If you are finding a DSLR teleprompter of good quality and budget price, then you came to the right place! In this blog, we will take you know about our professional Moman MT12 with a detailed review video and introduction as follows.

  • What is a DSLR teleprompter and why use it?
  • Moman MT12 best teleprompter for DSLR review: Filming in one take
  • Quick overview of MT12’s pros & cons and main spec.

Moman  MT12 is a professional teleprompter for DSLR suchlike cameras. It supports a wide angle reading for Youtubers, reporters, etc.

    What is a DSLR teleprompter and why use it?

    As the name implies, it is a type of teleprompter used for digital cameras or other kinds of professional cameras. They need fewer steps to use and are simple to set up. With a on camera teleprompter for DSLR that shows scrolling text for you to read while staring directly into the camera, you may record presentations or newscasts that seem real. With the HD teleprompter mirror glass that seems transparent to the audience and reflects text for the presenter to read effortlessly, you may deliver polished speeches, sermons, and more. DSLR teleprompters increase productivity by minimizing extra takes and relieving the strain of having to memorize lines. You may get everything here, including adjustable ones, Presidential glass prompters and tripod sets, and more.

    Moman MT12 best teleprompter for DSLR review: Filming in one take

    Momanx offers types of camera-mounted teleprompters from small to large, and all of them are quality items at affordable prices. MT12 is our latest one, also as our main important product, what exactly is it different from the others? The following review video may be able to tell you the answer.

    Full review and using tutorials from Paul Heimlund

    We sent MT12 to this professional video producer on Youtube, Pail Heimlund, and invited him to give us a detailed introduction to it and talk about his real experience when using it. In his opinion, the efficiency of producing videos is important, and a professional and convenient style like MT12 caters directly to his preferences and needs. From installation to use, then from shooting to post-editing, it plays an important role in the production of a video born at a high speed. Some may wonder why a teleprompter for dslr camera, which helps you read your script as you go along, saves you the time of making mistakes and re-recording, and also reduces the possibility of you inadvertently running out of things to do, is also helpful for post-editing. That's what Paul emphasizes in this video, "film in one take". With this tool, you can smoothly record a long piece of video that doesn't need editing, much better than the fragmented clips you keep interrupting.

    Quick overview of MT12’s pros & cons and main spec.


    • Compact: It is very well constructed including parts of shrouds, prompter holder, and reflecting mirror, and is packed with a smart remote. It is made of metal and a 12-inch big tempered beam splitter glass for HD display.
    • Broad compatibility: In the category of a dslr ipad teleprompter in the Momanx Online Store, compared with a mini teleprompter for phone such as MT1 or MT2, MT12 is a larger category. It doesn't just work with smartphones in small sizes but also tablets up to 12 inches. So when you only have one phone for text editing, you can use your Pads as promoting devices.
    • Wide reading range: When you ask how to set up a teleprompter for a DSLR, it shouldn't be a problem for MT12, because it's very handy and simple to use. It has a knob to adjust the reflecting angle to fit different sight lines. Standing or sitting, you can read more clearly and successfully, and you can communicate more freely. Because of the integrated design, installation goes more quickly and easily.


    • Weight and size: The MT12's large size is its strength, giving you a clear and comfortable reading experience, but also its weakness in portability. Some of the smaller teleprompters were made of plastic and light, And it uses stable, sturdy, reliable yet heavy metal. It's all about your choices. It measures in size of 340*270*96mm and weighs 1800g, That's about the weight of four iPads, although that's nothing compared to your other shooting tools like camera, battery, and studio light.
    • Limited installation: It can be installed on a tripod, monopod, or another teleprompter attachment DSLR compatible, but unlike a computer teleprompter, this type cannot be installed on a PC, which has a unique design profile and installation mode. Also because of its weight and size, if you mount it with a hand-held stabilizer for filming, it is somewhat difficult.


    • One-piece construction: The design of the MT12 makes it easier to install and carry. The package will contain a phone tripod mount, two clamps, and a 1/4 "screw, you just have to follow the step-by-step instructions in the user manual.
    • Remote control: There’s a remote in the product case as an important member of DSLR teleprompter kit, which is used for controlling the scripts rolling on the mirror within 2 to 10 meters. It works with Android, iOS, and PC systems, and power is supplied by two Alkaline AAA batteries of 1.5V. One full charge and it can operate for about 40 hours.
    • APP editing: Download the customized app named ”COLBOR Studio” for free, and you can upload your text on it. It keeps promoting from time to time the best user experience for our customers. Recently, It includes the opportunity to alter the speed of scrolling, the width, and colors of the word, as well as the clock function. You may operate it with the aid of a remote.

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