Bluetooth communicator is a communication device that is usually installed in helmets and used to talk to friends, take calls, listen to FM radio during motorcycling, skiing, climbing, and MTB, etc. And some are even utilized in ball games. This blog is about why you need it, what factors to consider before buying one, and
  • When would you need a Bluetooth communicator?
  • What makes the best Bluetooth communicator for motorcycles?
  • How to reduce the wind noise of helmet radio devices?
Moman H3 best bluetooth communicator for motorcycle helmet utilizes the 5.0 Bluetooth tech, featuring 30-hour workding time and 2000-meter transmission range.

When would you need a Bluetooth communicator?

Although we briefly outlined the definition and use of this tool at the beginning, what exact situation requires its use, and what specific uses and functions does it have to promote your riding?

It provides safe communication on motorcycle road trips and races

It's important to be able to connect with your partners if you're going in an organized group for chatting or exchanging information. Unless you yell or wave your arms, you won't be able to hear one another or speak to them above the roar of the engine. Even if you can hear each other, the information that can be communicated in this way is what is limited and very dangerous. Not to mention that between the two riders, a clear conversation between the rider and the passenger can be difficult to achieve when operating a motorcycle. This is when you need Bluetooth two way earpiece communicators for clear and safe talking.

It enables hands-free phone calls operation in skiing and climbing

When you wear a thick ski suit and warm gloves, you will have a hard time pulling your phone out of your pocket to answer a call or switch songs or adjust the volume. It's also not easy to do so when riding a motorcycle, parachute jumping, mountain biking, or climbing as well. Connecting a Bluetooth communicator for a snowboard helmet with your cell phone can solve this dilemma. For example, Moman H2 with a 20-hour working time, not only supports a 20-meter connection distance with mobile but also has a premium transmission range of up to 800 meters. With the special knob button, you will be able to have phone control better, such as answering, rejecting, and ending calls.

Moman motorbike Bluetooth communicators is not only used for motorcycling roads trip and races, but also snow skiing and mountain climbing.

It supports listening to FM radio broadcasts and music

FM is short for frequency modulation, and there are various radio stations in different frequency bands. You can use the bicycle Bluetooth communicator to listen to their broadcasts, news, or songs. Sometimes some stations provide very useful information, such as weather conditions, road conditions, or emergencies.

What makes the best Bluetooth communicator for motorcycles?

Four key features make a reliable communicator and may influence your decision, including the following:

Convenient operation design

This kind of wireless device is built for safer operation during the situation with occupied hands. So it is supposed to have a more convenient way of using. In addition to the innovative knob design of the H2 mentioned above, more motorcycle Bluetooth communicator and wireless intercoms are like the Moman H1, which have simple and distinct buttons. Without additional explanation, you can know the power on/off button, the answer button for calls, and the position of volume or channel adjustment by the icons. To keep protected while motorcycling, climbing, or skiing suchlike sports, using a motorbike Bluetooth headset would make your experience better.

Moman H1 helmet wireless intercom enables riders to communicate with your friends or teammates freely while intense sports thanks to the simple button-control design.

Sensitive Bluetooth connectivity

As Bluetooth is the most widely used technology for sending data wirelessly over distances, if you're searching for a motorbike messaging system, you'll probably utilize it. Some people will be torn between it and Mesh, but the last few years have seen a dramatic increase in the use of Bluetooth. Most of the headsets, intercoms, and microphones you can see are using this technology. A device is only as good as its responsiveness. As Moman motorcycle helmet intercoms, H1 uses 5.1 techs, H2 and H3 utilize Bluetooth 5.0, and H4 comes with 5.0 tech and EDR.

Audio quality and noise suppression

The clarity and stability of the sound transmission are very important measurement points. As a helmet communicator Bluetooth headset for teammates talking, it certainly doesn't need to achieve the high requirements, paying too much pattern to its polar pattern, sensitivity, and frequency response like picking among recording microphones. But we need to be aware that its noise reduction feature is crucial, and this determines whether you can have smooth communication with your passengers and other riders.

Long Bluetooth range

What would affect the range of a dirt bike helmet communication ? Antenna gain, radio spectrum, path loss, transmit power, physical layer, etc., Generally, you do not need to remember these fragmentary factors or look for them in the product spec. form, because the "Transmission Range" will be shown directly. Bluetooth technology, in contrast to other wireless technologies, is intended to allow a broad range of possible ranges between two devices. Four relative products of Bluetooth communicator for motorcycles for sale at the Moman Online Store enjoy transmission from 800m to 2000m.

Moman best budget Bluetooth communicators offer stable and clear sound transmission within 800m to 2000m during motorcycle races.

How to reduce the wind noise of helmet radio devices?

The sound of engines and wind has always been a difficult problem for helmet communicators and intercoms, and many riders have had headaches with it. While how to stop noise during speaking becomes a FAQ, we have searched the experience of many riders, combined with the summary on the Internet, to obtain useful tips for your reference.

  • Step one is to use a wind muff or foam for the Bluetooth helmet kit. If there’s no place to wear the wind muff of the standard form, just cover the speaker with the most common and cheap foam packing materials. One of those plastic corners can be used to cannibalize a little piece of foam, which you can then use to cover the Bluetooth communicators & intercoms.
  • Next, you can give it an extra layer, and wrap it with fake fur or “dead cat“ around the foam. Just make sure you leave enough room for this gear in advance and don't let it squeeze into your face or obscure your view.


Nothing compares to going on a road trip or participating in motorbike races with your riding friends. For a better riding experience, a great Bluetooth communicator is recommended for you and your teammates. 

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