Teleprompter technology is useful in supporting speakers during extended speeches or presentations. It makes sure you don't misspeak, stray from the topic, etc. when making a speech to your complete company. Nevertheless, without sufficient preparation, using a professional-grade prompting device might lead to mistakes.

So how to read a teleprompter? To ace your next video recording or speech, this guide will lead you to review these helpful pointers.

Moman large-size teleprompters offer ideal reading experience for Reporters, podcasters, YouTubers, etc.

How to read a teleprompter like a pro?

For beginners, the first time to read a teleprompter might seem awkward. We can’t help tracing the scrolling script and forget to look confident and keep our pace. Here are some ways for you to read from the prompter and perform nicely.

Get familiar with operating the teleprompter device

Spend time learning how to operate the teleprompter is essential. You'll find it easier to set up the equipment and handle technical issues if you know how does a teleprompter work. You may use the time gained from using it to train to determine the ideal script speed or text size for the production. When you read, keep in mind how far you will be standing from the teleprompter so you may adjust the font and text speed as necessary. It will be harder to follow your discussion points if the prompting device goes too quickly.

Practice reading the script before recording a teleprompter

Practice makes perfect and it makes confident speeches. If you ask about how to read a teleprompter naturally, it is perhaps one of the most important strategies. In the world of video production, it's essential to explore and practice to hone your talents. It will help you establish the rhythm of your speech, ensuring everything flows smoothly, and you can make the right emphasis and enunciation, basic things that might go astray if you don’t attempt before the speech. It's common to stumble over words when reading a screenplay for the first time, even if you are well-versed in the subject matter.

Keep eye contact with your audience in the camera

How to read a teleprompter without moving your eyes? You can try turning the eyeball's movements into eye contact with the audience on the other side of the camera. Using a teleprompter well just involves honing abilities you may already possess in other professional domains. Though maintaining eye contact with a live audience differs from maintaining eye contact with a video feed to an audience, it remains the fundamental idea in both situations. It's vital to keep in mind that using a teleprompter necessitates developing certain skills, even if some industry experts may find advice like rehearsing and keeping eye contact to be simple.

With the Moman MT1 portable teleprompter and the best-free Moman Prompter App, you can read your scripts and perfrom naturally in front of the camera.

Three tips to set up the teleprompter for easy reading

As we said above, If someone has to read from a teleprompter, she or he should make good use of it, and the first thing to do is place it right and set it right. Here we list three useful tips for you to get easier reading and better performance.

Choose a large-size prompter and display short sentences on each line

For the reader, a screen size of 12 to 15 inches is best for showing text. This is the secret tip about how news anchors read off of a teleprompter. Our eyes automatically scan a few lines ahead of where we are reading. Because your brain has previously recognized the period, you can tell when a sentence ends. When reading seven or nine letters to the right, our eyes automatically move to what are known as "fixation points," or your content words. If you must use a mobile phone or tablet, make sure the text size is tiny enough that your talent can read and scan ahead of many lines on the screen. Alternatively, try to purchase a prompter display that is between 12 and 15 inches.

Place the prompter in front of the camera in an appropriate range

One major issue is the teleprompter being too far away from the real camera lens when reading, and you should change it to a proper range. Expert prompters place a mirror over the webcam, laptop camera, or camera and reflect the script text onto the screen. The laptop screen is utilized for the zoom might be not close enough to the camera lens to view the prompter text. In this circumstance, even the smallest eye movement from the camera lens is seen by both the audience and the camera. It's important to adjust if you want the person providing the material to seem as natural as possible.

Speakers should place the teleprompter in proper height and range for comfortable reading.

Change the colors and fonts of the prompting scripts for comfortable reading

Adding more spaces, and making select terms might assist your executive in emphasizing particular themes. You can use the ellipsis, color-coded highlighting, making some phrases bold, capitals, and employing asterisks symbol. Though it's worth the money to have these features, the consumer-accessible prompters don't always have additional formatting options, particularly if you're using a free app to show the text.

Moman Prompter App is a reliable helper when you aim at reading from teleprompter and perform better. It is a customized promting application for Moman professional teleprompters. It is free download and compatible with Android and iOS. In addition, it supports flexible text editing, which includes font size, background color, speed adjusting, and count down settings.


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