As a hot sale tool in the photography industry, it is not difficult for us to get familiar with and master v-mount batteries, this powerful compact power source. But there are often novices who do not know where to start due to their limited understanding. This article will tell you how to use v mount battery, including the definition, using methods, recommended batteries and accessories, and tips for charging and storing.

  • What are v mount batteries?
  • Have a look at selected Moman v-mount batteries and their uses
  • Two specifications to look at before using it
  • Use accessories to get tons of flexibility to use v mount batteries
  • Some tips to extend the battery life of v-mounts
Moman v-mount camera battery with high capacity and high output are perfect for your shooting or recording activities.

What are v mount batteries?

A v mount battery is a type of rechargeable and portable lithium-ion power source that usually features superior voltage, high density, and powerful output. They are capable of charging high-end devices like cameras, studio lights, wireless transmission systems, and so on. Therefore, they are popular among professional photographers. After all, most people don't need so much electricity, since they only need to buy a slim power bank, which is already enough to charge the mobile phone, tablet, or computer in a day of travel.

Have a look at selected Moman v mount batteries and their uses

We recommend three types of v-mount power supply at Moman PhotoGears Store, including the Moman Power 99, 99S, and 140. All of the three have budget price and high capacity to meet your need in shooting and recording.

What's the different between Moman compact v mount battery Power 99, 99S and 140? Look at the specification form and you will know

Spec. table of three Moman v mount batteries: Power 99, 99S, 140


Moman Power 99

Moman Power 99S

Moman Power 140


99Wh, 6875mAh

99Wh, 6800mAh

140Wh, 9700mAh

Max. Power Output




Max. Current Output




Nominal Voltage




Dimension (mm)




Output ports

2 D-tap slots

1 BP slot

2 USB-A slots

1 D-tap slot

1 BP slot

1 USB-A slot

1 USB-C slot

2 D-tap slots

1 BP slot

1 USB-A slot

1 USB-C slot


We can see that all of the above three batteries have an output of more than 150W and even up to 200W, and the v mount battery voltage reached 14.4V and 14.8V, which are healthy and proved to be full-charged batteries.

Moman Power 99 travel-friendly 99Wh v mount battery with d-taps

This 99Wh external li-ion battery can be brought on planes according to airline regulations. Moman Power 99 can charge multiple devices simultaneously and is an excellent power solution for most high-drain devices. Thanks to the two d-tap slots, BP ouput, and USB-A interface, it can be used with Bmpcc cameras, DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and other photographic devices.

Moman Power 99S v-lock external battery with a screen display

Moman Power 99S is designed to have a clear screen display for real-time monitoring of the battery status and remaining time of use. Furthermore, it has a 190-watt powerful output and four types of output ports for various gears. The USB slots allow you to charge microphones, monitors on-camera fill lights, and so on.

Moman Power 140 high-capacity v mount power with USB-C output

Moman Power 140 has the highest capacity among the three. It can effortlessly charge high-power and high-output devices such as the studio light COLBOR CL100 with 100W constant power. You can also use it to power up your phones, pads, laptops, and photography rigs by the Type-C quick-charging port.

Moman Power 140 v mount battery can be used for professional cameras, camcorders, and studio LED lights.

Two specifications to look at before using

1. Watt hours

  • What is watt-hour and how to measure it

A Watt Hour is a unit of measurement for power over a period of time, generally measured by hour and related to the size, or in our case, a way of measuring capacity closely related to the output of v-mount camera battery. One Watts per hour is equal to one Watt of average power flow over an hour. One Watts over four hours would be four Watt Hours of power. As an example, a 100 Watt device works fully on the Moman Power 99 of 99 Watt hour, and would last nearly one 

  • WH is related to whether it can be carried on the plane

There is a 100 WH carry-on restriction for lithium-ion batteries. So you are able to bring Moman Power 99 and Power 99S of 99Wh v mount battery capacity on flights. For compact v-mount batteries with greater capacity for 100 to 150 WH or more like Moman Power 140 of 140Wh, there is a quantity restriction which you can take up only two.

2. Current draw

  • Check the spec. sheet of your target devices before checking it

What is output current? Before getting to know how to use v mount battery, this is a measurement you should remember first. It is about how many amps a it can produce for a specified period of time. A 120 amp-hour type, for instance, can provide 12 amps of electricity for 10 hours before needing to be recharged. An amp-hour is a unit of time used to quantify the amount of current (in amps) flowing (an hour). This statistic reveals how many amps a gadget uses during an hour of use.

  • Pay attention to the current draw of your battery
  1. Moman Power 99 – 15A
  2. Moman Power 99S – 13A
  3. Moman Power 140 – 12A

Just like the calculation above, Amp hour=Amp*Discharge hour. And there’s also a calculator equation of Watt Hour=Amp hour* Voltages. Now with these product information and computing methods, you can easily calculate the charging capacity and how long does a v mount battery last. As a result, it's clear that the Power140 is better suited for high-powered devices such as studio lights, while the Power 99 and 99S are better suited for smaller devices such as camera lights and wireless monitors.

If you use them to charge the same studio LED lights like COLBOR CL60, it can be made to operate at full power for 1.2 hours with Power 99, and for around 1.8 hours using Power 140. But after all, the three are all powerful v-mounts that are suitable for power-hungry lights as well as those smaller things like cameras and monitors.

Moman blackmagic v mount battery Power 99 has a compact and durable structure, supplying safe and stable power for your devices.

Use accessories to get tons of flexibility to use v mount batteries

Your needs are satisfactorily met by v-mount batteries. While you are recording, it has the capability to concurrently charge 200 Watts of numerous devices, such as director monitors, cameras, and LED studio lights. By using D-tap converters, it may also be used to power a wide range of devices, providing power to any item in the complete kit. How can it be possible, here are tools you might need to buy along with the compact v mount battery.

  • V mount battery plate or holder: If you want to add it to your photography setup, first you need the tools to attach it to your camera. Small plates are a good option, and sometimes they double as charging panels. The simplest solution at an affordable price would be to buy a small v lock and a hot shoe mount. Or you can buy a handheld grip with screw holes for installation.
  • Adapter or charger: You need to find the correct input ways and use the charging cable with the corresponding interface to charge the v mount battery. This is not difficult when you have to learn to control the charging time and method, which will greatly prolong its life and promote your working efficiency.

V mount battery vs gold mount, which is better? This is a common question. In some circumstances, you can even purchase adapters to change from v-mount to gold-mount. The v mount battery kit can be completed by adding these supplemental tools to assist you in your shooting activities. You don't have to be concerned about photos being cut short by a shortage of power thanks to the compact but strong power pack.

Some tips to extend the battery life of v-mounts

Moman Power 99 and Power 140 v mount battery are compact and lightweight for outdoor charging.

How to charge the v mount battery properly?

Learning input and output is the same process. You just need to find the correct input ways and use the charging cable with the corresponding interface to charge the v-mount battery. This is not difficult when you have to learn how to charge the v mount battery, and controlling the charging time and method, don't overcharge it, and don't charge it after it has completely exhausted all its energy. This habit can take a toll on itself.

You need to know how to extend its life and how to use it. We advise maintaining batteries at 20–30% capacity when they won't be used for longer than a month. Make careful to check and maintain the charge level every few months. Here Moman also offers discounted bundles of v mount battery with charger for a variety of budget choices.

What should I pay attention to when storing batteries?

There are things you need to keep in mind when storing your battery.

  • First, keep them away from sunshine and kids for avoiding accidents.
  • Second, keep batteries high and secure places.
  • Third, they should be kept dry and out of the way of jewelry and other metallic objects.They should also be kept in a non-conductive container.
Batteries often keep their power for a long period if they are stored properly. Because of this, it's crucial to store anything you require. Also, remove the batteries from a gadget if you won't use a v mount battery for bmpcc 4k to power the supply for an extended length of time. The majority of gadgets do routine "checks" to make sure everything is still functioning as it should. Those checks need very little energy. Leakage might arise if they take place too regularly
V mount battery

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