Nowadays, online meetings, lessons, and chatting using Zoom are becoming more and more common. However, meetings do not always go so smoothly. Sometimes there is a tough network, or equipment with a poor microphone radio situation. This article will tell you whether you need to buy a mic. And we will recommend 4 types of the best external microphone for zoom meetings, and tell you how to properly use them.

  • Do I need an external microphone for zoom calls?
  • What is the best microphone for zoom?
  • How to properly use the microphone for better meetings?
  • Further reading for buying guides of other types of microphones

Moman S6M2 wired lapel microphone with 6-meter cables is not only can be used in zoom meetings, but also offline conference room

Do I need an external microphone for zoom calls?

Before you buy and choose something, you first have to know whether you need it or not, right? You can think about it in two ways as follows.

What’s your purpose and budget for buying it?

If you don't use zoom very often, or if your role in the meeting is just a listener and you don't need to host it, do the presentation, or speak often, then actually a conference meeting microphone doesn't do much for you. But if you are willing to spend money to improve the smooth going of the meeting, this is going to help you a lot. With a budget under $50 can already purchase a good one, bringing you sound quality is definitely worth the cost. There is another situation, if you need a certain space to do a presentation or explanation in the meeting, then it is inevitable that this time you have to be away from your computer or tablet, resulting in the sound is not picked up by the computer's built-in mic. If wired headphones are used, there's no denying that you will be limited by the short cable. In this situation, it's necessary to consider buying external microphones for online meetings with a wide range of transmissions for free movements.

What can an external mic do for you?

First, we have to know what advantages external mics have over the built-in ones of a mobile device such as a computer or phone, and whether the experience they give you is worth your purchase. Many computers now have a built-in microphone whose quality is not even over the passing score. If you use the speaker directly, or just use the usual headphone which you use to listen to music daily, it is likely to produce lag and loss of sound. And there is an echo and other conditions, delaying the process of the meeting or class so much. The best external microphone for zoom meetings certainly represents high-quality sound quality and your voice will be clearer and more distinct.
Second, when you purchase it, it can be used not only for meetings, chatting, or online classes on zoom but also for vocal audio recording, youtube vlogging -- assuming that some people have this kind of requirement.

What is the best microphone for zoom?

Four best external microphone for zoom meetings for sale at Moman store. Click for shop






Moman EMP

USB Desktop Mic


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Wireless Lavalier Mic



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Wireless Lavalier Mic

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Wired Lapel Mic

3.5mm TRRS



1. Moman EMP: Computer microphone for meetings at an affordable price under $50

The most significant merits of USB mics are usually their budget price, portability, and easy operation. Moman EMP can give you a high-quality sound while being low-cost since it features a flat frequency response that wide ranges of 20Hz~20KHz. It is designed to have a 3.5mm monitoring jack for users to plug in a headphone and check the real-time voice. In addition, it supports Type-C output connected to the computer, laptop, smartphone, and notepad with the two cables included in the package, which would be the Type-C to Type-C and Type-C to USB. As a table top conference meeting microphone, it can be placed smoothly on your desk, providing smooth and steady sound output for your zoom meeting.

2. SYNCO P1L: Wireless microphone for iPhone, iPad, and any other devices with a lightning port

SYNCO P1T and P1L both are smartphone wireless microphones. T is for Type-C devices and L is for Lightning ones. They come in a compact charging case which enables a quick power supply and offers a great carrying way. Plug the receiver into the device’s insertion, and clip the transmitter on your collar, then the meeting is ready to go. Undoubtedly, P1L is more than just a zoom ios external microphone, but is also a versatile mic for recording videos thanks to its high definition transmission and nine special voice effects.

3. SYNCO T1: Lapel microphone for zoom meetings with an inbuilt audio processing chip

SYNCO T1 might not be as small as P1L mentioned above, but it is portable enough as measuring only a palm size and weighing 1.9oz. It utilizes a wireless tech of ultra-high frequency(UHF) and has 16 changeable channels, and a signal-to-noise ratio of 70dB, being able to transfer a crisp and clear sound for your meeting. The cons of it could be the less-convenient charging method that is batteried powered by 2 pieces of AA cells.

4. SYNCO S6M2: Omnidirectional wired lapel microphone with a 6-meter long cable

SYNCO S6M2 uses an omnidirectional pickup polar pattern for catching original and rich voices from every direction. Its inbuilt battery with a capacity of 400mAh offers a long runtime, supporting continuous zoom calls for up to hours. With the 19.7-foot long line, even as a wired one, it doesn't limit your movement. Furthermore, it can be used in convention offline as well, being more than a conference microphone for zoom but a “room”.

How to properly use the microphone for better meetings?

Moman EMP desktop USB microphone with mute button for online lessons, gaming, live streaming, etc.

1. Setup and test before meetings

To avoid a fumbling start, it's essential to install the device ahead of time. But many external microphones are simple to set up, since many are designed to be plug & play, no need to do anything more on them. However, you have to authorize zoom to access your mic on the computer, so that you can connect to it. It is also suggested to test zoom audio output setting before meeting to make sure you can produce sound, and adjust the volume to the right level to grasp the distance between your mouth and the mic.

2. Check the battery power of the zoom meeting microphone

Checking the power level before the meeting starts can effectively prevent interruptions during the meeting due to the low power of the microphone.

3. Keep the right distance from the mic when speaking

Generally, the mouth that makes the sound should not be too close to the mic, otherwise, it will happen to spray it, pronunciation blasting. It should not be too far away, otherwise, it is difficult to capture your voice. For the clip on microphone for zoom meetings, attaching it to the collar or tie will just be appropriate.

4. Make good use of the mute function

When your speech is over, it is best to mute your microphone when it is the turn of others, so as not to inadvertently make trivial sounds to affect others, but also effectively prevent unexpected situations. You can click on the zoom settings, and now there are also some kinds of Moman zoom meeting mute microphone such as the EMP, which support one-button mute, more convenient and fast.


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