A teleprompter for live streaming is a practical tool that shows, prompts, or, in most situations, provides the speaker confidence and energy. In this blog, we will discuss this device’s benefits and give tips about how to pick and use it as follow.
  • What is the teleprompter used by streamers?
  • Would a teleprompter help with livestream?
  • Three things you need to know before buying an autocue
  • Three tips for using teleprompters for online live
Small and compact teleprompters for live streaming like Moman MT1 and MT2 is ideal for home use. They are compatibile for most of the cameras like DSLRs.

What is the teleprompter used by streamers?

What if you could speed up your live streaming, reduce the amount of time you spend preparing, and project greater confidence? Here is when a teleprompter can be useful, which is sometimes referred to as autocues, and employ a beam splitter teleprompter glass to project the script in front of a camera. By making eye contact with the camera, you may establish a stronger bond with your viewers and produce videos that appear more natural. They are a common tool in production offices because of how convenient and time-saving they are. Imagine them as better-looking buddies holding up cardboard placards with your script on them.

Would a teleprompter help with livestream?

Of course, it will help you a lot on live streaming. The big difference between live and recorded is that one has a number of failures, while the other has no chance of a do-over. And this one-time is more likely to produce psychological tension and thus more mistakes, so a teleprompter that can ensure that you do not speak off-topic is important. Its role is divided into two main aspects.

Better performance

One thing all live cast, leadership lectures, announcements, and YouTube videos have in common is the need for lengthy speeches to be delivered fluently. Speaking in front of people is challenging, as every content developer out there is aware. In order to keep viewers' attention, they necessitate that the speaker is natural, conversational, and interesting. Using the best teleprompter for live streaming may help you communicate with your audience in a clear, succinct, and sincere manner while cutting out any unnecessary details.

High efficiency

It is feasible to memorize the script, but it is ineffective since it takes a lot of time and still allows the opportunity for mistakes. It could also come out as unnatural. It takes more time and effort for some people to rerun their live broadcast on the same subject. Many influencers have found that using a teleprompter for Instagram live or not with one made a big difference. Most likely, you're reading this because you'd like to take a more professional approach and are sick of memorizing scripts or reading from your notebook. And a prompter is precisely what you require.

Three things you need to know before buying an autocue

Moman MT12 big screen teleprompter provides a 12-inch HD display for you to read smoothly.

1. A finished product is always worth your investment

Free apps are the choice of many people, but it's not a good option. They are not professional enough, not user-friendly enough in design, not easy to use, and limited in functionality, and some fail to achieve the essential feature of a teleprompter - looking naturally at the audience while doing a live instead of staring at the script and reading from it. Real gear won’t cost you too much, maybe one hundred dollars can bring you a good one, and you can have a greater user experience, like Moman MT12, which is professional and budget.

2. Consider the scenario with the highest post-purchase usage

Different products are recommended for different application scenarios. Now teleprompters can be broadly divided into three categories, including the camera-mounted type, the president type, and the floor or stand type. The latter two of these are mainly used for presentations on stage, in front of a large live audience. And the first one is more suitable as an online-only live broadcast in front of the camera, or laptop lens when using a teleprompter for live game shows. If your live broadcast frequency is not large, with excessive language organization, logical ability, and memory, to ensure that you can successfully complete the live broadcast without a script, then in fact you do not need an autocue tool. To buy or not, you also need to consider according to your actual situation.

3. The size, weight, and compatibility are important factors

What qualities does a good teleprompter need to have? Whether its material is sturdy, whether its reflecting mirror is clear and free of ghosting, whether it is easy to install, and so on, are all important. But first, you need to make a fundamental decision on its size. Some are designed to be used with a mobile phone, some iPad teleprompters can hold a big-size tablet. The former is for outdoor on-the-go living, which can be mounted on a handheld stabilizer, and the latter tends to situations at home with a wider reading range. Also, there are larger and more professional ones for a whole videography setup for tv report broadcasting, or, as the teleprompter for live quiz shows on television. In fact, the reason and the above are the same, mainly depending on the application of the scene.

Three tips for using teleprompters for online live 

Moman teleprompters can use a mobile phone to control the rolling text's speed and manage its size and color through the free customized app called Moman Prompter.

1. Make the text simple and try to leave the keywords only

You could believe that the full script, word-for-word, needs to be on the screen while using a teleprompter. However, it frequently helps to streamline your script by focusing on the most important talking points—the details you need to recall. By doing so, you may concentrate more on the important information as it goes over the prompter screen as opposed to being lost in a sea of text while speaking in front of a live audience. And this is usually the trick and tips for how to use a teleprompter with Facebook live. This procedure also helps to give the script reading a polished yet natural feel. You may concentrate on the talking points and utilize the discourse between them to connect the material in a meaningful, conversational style rather than sticking to a word-for-word delivery.

2. Act like speaking to listeners and make the scripts sound that way

Conversational and casual are not the same. They have different meanings in this situation. An educational dialogue that sounds more like a focused discussion than a stoic reading of facts may be achieved in professional video production by using a conversational tone. To stay on topic with your content and still keep the audience interested in your every word, you must find the delicate balance between the two possibilities.

3. Pay attention to natural eye contact during your rehearsal

When you're practicing, pay attention to your eye contact as well. The ability to refer to a useful reference point without breaking eye contact is one of the main advantages of utilizing teleprompters. Looking at your script all the time might disrupt the flow of your presentation, which is essential for engaging the audience. If you position the teleprompter for live streaming correctly, it will appear as though you are staring out at the audience. Having rehearsals and checking how well or poorly you maintained eye contact.


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