What is a noise cancelling microphone for Android? With the use of cutting-edge technology, it isolates your speech from all other sounds. It functions similarly to creating a little bubble around your voice to enhance its clarity, regardless of background noise or wind noise. In this blog, we recommend high-quality picks for recording videos, live streaming, podcasting, interviewing, and other applications.
  • Best noise cancelling microphone for Android at Moman
  • How to choose an ideal Android mic for noise reduction?
  • When do you need the Android microphone with noise cancellation?
  • FAQs about noise-suppression mic for Android
Moman CP2 is a noise cancelling microphone for Android. It features the Type-C connector for plug-and-play recording.

    Best noise cancelling microphone for Android at Moman

    The top four picks of noise cancelling microphones for Android available at the Moman PhotoGears Store are listed below including SYNCO P2S, G1 Pro, G2(A2) Max, and Moman CP2.

    Specification table of the four Android mics with noise-reduction features

    These mics are perfect for a variety of uses, including streaming, video conferencing, and recording, since they have better sound quality and efficient noise cancellation. We'll go into the intricacies of each microphone, looking at its benefits, drawbacks, and features.

    SYNCO P2S wireless noise cancelling microphone for Android

    • Price: US$99
    SYNCO P2S externa microphone for Android with noise-reduction produces clear and rich sound for YouTube video making, live streaming, podcasting, etc.

      SYNCO P2S is popular thanks to its sturdy design, flexibility to accommodate various recording applications and reputation for dependability and endurance. It features Syncoder 3.0 and a smart DSP chip for filtering out noise that is low-frequency. SYNCO P2S will not let you down whether you're making music, streaming, or recording a podcast.


      • Excellent sound quality
      • Compact and lightweight
      • Easy connecting and using
      • Packed with a wireless charging case


      Sometimes the disconnection between TX and RX could happen

      SYNCO G1 Pro wireless microphone system with noise cancellation

      • Price: US$99 for 1-to-1, US$129 for 1-to-2

          Not only does the SYNCO G1 Pro noise cancelling Lavalier microphone for Android have superior noise cancellation, but its outstanding sound quality also contributes to how clear and smooth your speech sounds. It's a flexible and easy-to-use choice for YouTubers that makes on-the-go vlogs or lives. It is akin to having a small, high-end recording studio right in your hand.


          • 200meter long-distance connection(LOS)
          • Mono/dual transmitter options for one or two-person recording
          • One-touch noise cancellation for undistorted sound


          • May need an adapter to use with the Android phone

          Moman CP2 portable noise cancelling microphone Android

          • Price: US65.99, Regular price$79.99
          Moman CP2 external microphone for Android phone is designed to have a wireless charging case. It is budget-friendly and compact for YouTubers and TikTokers.

            For those of us who need a sturdy microphone without the bulk, the Moman CP2 is surely a mini and handy option. Users are won over not just by its plug-and-play simplicity but also by its unexpectedly strong capabilities housed in such a little package. Whether you're new to podcasting, or streaming, or just want crystal-clear audio on your video chats, Moman CP2 has created a solution that's not only reasonably priced but also very dependable.


            • Budget-friendly for YouTube beginners
            • Plug&play design for a quick start on an Android phone
            • Two channels for two speakers at one time
            • Effective noise suppression


            • Limited transmission range of less than 10 meters
            • Does not have effective indicator lights for battery monitoring

            SYNCO G2(A2) Max noise-suppressing mic for Android smartphone

            • Price: US$169

            The SYNCO G2(A2) Max noise cancelling clip-on microphone for Android is an epitome of excellence for streaming, podcasting, voice-over, and gaming applications. It makes sure your voice comes through loud and clear in any stream or recording. In addition, it features a special onboard memory design, which means it can still record 8GB of your audio if it disconnects from the receiver accidentally. SYNCO G2(A2) Max is a multipurpose external recording device for Android phones, cameras, or even iPhones with a converter.


            • Visualized screen display for convenient real-time monitoring
            • 8GB onboard memory storage in case of disconnection during recording
            • Mono/Stereo/Satety filming mode for various using scenarios


            • The comparatively expensive price of US$169
            • May need an adapter to use with the Android phone
            SYNCO G2(A2) noise cancelling microphone for Android smartphone and tablet, has two transmitters for two-person recording and 1-to-1 interviewing.

              How to choose an ideal Android mic for noise reduction?

              After reading the introduction there is to know about the top noise cancelling microphone for Android at Moman PhotoGears, here are some things to think about before choosing one. Let's examine each of these crucial elements individually to assist you in selecting the ideal one for your requirements.

              Condenser and dynamic, which type of Android mic provides better noise cancellation effects?

              • Condenser: They are more sensitive and offer better sound quality, which makes them perfect for studio recordings and other scenarios where capturing high-quality audio is crucial. These are some suggestions for content producers who have podcasts to record or stream.
              • Dynamic: They are a good option for live performances and high-noise settings since they are more durable and less prone to feedback. These come in handy while working from home with your children around, whether you're at a café or outside.

              Omnidirectional, Cardioid, and Bidirectional, which kind of polar pattern is perfect for your needs?

              To get the best possible sound quality and noise cancellation for your recordings, choose the right polar pattern. The polar pattern of a noise cancelling external microphone for Android shows the regions where it is most sensitive to sound. This might range from a single sound direction to several directions.

              • Omnidirectional: All directions of sound are captured using this type of mic. They are therefore perfect for capturing group discussions like video conference calls.
              • Cardioid: They are great for catching a single source of sound while reducing background noise since they are most sensitive to sound coming from the front.
              • Bidirectional: They are a good choice for interviews or duets because they can pick up sound from the front and back while rejecting sound from the sides.

              What other features do you need to consider when buying a noise cancelling microphone for Android phone?

              In addition to the qualities we listed, you should look for a microphone that will provide you with some great added benefits, such as the following:

              1. Flexible gain controls provide for simple adjustment
              2. Headphone port that enables audio monitoring in real-time
              3. Long battery life to support on-the-go recording
              4. Screen display for visualized checking during filming
              5. Long transmission range between transmitter and receiver for free movements
              Moman CP2 Android Lavalier mic with noise cancellation is ideal for outdoor video filming, since it can capture a clean, crisp, and natural sound in noisy environment.

              When do you need the Android microphone with noise cancellation?

              Imagine not having to worry about annoying background noises as you record your podcast, go live on your gaming stream, or join a virtual conference. The secret to using a noise-canceling microphone is to always project your voice, no matter what the situation. Let's find out what applications can help you a lot.

              Video recording and vlogging: It provides crisp and clear audio to attract audiences

              A noise-canceling microphone for Android makes sure that when you record something, whether it be your voice, an instrument, or an episode of a podcast, just your sound is heard and not any background sounds. It all comes down to capturing your sound in its most natural state, adding a polished touch to your recordings, and maintaining the listener's attention where you want it.

              Online meetings or classes: It allows for better performance at hosting or presenting

              It's imperative to communicate clearly in the Zoom age. Your voice will be heard clearly if you use a noise-canceling microphone to connect to your Android phone or tablet during online conferences or lessons. This will retain everyone's focus on your thoughts and words and facilitate effective and easy collaborations.

              Live streaming: It promises smooth and non-stop live on Facebook or Instagram

              A noise cancelling microphone for Android devices gives your audience comfortable access to your live streaming without any distracting background noise, which is great for streamers and podcasters. Additionally, with some modern styles and adaptable features available, your streaming setup will look as nice as it sounds.

              FAQs about noise-suppression mic for Android

              How to connect the noise cancelling microphone to the Android phone?
              Android phones and tablets usually use a 3.5mm TRRS interface or Type-C port for audio output. You can connect the noise microphone with a compatible plug or adapter cable and start.

              Some mics for Android are designed to be plug-and-play, such as the Moman CP2. Once you turn it on, wait for the automatic pairing between transmitter and receiver, then you can connect it to your Android smartphone via the Type-C port for video making. There would be no need for extra steps or apps.

              How to get better audio when using the noise cancelling microphone for Android?

              The following advice will help you make the most of your noise-canceling mic for Android mobile phones:

              1. Make sure it is exactly where you want it to be placed. Keep the speaker section facing your mouth. Try varying the distances and angles until you reach the sweet spot for clear sound.
              2. Keep your microphone dust-free and clean. When not in use, give it a secure home in a protective case.
              3. Make sure to keep an eye out for any broken or loose wires or connections and to take immediate action to fix them.
              4. Your noise-canceling microphone will continue to provide excellent audio for all of your streaming, meeting, and recording requirements if you keep these pointers in mind.

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