V mount battery adapter is a compact energy storage device for power conversion. Its general product form is usually shown as a mounting plate with multiple output outlets, which plays both the role of battery bracket and charging plate. This blog will serve as a full guide to its definition, types, applications, and selection techniques.
  • What is a v mount battery adapter and how does it work?
  • Three types of v lock battery adapters for different conversion
  • Three benefits of using a v-mount converter
  • Three factors to consider when choosing an adapter with v-lock
Moman VBP v mount battery adapter clamp has three kinds of output ports, including the USB slots, d-tap, and DC Barrel outputs.

    What is a v mount battery adapter and how does it work?

    By v-mount battery adapter here we mean adapter plate with v-lock mounting and regulated outputs for powering. Different types of them can support power conversion between v-mount li-ion batteries and different power sources, such as NP-F and gold-mount.

    Depending on the specific needs of diverse device manufacturers, different physical interfaces are derived for charging power. Your power source may be adaptable to a broad variety of power, voltage, and current with the help of this practical battery attachment.

    Three types of v lock battery adapters for different conversion

    V-mount to v-mount, v-mount to Sony NP-F series batteries, and v-mount to gold-mount are the three common kinds of adapters for v-lock external power sources. They realize the conversion of the installation method between different kinds of batteries, as well as play the role of voltage switching, current transformation, and so on.

    1. V-mount to v-mount adapter plate or clamp

    This type is used to install and convert the voltage and current of v-mount batteries at the same time. Through the output and transformation of energy, it successfully minimizes the impact of the shock on gadgets used for power supply, and it also has certain lightning protection properties. Here we will recommend two types: COLBOR VBS and Moman VBP.

    • Moman VBP v-mount multi-output plate with 15mm rod mount at US$79.99
    Moman VBP multi-output v-lock converter plate can be used for 15mm rod base camera setup. It can charge for Canon cameras, Sony, and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K/6K.

      Moman VBP is a v-mount adapter with multiple output ports for 15mm rod base systems. It is utilized to power cameras and several accessories. It offers four simultaneous outputs, including two USB ports, a D-tap output, and four DC Barrel output interfaces from 5 volts to 15 volts. To show if the power outputs are operational, there is additionally a power switch.

      • COLBOR VBS standard v mount battery adapter plate with D-tap at US$39.99
      COLBOR VBS is a standard v mount battery bracket with d-tap output. It also acts as battery adapter plate for v-lock.

        Blackmagic cameras, mirrorless cameras, as well as several accessories placed on your videography setup may both be powered by the COLBOR VBS v-mount battery adapter plate. The sturdy plate has a 14.8V D-tap output for safe powering. Using its integrated plate and the included adjustable clamp, it can be mounted on stands, rails, and rods.

        2. NP-F battery to v mount battery converter adapter

        The user may prolong the shooting duration of their NP-F camera or gadgets by utilizing this v-mount to NP-F converter plate. Use an NP-F mount that can accommodate 6 to 18V DC batteries to attach this converter to your camera. The v-mount plate on the other side of the mount allows for the use of common v-mount batteries and transfers power to the camera through the plate. The tiny transmitter, cameras, LED, displays, and wireless HDMI/SDI movies are perfect for this solution.

        3. V mount to gold mount adapter

        You may use v-mount power supplies with devices that feature a Gold mount plate thanks to the v-mount to gold mount battery plate converter. Simply put it like a battery on the gold-mount plate to utilize it. Additionally, the converter provides the ability to charge various devices mounted on your rig.

        V mount batteries can be installed in a camera rig with v mount battery adapter holder, and gain additional output ports for charging.

        Three benefits of using a v-mount converter

        Why do so many photographers and videographers pack a converter plate in their battery kit? Here are three reasons you should get a v-lock adapter for high-efficiency work.

        1. It provides suitable output ports for powering your photography devices

        According to the working principle, its most basic function is to convert the original stored energy of v-mount power sources into compatible electricity for the equipment. They feature suitable output interfaces with different ranges of voltages and currents to meet your needs, which greatly expand the variety of available devices being charged by one v-mount battery.

        2. V mount battery adapter plate supports reliable mounting on your rigs

        Another basic function is to serve as a mounting tool. For example, COLBOR VBS with an adjustable clamp on the back allows the v-mount battery to attach to a light stand and power your LED light. While the Moman VBP with two 15mm rod clamps can be flexibly mounted on a camera setup. The v-lock mounting on the adapter plate provides a connection that is stable, solid, secure, and easy to install and remove.

        3. It saves secondary installation when replacing the batteries

        As mentioned above the types of v-mount to gold-mount and v-mount to NPF battery adapters, can convert the installing method of one battery to another locking way. This reduces the time to purchase and fit another mounting bracket when you replace a power supply. That is to say, you can use a new kind of power supply with no need to change the original structure and arrangement thanks to the the converter.

        With a compact v lock battery adapter bracket, Moman Power 140 can attach to your photography rig firmly and securely.

        Three factors to consider when choosing an adapter with v-lock

        How to choose a v mount battery adapter that is best for you? We suggest you think about three things before buying: Type, output, and construction.

        1. Type: Does the adapter plate work for your batteries?

        First, you have to make the selection by the type of battery you are using. It is not only necessary to determine the way of installation, but also to see whether the digital transmission is suitable. Generally, the adapter plate and the v-mount battery are connected through the five-pin BP connector at the bottom. However, there are also other kinds of interfaces and pin output.

        2. Output: Are the output interfaces compatible with your devices?

        Next, you need to carefully check the parameter table and product details of the v-lock adapter plate. It will specify the output and input interfaces it has, and their different voltages and currents. Some have multiple D-tap slots for BMPCC charging, and some have USB Type-C fast charging ports for mobiles, laptops, video lights, etc.

        3. Construction: Does the v-mount battery adapter have the right size and durable materials?

        Finally, we should consider whether it is small in size, easy to carry, and suitable for installation in your photography setup to ensure convenient operation in shooting. Typically, the mount base is about the size of an external v-mount battery and doesn't take up much space. V-mount battery adapter holders are built of aluminum alloy or plastic. In most cases, they're light and sturdy.

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