Today's smartphones are so capable that recording music and video on the go is a breeze for content makers. It helps content producers stay agile as they create material for vlogs, YouTube channels, or TikTik platforms. The whole media performance depends on the ability to capture audio on Android mobile phones in a high-quality manner.

How to record audio with external mic on Android? It might be a frequently asked question for beginners. If you want to use it for high-clarity audio for your videos, this blog is a guide that can help you.

  • How to record audio with external mic on Android?
  • Tips to record high-quality audio with an external microphone for Android phone
  • Benefits of recording audio with an external mic on Android
SYNCO G2(A2) dual channel external microphone can be used with the Android phone through the 3.5mm TRRS output or Type-C port via the adapter cable for connection.

    How to record audio with external mic on Android?

    Understanding how to record high-quality audio on Android smartphones is essential to your production process since connecting an external microphone to your Android device can greatly enhance the audio quality of your videos. Here are steps about how to record with external mic on Android:

    1. Verify compatibility: Make sure the external mic is supported by your Android smartphone. It may be connected to the USB-C port or the 3.5mm headphone socket found on the majority of modern Android smartphones. But some more recent smart mobiles might need an adaptor.

    2. Connect the external mic to Android: Just insert the plug of a shotgun or USB microphone into the 3.5mm headphone port or USB input port on your Android phones or tablets. If you have a wireless Lavalier mic, then connect the receiver and clip the transmitter on your collar. Make sure it is firmly attached.

    3. Set up the video recording application: Launch the camera app, then select the settings option. Seek for a mic input or audio source selection option, and choose it as the source of your video audio. Some external mics are designed to be plug-and-play and require no settings after connection.

    4. Check and make adjustments: Make sure the operating is correct when you record audio on Android with external mic by doing a brief test beforehand. Play back a little video that you recorded to assess the audio quality. To enhance the audio quality, move or change the settings as necessary. You can mount it on the arm stand to make it keep stable and equip it with a sound shield.

    • Note: It's important to remember that certain Android devices have distinct needs. For the most recent details and advice tailored to your Android device, it's thus always a good idea to check the user manual or online forums.
    SYNCO P2T external microphone for Android is compatible with phones and tablets that feature a Type-C interface for audio output. It provides clear and natural sound for vlogging, podcasting, etc.

      Tips to record high-quality audio with an external microphone for Android phone

      How to record video with external mic on Android with a natural and clear sound? As a content producer, you may find that using an external mic makes it easier for your vlogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, and other media. Using it to capture audio on Android smartphones provides your phone with more dynamic alternatives than what comes with the default equipment, as opposed to the built-in option. Here are five tips to give you a smooth recording process and better audio quality.

      Change the audio settings on the Android smartphone

      To capture high-quality audio on Android smartphones, creators must modify their audio settings. Depending on the type of sound recording you're doing, your device has a range of audio options.
      You may choose from a range of choices by assessing the recording settings to maximize the quality of your audio on Androids.Also, it is fine to change it to optimize clarity when shooting, depending on the external mic you're using.

      • Note that it's critical to understand which audio format works best for various kinds of material. Once your audio is recorded, think about where and how you want to share it. This will help you make the best decisions for your media.

      Choose a recording App with useful features to improve the audio

      How to use external mic on Android to have great audio easily? You can change the App you use. The original camera recording app is not the only option available to Android users for audio recording. There are a lot of recording Apps available to assist with high-quality audio recording on Android smartphones. Some of them can automatically apply noise reduction, volume maximization, and other features. You may capture or stream live content with it without worrying about the audio quality being subpar.

      Minimize controllable ambient noise as much as possible

      The background noise has a big impact on how to capture audio on Android devices in a high-quality format. It is essential to prevent outside disturbances or noise pollution no matter when you record indoors or outdoors. Here are a few methods to follow:

      1. Turn off the appliances that produce noise when you record indoors, such as the air conditioner.
      2. Selecting a peaceful area to film outdoor
      3. Adding soundproofing to your studio
      4. Do not record in windy areas as much as possible
      5. Preserving ambient noise from becoming "too live" in the recording area

      Turn off the notifications from messages and other Apps

      How to use external mic on Android phone smoothly? You should make sure there’s no interruption while shooting. Nothing destroys an audio recording more quickly than haptic feedback or notification noises. These breaks detract from the experience for the viewer and bring your media down from professional to amateur.

      Muting your alerts while recording with external mic on Android is one of the simplest ways to capture audio on Android smartphones without compromising quality. You can still see your alerts when they appear when you mute them, but the vibrations that go along with them won't stop your audio recording.

      Airplane mode is the ideal option if you don't need to see any alerts on your Android handset. This will eliminate any chance of noise or haptics distorting your audio recording if you don't need internet connectivity.

      Use a sound shield or pop filter to reduce noises

      Whether you choose to use external mic on Android or the built-in one, having a sound shield can help you capture audio on daily mobile devices more effectively when you're outside. It shields the microphone diaphragm from air currents that might cause popping noises and damage your recording. Pop filters stop sharp noises like breaths or pops from being recorded while recording audio on Android smartphones in indoor environments.

      Moman C1 wireless external mic is designed for cameras but it can work with the Android phones as well. It delivers high-quality audio from a long distance of 230ft.

      Benefits of recording audio with an external mic on Android

      Before asking “how to record audio with external mic on Android”, you should know why you need it. For producers who use Android smartphones, knowing how to capture high-quality audio on these devices is essential. Briefly, it has four benefits:

      • Gain better video audio to attract your audience.
      • Make high-quality vlogs, films, and live on mobile phones.
      • Simplify the process of producing content to improve your media
      • Efficiently reduce the unwanted noise during on-the-go recording

      If you release media with subpar audio, viewers may quickly lose interest in it and your credibility as a producer may suffer irreversibly. You will lose out on possible brand alliances, sponsored opportunities, and money from platform content monetization due to lower performance caused by subpar audio.


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