Motorcycle to motorcycle communication usually refers to the helmet intercoms, wireless headsets, and push-to-talk that can create a conversation between devices. It is an excellent addition to our riding trip, not just for daily motorcycling, but also for professional racing games. Since there are a lot of motorcycle intercoms available, we decided to compile a list of the top choices and familiarize you with them.

  • Best three picks of motorcycle to motorcycle communication
  • Five considerations before buying a communicator: How to choose the best one?
  • Three advantages explained: Why do motorcycle riders need a communicator?
  • How to communicate on a motorcycle with the communicator while riding?
Moman H2 motorcycle to motorcycle communication has compact body and functional features for music and calls.

Best three picks of motorcycle to motorcycle communication

Moman PhotoGears produces high-quality and budget motorcycle 2-way intercoms for communication. Here we will introduce the best cellings Moman H1, H2, and H2 Pro for you.

Specification table of motorcycle communicators Moman H1, H2, and H2 Pro




H2 Pro


$35.99 (Single Pack)

$49.99 (Single Pack)

$89.99 (2 Packs)

$55.99 (Single Pack)

$99 (2 Packs)

Bluetooth Version




Transmission Range




Noise Cancellation

Intercom Function








Charging Time




Working Time




Standby Time




Moman H1 rider to rider motorcycle communication

Moman H1 2 way motorcyle intercom uses Bluetooth 5.0 tech for 500m long-distance transmission.

Moman H1 allows the rider to enjoy the journey while listening to their preferred music and stay connected to their companions over greater distances. Riders may connect with other riders or passengers within a long distance of up to 500 meters away. Also, you can control it by voice-activated AI and make hands-free phone calls. Note that Moman H1 only has two communication channels for two riders to build up a conversation at one time.

Key features

  • One-click wake-up AI voice assistant like Siri or Google
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for stable connection in 500-meter transmission range
  • 1000mAh battery for 32-hour continuous working time
  • IP67 waterproof and dustfree body

Moman H2 motorcycle to motorcycle intercom

Moman H2 motorcycle helmet to helmet communicator is designed to have a knob control for switching songs, picking up calls, etc.

Moman H2 best motorcycle bike to bike communication is built with CVC and DSP noise cancellation chips to muffle unwanted engine sound and wind noise. Additionally, its jog dial control design makes it easy to operate when cycling. It has great compatibility to be mounted on full helmets, motocross, retro, and uncover helmets.

Key features

  • 1000m sharing distance between two motorcyclists
  • Great audio is provided by the 40mm big speakers
  • Flexible knob control design for music and calls
  • IP65 waterproof construction with an operating temperature of -20°C to 50°C

Moman H2 Pro motorcycle rider to passenger communication

Moman H2 Pro motorcycle communication system is a IP65 waterproof intercom. It provides clear audio for you to have conversations, play music, and pick up calls.

The audio and video device pairing process of Moman H2 Pro is made easier by Bluetooth intercom technology. This system also has a noise-canceling feature. It lessens the wind and the sound of the motorcycle. The gadget is voice command capable, so you don't need to move your hands off the bars to control it, and you can keep concentration on the road for safer rides.

Key features

  • Bluetooth 5.1 version for low power consumption
  • Upgraded music-sharing feature between two riders
  • English, Japanese, and Italian three languages supported
  • Automatic phone pick-up and hang-up
Moman H3 motorcycle rider to passenger communication system can be used in a riding group of 6 people. It has a sharing distance of up to 2000 meters.

Five considerations before buying a communicator: How to choose the best one?

You should look for five things when choosing the best motorcycle rider to rider communication, which are high audio quality, sturdy construction, long battery life, voice assistant, and music share feature.

Audio quality: Does the motorcycle communication speaker deliver clear and stable sound?

Sound quality counts when it comes to conversations, calls, and music while riding a motorcycle to motorcycle communication. You should look for smart noise reduction features and a large size of speaker in the product listing when buying a 2-way intercom. Customers frequently compliment the Moman H-series devices on their sound quality with great clarity since they are installed with DSP & CVC chips and 40mm speakers.

Sturdy construction: Does the helmet to helmet communication for motorcycles have a waterproof body?

Consider the riding conditions you anticipate and review the specifications of waterproof and dustproof levels. Certain models have a full waterproof listing while some provide no mention whatsoever of the degree of weather protection. Purchasing a waterproof one is the safest choice if you anticipate taking lengthy travels in the rain or snow.

Long operating time: Does the battery support hours or days of continuous use?

The majority of motorcycle communicators include a rechargeable inbuilt battery that can readily last for extended distances. Moman motorcycle helmet to helmet communication support continuous operation for hours and even up to days. In addition, they can be recharged quickly and conveniently through the Type-C fast charging port.

Voice assistant: Can you operate the motorcycle bike to bike communication by using Siri or Google Assistant?

If your device has this feature of intelligent voice-activated feature, all you have to do is say "hello" to get a response, or "ignore" to end calls. When compared to a set of buttons on the intercom or headset, it is far simpler and safer to control. The communication systems are linked to your smartphone's voice assistant, such as Google Assistant for Android or Siri for Apple, to provide you with even more options. Generally, you may use your voice to adjust the level, pause or resume a musical track, and turn off a radio.

Music-share feature: Can it allow you to enjoy the same music as your friends?

If you're riding with others who have the same music taste as you do, the music-sharing function of the motorcycle to motorcycle communication system can delight the road trip. One of you can start the song and spread it to the others. Everyone can skip tracks on better models, so you can at least exercise your veto power when your friend Brian confesses to loving musical theater songs.

Moman PhotoGears produces high-quality motorcycle helmet intercom with clean audio, portable construction, and simple operation. They are ideal for rides, cyclings, and other sports.

Three advantages explained: Why do motorcycle riders need a communicator?

Almost every motorcycle club or fleet will wear communications equipment together. Whether it is daily cycling or a professional racing game, this small gadget can bring great convenience. We conclude three benefits in different situations.

1. It allows you to share views and feelings with others while non-stop riding

A large portion of the enjoyment that comes with adventure cycling is shared with other riders through the motorcycle helmet to helmet intercom. High-speed motorcycles or dirt bikes have the drawback that you can't easily stop and chat with other riders. Maybe you want to ask the cyclist ahead of you to slow down or stop for a little break because you saw something interesting on the side of the road. Fortunately, the motorcycle 2-way intercom is the option available to help you have relaxed conversations with the group.

2. Motorcycle to motorcycle communication enables riders to discuss road conditions in heavy traffic

In situations with high traffic, it is quite useful. Through communication, motorcyclists may decide which direction to stay in or which path to take. The rider ahead can alert the group to impending traffic or hazards around a curve when traveling through mountain passes or in low visibility conditions.

3. It ensures the regularity and organization of the cycling team

Another advantage of utilizing motorcycle driver to passenger intercom is that it keeps the group together and on the same path. They will also aid in reducing the number of stops that must be made. The group ride will go much more smoothly if the lead and sweep riders have radios. Without having to stop or yell above the boom of their engines, riders can coordinate their present location and status with the rest of the group.

Moman H2 motorcycle helmet communication system is built to be easy mounting and using. You can use the velcros and clips in the package to install it on your helmet.

How to communicate on a motorcycle with the communicator while riding?

You may press the buttons or switch the knob of the motocycle intercom to control it. Also, if the device features voice-activated function, you can wake up the voice AI of your smartphone like Siri or Google to operate the communicator. What's more, you can buy a Bluetooth media remote control and mount it on the motorcycle handlebar for easier using.

Depending on the motorcycle to motorcycle helmet communication device, Bluetooth may transmit data over long distances up to hundreds of meters via radio waves. When riding in a group, you may utilize this technology to establish a wireless connection with your phone or the intercoms of other riders. Some manufacturer utilizes a Bluetooth extender to provide a larger range of up to thousands of meters.

Motorcycle helmet intercoms

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