You'll receive far better audio using an interview microphone for iPhone than you would with the built-in one. The final effect will thus sound much more professional whether you're capturing audio, and video, or utilizing your mobile as a recording device.
  • How can an interview microphone for mobile improves the recording audio?
  • Choose a mic based on the type and needs of your interview
  • Four best interview microphone for iPhones at Moman PhotoGears Store
  • How to record an interview on iPhone using the recommended SYNCO P1L?

    How can an interview microphone for mobile improves the recording audio?

    Moman CP2 dual channel wireless microphone for iPhone interview, is perfect for outdoor recording thanks to its noise canceling feature.

    1. To improve the sound quality of your shorts, videos, films, or documentaries

    If you are a Youtuber or TikTokers, It can make your short video sound quality better and attract more audience. Nowadays, there are more and more video forms of random interviews looking for passers-by on campus or the street. And if the sound is not captured properly, it may lead to the lack of some exciting and funny content.

    2. To guarantee the accuracy of the content being recorded

    If you are a professional reporter or interviewer, iPhone interview microphones like SYNCO P1L and P2L with high sensitivity can ensure that your message is recorded accurately and completely without missing the original meanings due to damaged sound quality, noisy background sounds, excessive wind noise, bursting sounds, etc.

    3. To make your online job or admission interview performance more efficient

    If you are an interviewee who has upcoming online job or admissions interviews on zoom, skype, and other platforms, you might need to have an external mic to ensure that the Q&A goes smoothly and that the interviewer can hear you speak fluently and confidently.

    Choose a mic based on the type and needs of your interview

    Many buyer guides classify the selection of products through their specifications of them. How about today we start with the application and divide the type of interview into three categories to choose the best interview microphone for iPhone accordingly?

    Wireless lapel interview microphone like Moman CP2 has a long transmission distance. The receiver connected to the device can still pair with the transmitter and capture sound clearly.

    1. Lapel or shotgun mic for a pre-recorded synchronous interview

    You've probably seen lapel microphones fastened to news reporters' ties, coats, and outerwear whether watching videos or television. When used properly, they are modest, unassuming types that provide outstanding results. The shotgun interview microphone for iPhone has the same features and plays the same role when mounted on a device with an unexpected lens. Whether it is to interview with a lapel microphone for iPhone or shotgun type, they both ensure good radio for pre-recorded interviews, filmmaking, live streaming, and vlogging.

    2. Dual channel mic for two-person asynchronous interviews

    One-channel systems only allow for the operation of one microphone at once, not both. You should select a "Dual" or "Multi" combination system with a compatible receiver if you intend to use two or more at once. When you are having a one-to-one communication for relaxed chatting or Q&A, please make sure both the interviewers and interviewees have their own iPhone interview microphone, smartphones, or camcorder, for a convenient and clear recording.

    3. Noise-canceling mic for a live outdoor interview

    This particular kind is designed to hear your speech while avoiding outside noise. There are several techniques to achieve this noise suppression, including form, placement, and others. For recording in noisy environments, you'd better equip yourself with a microphone that comes with this feature, such as the Moman CP2.

    Four best interview microphone for iPhones at Moman PhotoGears Store

    We walk you through four different phone microphones for sale with reasonable prices at Momanx now. To help you select the finest iPhone mic at the lowest cost, we detail their specifications and applications.

    A quick look at appearance comparison among SYNCO P1L, P2L, Moman CP2, and SYNCO U1L best microphone for Youtube interviews.

    Spec. table for a quick overview of P1L, P2L, CP2, and U1L




    Moman CP2




    Regular Price$69.00


    Regular Price$99.00


    Regular price$79.99



    Wireless Lavalier Microphone for iPhone

    Wireless Lapel Mic with 2 Channels

    Wireless Clip Mic with 2 Channels

    Mini Shotgun Mic

    Wireless Charging Case






    Polar Pattern





    Frequency Response






    3.5mm In-Ear Monitoring

    After reading the above form, the characteristics of these four products are very obvious. Here are some simple conclusions for your quick screening

    • 1. If you are conducting a two-person interview face to face, choose SYNCO P2L and CP2. Take U1L into consideration if there are two or more speakers that can catch all the human voices in front of it.
    • 2. If you want to have a real-time monitor, buy P1L or P2L. The filming people can use the Type-C to 3.5mm cable in the package, and plug an earphone through the port of their receiver for checking the interview recording.
    • 3. If you need special voice effects, buy P1L or P2L microphone for recording interviews on iPhone. They both have nine creative modes, including Original, Baby FX, Studio TX, EDM, KTV FX, Female to Male, Male to Female, Monster FX, and Voice Amplification.
    • 4. If you don't want to deal with powering issues, choose the SYNCO U1L plug-in shotgun mic. It charges while it's connected to your smartphone or another device. Though the other three are equipped with charging cases, it requires to replenish through a Type-C port.
    SYNCO P1L microphone for iPhone video recordinghas a single channel for recording. It has a budget price yet powerful performance for live streaming, online meetings, vlogging, etc.

      SYNCO P1L: wireless interview microphone for iPhone

      • Provides superior sound clarity with a 20Hz-20KHz frequency response
      • Built of enhanced durability and lightweight ABS materials
      • Offers long working distance of 492ft(LOS) / 164ft(NLOS)
      • Nine magical effects for more than interviews but video production
      SYNCO P2L has a fast charging case included in the package for wireless powering. It's built of sturdy and lightweight ABS for a long-time using.

        SYNCO P2L: Dual channel lightning lav mic

        • Digital 2.4GHz wireless transmission for clear crisp sound
        • Type-C to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter for audio monitor
        • Supports charging while shooting through the USB-C interface
        • Dynamic light strip to show battery status and voice modes
        Moman CP2 offers you a choice to have 3-interfaces in one pack. As an iPhone interview microphone with the lightning port, it can be changed into a Type-C phone mic.

          Moman CP2: Multi directional microphone for interviews with iPhone

          • 2.4GHz technology and negligible latency ≤20ms
          • Effectively filters background noises with smart noise canceling feature
          • Transmitters with 15-hour working time and be fully charged within 1.5 hours
          • Flexible choices of 3 interfaces in 1 pack if you want (Lightning, Type-C, USB), it can change to an interview microphone for Android
          SYNCO U1L is of a pocket size and once it's plugged into you iPhone, it can start recording thanks to the convenient plug-and-play design.

            SYNCO U1L: Metal shotgun mic for podcasting and recording

            • The pocket size of 1.7x7 cm and weighs 20g for carrying
            • Cardioid polar pattern for less unwanted noises
            • Plug & play design requires no complicated setting
            • 90° rotatable construction for adjusting the pick-up array

            How to record an interview on iPhone using the recommended SYNCO P1L?

            The one with the lightning plug is called the receiver of the wireless lapel microphone,. And the one with a clip is the transmitter for capturing speakers' sound.

            1. Operating principle: How does it work?

            Typically, P1L comprises a transmitter and a receiver. The TX is for clipping on ties or collars, and the RX has a lightning connection plug that may connect straight to your iPhone's charging port. And for your attention, P2L and CP2 have two transmitters. The entire system must be turned on before you can couple the transmitter and receiver and attach the receiver to your smartphone.

            2. Using steps: How to connect the mic to your iPhone and get it paired?

            Setting up a mini iPhone microphone for interviews being plug&play ready like P1L should be simple. After you placed and connected them right in place, the TX will boot automatically. When you see the indicators light up, it means that the TX and RX are paired and working. You may begin recording as soon as you attach the receiver's lightning connector to a suitable port. And any apps you want to use the microphone with must have permission to access it.

            3. Recording tips: How to achieve better audio with it?

            • Have real-time monitors and make in-time changes
            • Take your mic on a field trip and test it in advance for location shooting
            • Lower the recorder's sensitivity and closer the interview microphone

            In Moman Blog ”What microphone for interviews is good for a smooth recording?”, We have talked about the above three useful tips, and now we will add one more simple and budget idea for you.

            • Using budget wind muff or sound shield to make you sound better easily

            As they are very cheap to build, many of the personal interview microphone for iPhone do arrive with several types of windscreens. Lavalier interview microphone without windsmuffs are frequently inappropriate for vocal recording. More wind noise is removed from your recording by the softer-looking fuzzy or fluffy windshields than by a foam cover. A fluffy windshield might be more feasible for recording in a field on a windy day when recording at a huge distance, or when attempting to capture audio from a moving target with a shotgun-type microphone, for example. A foam cover works more as a pop shield to protect the microphone from the pops and sibilance that occur when speaking normally.

            With an iPhone and a small lavalier microphone like Moman CP2, you can produce professional videos, films, and conduct an interview with great audio.


            Although the iPhone audio is rather good for a phone, you should invest in an interview microphone for iPhone if you frequently record interviews, YouTube videos, or podcasts. These lightning microphones may be used to capture meetings, instruments, singing, and more while you're on camera.

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