Cordless recording devices have recently become popular, not only the ones for camera or phone recording but also wireless microphones for computer, which are constantly upgrading technology and entering the public view. This blog is written to give you a better understanding of it why you need one and how to choose and use one, preparing you for using it in studio production, online meetings, or other applications.

  • When will you buy wireless microphones for computer?
  • How to choose a mic for the PC wireless recording?
  • How to connect a wireless microphone to your computer?
For computers, cameras, or phones, Moman small wireless lapel microphone can offer a high-quality sound for your video producing and vocal recording.

When will you buy wireless microphones for computer?

Technically, a wireless microphone is any kind that transmits its audio signal wirelessly. Wireless ones are excellent since they are very practical and have a variety of applications. These options are only increased by connecting it to your PC. You can stream a live performance to everyone around the globe, produce digital recordings, and apply effects. Naturally, none of this is feasible without the necessary information. provides the tools required to link a wireless microphone to a computer.

1. Online conferences in zoom meetings

After covid-19, there are more chances for online meetings, courses, presentations, exams, etc. It is essential to keep the information conveyed accurate and communication efficient. So you need a wireless computer conference microphone that can capture your voice clearly and without lag or delay.

2. Voice chat or live stream when gaming

Have you ever tried voice chatting with your friends in the game but always can not hear what they are saying? The sound is loud and low, and it keeps stinging your eardrums because of the bursting sound. Using common headphones is difficult to control the distance from the mouth to the speaker, and a poor grasp of this situation will occur.

3. Videos production or home podcast

Audio is an important part of the video and directly affects the quality of the video and the experience given to the viewer. Nowadays, many computers are nowhere near the quality of filming and recording as cameras or cell phones, and while there are few people who shoot video with them, they are not completely absent, and some people pursue the effect of filming with computer footage. And with a wireless microphone for desktop computer, you can chase for high-quality audio and do it much better.

How to choose a mic for the PC wireless recording?

A good computer wireless microphone not only can be used with PC, but also mobiles like smartphones and pads. Moman CP2 with dual channel system is portable and professional for shooting.

1. Know what specifications you need most and have priorities

You will encounter a ton of jargon while attempting to select a high-quality microphone. Therefore, it's helpful to be able to comprehend what is being said at least in its most basic form. For example, what’s the difference between the wireless transmissions of 2.4Ghz and ultra-high frequency that a wireless microphone for computer adopts? What does the sampling rate mean? In many cases, you just need to focus on a few important points. For example, if you pursue synchronous and delay-free propagation, we should pay attention to its latency. If you want clear, precise, accurate, and sensitive sound capturing, pay attention to its sensitivity, polar pattern, and frequency range. If you consider the propagation distance and signal strength, look at its corresponding parameters on the spec. table.

2. Select a wireless microphone for computer recording according to actual use

Does it work at home for podcasts, YouTube videos, or other content? Again, this implies that there are fewer possible issues to take into account. Will you apply for jobs using it? Will there be only one person speaking, or might there be several? That can affect the polar pattern you require. But what if you want to utilize it both inside and outside of your home? Weather conditions might be extreme at times. If you pick the wrong mic, wind, rain, and other sounds can all cause bad results. Your decision will be greatly influenced by the setting in which you utilize it.

3. See what special characteristics can be a plus

The wireless mini microphone for computer you buy for tens of dollars or more than a hundred is more worthy if it has other selling points in addition to superior sound quality. For instance, the SYNCO G3 is an innovative product that supports a 3-channel recording network at a distance of 250m, and its receiver can be seen as a transmitter. Also, it has a 1.8-inch LCD screen for displaying, setting, and real-time monitoring of the battery power, volume, and recording situation. There are also some products with different sound effects, long standby time, one-mute button, or noise-canceling characteristics, these are definitely a plus

SYNCO G3 wireless mini microphone of lavalier type can use an adapter to connect to your computer. It supports a 3-channel recording for filmmaking and podcasting.

How to connect a wireless microphone to your computer?

A wired microphone may be connected to a computer just like a cordless one. The wireless system's receiver connects to the computer similar to how a wired one would. The wireless microphone essentially generates an audio signal. The receiver converts the radio signal back into the audio signal once the transmitter has turned it into a radio signal and wirelessly sent it to it. The receiver output now performs the same functions as a wired mic output.

1. Set up on your PC and grant Bluetooth microphones access

The connection to the Bluetooth headset is mainly done on the computer. To relate to your Bluetooth headset, first, you need to open the control panel, find “Bluetooth Devices” in the “Network and Internet” setting, then select your device. Windows OS and Mac OS are almost the same, just find the right category and click connect.

2. How about connecting a lavalier type wirelessly?

A wireless lapel microphone for computer has to be physically attached to a paired transmitter and receiver. Most computers on the market are equipped with a USB socket and 3.5mm jack port, which does not apply to most cameras or phone microphones, but with a small budget adapter, it becomes feasible!


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