Even high-level DSLRs may be quickly and easily charged through USB while you are far from an outlet. You can now effectively charge your digital camera through this type of method with an external power supply, and start shooting. This blog tells things you should know when you want to charge a camera battery with USB.
  • Can you charge camera battery with USB?
  • Two ways to power up through USB: V mount battery vs power bank
  • Three steps about how to charge the camera battery with a USB
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a USB power solution?
You can use an exteranl v-mount batteries as the backup power source for your camera, camcorder, LED lights, and other photography devices.

    Can you charge camera battery with USB?

    A USB may be used to recharge a camera's battery. However, the type of camera and whether it supports this type will determine this. In the past few years, USB charging capability has grown more widespread. via the addition of USB connections by several manufacturers, consumers may now power their camera batteries via a USB cable. For photographers who are on the go and don't want to lug around a second battery charger, this is a useful feature.

    Some camera batteries need an additional USB charging converter

    While some cameras may be charged via a built-in USB connector, others need an additional USB converter. To find out whether the camera supports USB and what kind of cable or adapter is needed, it is crucial to consult the handbook or specs. To guarantee secure and effective replenishment, it's also crucial to utilize a high-quality USB cable, charger, and dependable power supply.

    Some old camera models do not support the USB charging method

    It's crucial to keep in mind that not all camera batteries can be recharged using a USB. It's important to consult the manufacturer's instructions before attempting to use USB to charge your camera battery. Some older camera models might not support USB charging, and some batteries might need a particular kind of USB camera battery charger. The power output of the USB port is another crucial factor. Some USB ports might not supply enough power or can take a very long time to charge one. Utilizing a specialized battery charger may be more effective in certain circumstances.

    Moman Power 99 is a 99Wh compact v mount power supply to charge camera battery with USB. It has different output ports for DSLRs, BMPCCs, and other digital shooting equipments.

    Two ways to power up through USB: V mount battery vs power bank

    Many modern cameras are equipped with a USB connection, which enables powering via a laptop or a USB plug adapter for a wall outlet. It is crucial to keep in mind that not all cameras accept USB charging, thus before attempting to charge the battery by USB, it is crucial to verify the camera's handbook.

    Charge it by v mount battery with USB-A or USB-C

    V mount battery with USB C is a common mobile power source used for photography and videography, and their features include high power, high capacity, compact size, and ease of mount and use. Also most importantly, they have multiple ports to adapt to different devices, as well as different brands of cameras to meet your charging needs.

    For example, Moman Power 99S, the 99Wh v-lock external battery equals 3.5 pieces of F550 battery. It has four output ports, including a D-tap output which enables you to connect the camera directly, a BP port, a USB-A, and a USB-C port. At the same time, the Power 99S itself supports being charged by D-tap and Type-C.

    Moman Power 99S of 99Wh high-capacity, has a USB-C and a USB-A port for powering up the camera inbuilt batteries. It can be used for studio photography activities, video production, and so on.

    Charge it by power bank

    Power banks are commonly used to charge mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc., and this type of power bank is usually designed to be thin and small so that you can easily carry it around with you. However, to be able to work for high-power video cameras, the models used for photography activities are slightly larger. That is to say, to fulfill the long-time continuous photographic working, they are more powerful and their size will be bigger accordingly.

    Three steps about how to charge camera battery with USB

    There are two methods that an external power source may be used to charge the majority of camera batteries.

    • Leave the inbuilt battery in the slot and charge it by connecting the camera to the external power using a USB cord.
    • Place the battery in the external charger, and attach it to the power bank with a USB cord.

    Given that the first one is very simple to use, just the USB cable and the connection of the two side sockets, we will now talk about the steps and precautions for the second one to charge a camera or camcorder battery.

    Moman Power 99 is an ideal option for charging camera battery with USB. You can use a charging cord to connect it to the USB charger or the device directly.

    1. Place the battery into the external charger

    Put your USB battery pack for camera into the charger and make the metal terminals' electrical contacts fit. The charger may charge two or three batteries concurrently, depending on the type of camera battery you are using.

    2. Attach the cable's USB end to the charger's upper right corner

    Keep in mind that, unlike a USB-C connector, the USB cable connector can only be inserted when it faces the same direction as the connector on the charger. Make sure the plug is fully inserted before attaching the USB Type-A connector on the other end of the cable to a USB Type-A port on your power bank.

    3. Turn on the external power supply

    Press the power on button on your power delivery like Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k USB C battery pack or other kinds of external power supply for camera, or some will start automatically once you plug the wire. Check the indicators and see whether it begins charging. When charging is finished or if a charging container is empty of batteries, the LEDs generally change.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a USB power solution?

    The ability to replenish a lithium-ion camera battery over USB is convenient that can make it simpler to keep your camera charged and ready to use. However, it has drawbacks as well. Here we list the pros and cons if you charge camera battery with USB.


    • Budget: it is affordable since charge camera battery with USB eliminates the need for a separate charger.
    • Ease of use: Since USB charging doesn't require a separate charger and enables mobile charging, it is handy.
    • Widely universal: Since most gadgets with a USB port are accessible by charging via USB, it is a universal technology. That’s one of the advantage of USB charger over plug charger for camera batteries.


    • Slow-speed charging: If you need to charge your battery rapidly, USB charging may not be the best option because it is slower than utilizing a specialized charger.
    • Limited power output: USB charging only produces a little amount of power, which might not be enough to fully recharge bigger ones.
    • Interoperability: Before attempting to charge the battery through USB, it's vital to verify the handbook because not all cameras accept USB charging.
    Moman V mount battery can charge video camera batteries with USB-C, USB-A, or D-tap.


      Technology advancements have improved the speed and efficiency the USB powering. You can charge camera battery with USB confidently, and consider the external power source like v-mount camera battery like Moman Power 99 Pro. It can power shooting devices through D-tap, and being charged by D-tap.

      Nowadays, many cameras include USB-C connections that enable quicker charging and greater power output. Additionally, some offer USB Power Delivery technology for rapid charging, enabling even quicker charging periods. It assures compatibility and prevents any possible harm.

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