All newcomers in the process of completing their camera rig will choose a stable power solution for themselves, but how to set it up for handy operation is a challenge. This article will talk about how to have a v battery mount on your photography gear, and introduce practical budget tools for your installation.
  • Brief introduction of v-mount batteries' what and when
  • How to mount a v-lock power supply to your camera setup?
  • Learn installation ways from tools: What do I need to mount a v-mount battery?
Moman Power 99 has a compact size and light weight that can be perfectly installed on your camera setup.

    Brief introduction of v-mount batteries’ what and when

    1. What is a v-battery?

    As the name implies, this is a type of battery named after the fixation method, which has a v-lock on the battery case for locating, but nowadays this type of power solution has some common features, such as compact size, high capacity, high density, various output interfaces for charging, stable and safe performance for power supply.

    2. When do you need a v-lock mount external battery?

    When you often carry out long shooting activities, and due to time and space constraints, live and other factors can not be easily interrupted, you need a high-capacity DSLR camera battery. When you have a series of high power consumption, with a variety of charging port devices, like bmpcc 6k pro cameras, high-end video lights, rechargeable microphones, HDMI transmission systems, and more. You will need v-lock batteries with various kinds of ports--such as Moman Power 140 v mount battery with USB C--and strong enough to charge several devices at the same time.

    How to mount a v-lock power supply to your camera setup?

    V-lock batteries supply power for DSLR, microphones, monitors in the photography rigs

    1. Choose the battery with the right capacity, interface, and size to match your equipment

    The choice is important. If a battery doesn't have enough power storage capacity or doesn't have a matching charge output port, the v-mount battery setup is not a good fit for you. Or some will be oversized and too bulky, making it difficult to maintain overall balance. In addition, when the location is not well arranged, a variety of wires around will affect the operation badly. And there may be a monitor display screen or lens obscured.

    2. Simply connect the battery and v-lock together, and mount the plate on the rig

    The installation is simply divided into two steps, one is to connect the battery to the adapter plate, and the second is to fix the v mount battery plate on the photography setup. The order of these two steps can be reversed because now it is easy to replace the power supply on and off. For example, the COLBOR VBS is designed with a release button for one-push unloading and a no-slip pad at the bottom.

    3. What does a fully installed camera setup look like?


    This is the camera rig shared by photographer LEOPAZZO PRODUCTIONS on Youtube. as you can see in the video, above the camera is a view monitor. On the left side is a shotgun microphone aligned with the recording field. On the right side is an audio recorder, and the Moman Power 99 v battery mount underneath the camera with a headset for real-time monitoring hanging from the holder. The recorded footage and recordings, as well as the continuity, were well captured. Everything was in order, no one device would block the footage, and the whole set was stable.

    Learn installation ways from tools: What do I need to mount a v-mount battery?

    You can either purchase the tools for your own needs or use different kinds of tools available, to learn more about the specific installation methods. Here are four different types of products with v-lock for sale at Moman.

    1. COLBOR VBS and Moman VBP: Battery plate for pole mounting

    Moman VBP v mounting plate with D-tap output, is packed with DC to LP-E6 dummy power battery adapter

    The VBS and VBP act as a locating connection and at the same time function as a panel. COLBOR VBS is equipped with an adjustable clamp on the back with a maximum width of 1.66”/42mm, which can be mounted on the light stand or camera stabilizer firmly. At the same time, this important accessory of the v-mount battery kit features a d-tap output of the right size and is packed with a d-tap to Type-B 3-Pin cable as a gift. VBS is the best-selling v-lock plate at Moman and costs you only US$39.99, being budget and versatile. VBP with a higher price of US$89.99. This can be a bit pricey for some people seriously, but it's worth the price. It has two USB ports, a d-tap port, and four DC barrel output ports from 5V to 15V, supporting power of up to DSLR, mobile phone, and more simultaneously.

    • Moman Power 99 unboxing video and mounting tutorials with VBS

    2. Moman VBC: Mini clamp of crab shape

    Moman VBC is made to be a crab clamp, being budget, sturdy, and reliable for mounting v power supply on pole or rod.

    This is the lowest cost with a price of US$29.99, the smallest, and most portable v-mount accessory. VBC is designed in the form of a crab clamp, and the v mount video battery is only tightly connected by a v-lock with it. It can be used to install on various rods, such as the pole of the studio light, or the leg bracket of the monopod. If you do not consider the auxiliary function of the charging board or multiple batteries installed at the same time, you can choose VBC this product.

    3. Moman DVBP: V lock battery mount for dual power supply

    Moman DVBP is a progressive version of VBP, and it can hold two v battery mount on the grip for charging.

    The Moman DVBP can accept two batteries for simultaneous installation. Whether it is used in turn to prevent overheating or consuming too much at once, or supply power at the same time because there are too many devices and not enough interfaces. It supports easy loading and unloading, it will be very convenient to replace the battery.

    4. COLBOR VM2: Specially designed for studio light CL60 series

    COLBOR VM2 for CL60 studio light serie is simple to use. Slide it along the slots on the side and your battery can be firmly mounted

    COLBOR VM2 v battery mount is a fixing clasp designed specifically for the COLBOR CL60 series lights and fits perfectly into the slots on the left and right sides of the CL60, CL60R, and CL60M. Simply slide the VM2 inward along the slots to mount the VM2 on it. This is not only easy to operate and securely fixed, but also facilitates the light and battery to move in one piece without being bothered by long wires.

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