Which kind of battery power supply for LED lights do you need? There are many types of LEDs, such as small decorative strip lights that mostly use small capacity AA or AAA batteries or electrical power, camera-mounted fill light of panel or ring design that needs NP-F, and high-end constant studio lights that requires strong power source, etc. What we talk about here today, is the v-mount batteries for video lights for photography, videography, and cinematography.

  • How many types of battery power supplies can charge the LED lights

  • Portable power supply for photography lighting recommended

  • FAQ: How to connect LED lights to power supply?
Moman Power 140 has a 140Wh capacity and total output power of 150W, is perfect for charging camera gears and studio lights during photography and videography.

    How many types of battery power supplies can charge the LED lights?

    1. Power bank or AA & AAA lithium battery power supply for LED strip lights

    Like the other strip lights used in various applications, you can power an RGB strip with a battery. Just connect a battery or batteries with a voltage rating that fits your strip lights. If your strips run on 12V, use a 12-volt battery. Simple as that.

    2. V mount batteries and gold-mounts for studio lighting setup

    V-mounts are a kind of compact power source that can charge your photography rigs, featuring wide compatibility, small dimension, and high capacity. When you shoot commercials and films, the NP-F series could not charge your lights as long as you’d like, and the gold mounts may not be suitable for some of your devices, but the v mount battery for LED lights can. Here we list five advantage

    Three tips for choosing the right battery power supply for lights

    You must choose the proper power supply for your LEDs whether you are creating your own LED fixture, repairing and upgrading old fixtures, or buying new LED lights. When selecting a power source for LED lighting, there are several different things to keep in mind. Here we will go over all of those various criteria and assist you in choosing the best power source for your LEDs.

    Moman Power 140 battery  power supply for LED lights comes with a palm-size and light weight. You can mount it on the lighting pole a v lock battery plate or crab-shape clamp.

    1. Is it rechargeable or disposable?

    Rechargeable DC 12V and 5V USB output lithium ion battery pack. Compatible with any LED strip light products, CCTV Camera, IP Camera , LED Panel, Amplifier, Modem,Car DVR, Speaker, mobile phone, spectra S2 breast pump and 12V/5V devices, etc.

    2. Whether the voltage, power, and effeciency is suitable for you lights?

    • Voltage

    It is crucial to first make sure that the output voltage is suitable with the LEDs voltage before creating an LED fixture or replacing an outdated power supply. The majority of LED products with integrated current regulators are rather excellent about indicating what input voltage should be utilized. Some of the LED flex strips would need a 12V power source, and the voltage for studio video light could be 14.4V, 14.8V, and others. It is difficult to determine, so you have to look at the applicable voltage of yours.

    • Power

    Be sure the power supply you choose can manage the input power you have as well. Depending on where in the globe you are, line voltage will vary. Make sure you are aware of whether you have high-line AC power or low-line AC electricity (90-120VAC) (200-240VAC). Many power supplies will have a wide rating, but it is always advisable to be aware of your AC input and make sure the power supply you pick is appropriate for it.

    • Efficiency

    The amount of electricity that really goes into making the LED light up is indicated by a power supply's efficiency. The more electricity you end up conserving, the greater the power supply's efficiency % is. It is advisable to choose a power supply with 80% efficiency or above for LED applications.

    3. What other factors do you need to consider besides performance?

    The size and budget of the battery is also a very vital thing to think about. It's crucial to consider the location of the power supply when choosing one for your LED project. It must be compact enough to fit into the product you are constructing if you want to place it inside. If it is beyond the scope of the program, it ought to have a nearby mounting option. There are several power supply available in a range of sizes and forms to suit your requirements.

    FAQ: How to connect LED lights to power supply?

    V-mount batteries get their name from the way they are installed, utilizing "v-shaped" pins - so named because the way they are connected looks like a "V" letter, which is secure and safe. Thus, in addition to the power supply itself, there are some accessories you need to buy and use, to install it to your camera rig or studio lighting setup, and replenish the battery safely and fast.

    You can buy Moman VBP, which can be used in combination with a hot shoe mount, or you can buy Moman VBC, which is a cheap and simple mini clamp for thin pole usage. When you are charging LEDs of 400W and need two of the Power 210 battery for charging, you can buy a dual mounting plate like Moman DVBP for two of the power supply for LED lights supplying at the same time.

    With the Moman DVBP dual v mount battery plate, you are able to charge high-drain camera devices and video LED lights for long-time operation.

    Although generally speaking, it can be firmly fixed on the mounting plate after you slide it in and lock it, please check whether it is locked tightly after installation to prevent it from popping off the plate or clamp during the middle of a shot.

    V mount battery

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