important part of the professional shooting or filming kit, the best budget led studio lights to play an indispensable role and is worth investment. The blog will tell you what should we value and notice when buying from the 4 parts as follow.

  • Brightness
  • Color Temperature
  • Color Rendering Index
  • Other designs
A professional LED light can be used for home studio video shooting

1. Brightness: It is necessary to make sure the video studio lighting equipment has a suitable level of illumination output.

Different illuminating solutions have different performance characteristics and purposes. For example, flashlights for lighting are generally designed to enable people to see in the dark, preventing danger or observing clearly. When it comes to photography light, it is to use diverse light effects to present a better image in photos or videos, where light and shadow have a big influence. It should be responsible for lighting the scene you want to record. Therefore, although they don't pursue top-level strong bright light output up to thousands of lumen, the brightness setting still plays a basic and important role in photography and videography. And it's the same when choosing an ideal camera light for video.

There are three kinds of the LED source for continuous studio lighting setup including beads, chips, and COB

There are usually three sources for LED continuous studio light. It is regarded as being significantly better because of its focused light source and great penetration. Additionally, flashing Fresnel lenses or accessories with a Bowens attachment is suitable for the usage of budget studio lighting photography use.

It would be crucial to combine the lighting with the actual shooting scene and requirements

To further explain illumination, photographic lighting is the illuminating of situations for photography. Lighting, as opposed to it, which simply captures the structure of color, light, and shade, is entirely concerned with exercising control over the image. The goal of illumination is to accurately recreate the scene while taking into account the management of brightness, color, and direction.

2. Color temperature: Different types have their pros and cons.

Bi-color LED COB studio light helps create picture atmosphere from warm to cold

The aspect of a light for studio video, which is described by studio lighting color temperature, is expressed in degrees Kelvin on a scale from 1,000 to 10,000. To be more precise, light color temperature is a term used to describe how warm or cold a light source appears to human eyes. Light with orange or yellow tones should be lit with warm white, neutral tones with cool white, and somewhat blue tones with daylight. Continuous illumination that has a color temperature range of between 2000K and 6500K is generally suitable for a variety of settings.
When taking a portrait, still-life, or landscape photograph, the type of lighting to use, along with how much illumination and color temperature to obtain, depends on the qualities of the subject and the intended style of presenting them in the images.

Versatile Bi-color LED light offers efficient and precise color alteration

It is optional to change the color temperature range of a bi-color LED studio light, such as the COLBOR CL60, to get the appearance of tungsten or daylight. Additionally, it is feasible to more precisely and efficiently match the illumination with the ambient lighting that already exists. The fact that bi-color or variable color LEDs can change color far more quickly than gels and filters are one of the key factors in the selection of these best budget led studio lights. Bi-color lighting is always a wise and practical choice, whether it be outside where you need to quickly modify the color to get the right illumination or indoors in a space where you need to quickly adjust the color temperature but the fixtures are out of reach.

Studio light setup for product photography of daylight temp provides relatively high performance and costs less

When you choose a daylight-balanced LED light as COLBOR CL60M, you will get higher output and a more generous budget. What’s more, note that color alteration is available. Even though this style of home studio photography lighting setup can only provide one color temperature of daylight, users may still change the hue by using gels and filters positioned in front of lights. The low-cost gels come in a variety of sizes, hues, and forms, making it easy and practical to change colors using the original, high output of daytime light.

3. Color Rendering Index: It’s the key that whether pictures look vivid under the illumination of budget studio lighting for video

COLBOR CL100 portable studio light for photography and videography generates bright, natural, and vivid pictures

CRI, which stands for Color Rendering Index, refers to the impact of an illuminant on the color appearance of items. Although some individuals could conflate color and CRI, the two are truly distinct from one another. Those with a low CRI score reproduce colors of an item less correctly, whereas professional photography studio lights with a CRI of 100 reproduce colors just as well as a standard source. Tiktok LED lights with CRI of 90-95 or even higher is appropriate to ensure the proper reproduction of colors for film production, especially skin-tone hues.

4. What designs of LED studio lights for video can be a plus

  • Compact and robust construction: Professional photographers need to meet a variety of scene requirements, often have to go out shooting, or even go on long or short shooting trips. The size and weight of the lamp can affect the convenience and overall comfort of your journey. After all, don't you want a portable budget studio lighting kit that’s powerful compared to a bulky one? In the process of transferring and handling, or the process of shooting inevitably bump, or more, the material quality of the lamp and the overall firmness are also very important.
  • Battery runtime and fast charging: A continuous shooting activity may cost dozens of minutes, and may also spend dozens of hours, especially when using studio lights outdoors. It's a real bummer if you have to stop shooting because you don't have enough power. In addition to the capacity and cycle Times of the lamp's built-in battery we should consider, it’s also recommended to purchase an external portable battery pack, like the v mount battery, to charge the LED light and other photographic equipment. This kind of bundle is for sale at Moman and it makes the best studio lighting on a budget. Therefore, we also need to take its charging mode and adaptable interface types into consideration, whether it has wide compatibility and supports fast charging.
Continuous LED studio lighting is ideal for youtube video recording, product photography, etc.


A product shoot requires the best budget led studio lights, which are considerably different from the artificial lighting users would wish to add to an outdoor picture session. Consider the kinds of photography do most frequently and look for equipment that is adaptable so everybody can use it for a range of different shoots.

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