Godox has a range of high-quality studio lights for continuous photography illumination. Maintaining this high power consumption necessarily requires a stable and strong power source. And today we will talk about one of the popular options -- v mount battery for Godox VL150 -- about why choose it, how to pick one, and how to use it better.
  • Two best buy Moman v mount batteries for Godox VL150
  • Three factors to consider when buying a v-mount power source for Godox VL150
  • Benefits of choosing v-mount batteries as the Godox power solution
  • Tips to charge your photography lighting equipment with v-locks better
    Moman Power 210 and 140 both are high-density and high-capacity external power supply for continuous lights, camera gears, and mobile devices like phones and laptops.

      Two Best buy Moman v mount batteries for Godox VL150

      We now introduce you two products with the right price and performance, which are the Moman Power 210 and Power 140.

      Moman Power 210: Two 210Wh v-mounts hold 400W output video lighting


      (Not Avaliable)





      Total Output


      Four Outputs

      Electric pole*1 200W/16A

      D-TAP*1 100W/8A

      USB*1 10W,5V-2A

      Type-C*1 65W(Max), 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V(Max)

      Size and weight

      105mm*79.6mm*73.7mm, 1.023kg


      Moman Power 210 is a new size added to the Moman Power series to fill the gap for charging high-power cameras? It’s designed to have an outstanding high density as its main feature and selling point, which makes it have double power compared to others in the same size, being able to provide more power but being more portable for outdoor recording and long-journey filmmaking. The 210Wh/14.6Ah capacity and 200W/16A total output, make it perfect for charging high-drain studio lights including the control box, and pro shooting devices for film production, documentary filming, long time-lapse photography, etc.

      Moman Power 140: V mount battery can support 150-watt Godox VL-series LED lights 

      It's simple to mount v lock battery on your photography rigs with hot shoe mount and v mount battery adapter plate.


      (Not Avaliable)





      Total Output


      Four Outputs

      Electric pole*1 150W/12A

      D-TAP*1 120W/10A

      USB*1 10W/5V-2A

      Type-C*1 65W(Max), 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V(Max)

      Size and weight

      105.0mm*79.6mm*55.5mm, 0.713kg


      Moman Power 140 with a compact and durable body, is a versatile battery for broad applications with its four interfaces and the maximum 150-watt total output power. Speaking of its actual use, Power 140 is a perfect external power supply for camera sets for individual photographer groups, such as rigs of Sony A7S3, FX6, Red V-raptor, and more. Also, this has a stunning 140W capacity that can hold up various devices. Not only it can power Godox LED1000D II with 70W output, but also video lights like professional RGB video lights COLBOR CL100 and CL100M, and Aputure Amaran series.

      Three factors to consider when buying a v-mount power source for Godox VL150

      V-mounts are a kind of compact power source that can charge your photography rigs, featuring wide compatibility, small dimension, and high capacity. When you shoot commercials and films, the NP-F series could not charge your lights as long as you’d like, but the v mount battery for Godox VL300 such as video lights can. Here we list three things to think about before choosing.

      COLBOR CL60 & CL100 series, Aputure 120d ii & 300dii, Godox VL150 & 300 video lighting setup all can be powered by the v mount battery for LED lights.

      Compatibility: Can it work with your lighting device?

      Since the lights are designed to be a mobile power source for photographic equipment, v mount battery for Godox VL150 usually has multiple charging ports for different types of items. For instance, Moman Power 140 and Power 210 both include the D-tap, USB-A and C, and BP port. Not only for audio lights but also they can charge digital cameras, camcorders, monitors, transmission and so on.

      Performance: How does it perform?

      Moman Power 140 external v mount battery can be almost equal to five pieces of F550 batteries. Featuring High capacity and energy density, Low self-discharge, and long cycle life, A v mount power supply for Godox LED light which is ideal for being a strong power source backup should have enough output for continuous lighting setup including the control box. 

      Inside core: Is it safe to use it?

      The interior functionality is improved nowadays. Moman v mount batteries are equipped with a smart core and protection. They have high heat capacity, lower potential for thermal runaway, and unique lead calcium alloy composition. Also, they are environmental-friendly is crucial. Most of these kinds have increased the grid's ability to resist corrosion and extend battery life. Not easily dry up and is perfect for use in tougher conditions.

      Benefits of choosing v-mount batteries as the Godox power solution

      The v-mount battery for Godox can be mounted on the standing pole or the self-contained v-lock plate, or you can fix it on the photography rigs using a hot shoe mount. It ensures that you can charge your equipment with short wires and in the most convenient location.

      It also provides enough power for you when having filming activities outdoors. All photographers who have been out shooting on location must know that it is really essential to have a small but powerful power source for getting long operation time. Cameras, camcorders, video lights, monitors, stabilizers, etc., each have a constant power consumption when in use. In order to supply a huge power output, the normal mini power bank for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets is certainly a rejected choice.

      Tips to charge your photography lighting equipment with v-locks better

      Moman Power 140 has 140wh capacity, 150-watt total power output, and 1000-time charge cycle.
      • Get suitable battery accessories

      A charger, power adapter, charging cable, video light v-mount battery converter plate, etc, all are essential items you should buy with your batteries. Now, Moman Power 99, and the Max Series like Power 140 and Power 210 all have paired combinations of v mount battery kits for saving budgets. And for your attention, some LED video lights come with a v-mount plate design for installation.Thus you don't need to buy an extra mounting plate, using its design can quickly and easily install it. And for your attention, some like COLBOR CL220 lighting for outdoor video shoot has a REAN Urelink three-core non port, can be charged conveniently as well.

      • Check the battery status regularly and store it properly

      Keeping your battery healthy is a very important thing. If it overheats while in use, if it expands and deforms, or if there is liquid leakage, stop using it immediately. Store them in a cool and dry place normally, and avoid contact with water, fire, and other objects. 

      • Learn about regulations for carrying batteries on flight

      Some photographers sometimes need to go traveling for shooting activities, and the v mount battery for Aputure 120d such a kind of high-end studio light, is not like the mini ones as AA or AAA kinds. There are clear and strict regulations on aviation rules related to this category of li lithium power supply, after all, it belongs to flammable and explosive dangerous goods. Generally speaking, they cannot be checked in with baggage, but can only be carried on board with the passenger. There are also restrictions on the number of high-capacity ones in some cases.

      V mount battery

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