Riding on motorcycles or bikes might make it difficult to talk on the phone and drive safely at the same time. For this reason, a lot of riders decide to get Bluetooth 2 way communication, which is the safest method to communicate with others. However, there are several variations of these systems. In this blog, we will make a detailed introduction and tell you how to choose the best one that suits you.
  • What is Bluetooth 2 way communication for riders?
  • How to choose Bluetooth to Bluetooth communication?
Moman H3 Bluetooth communication for motorcycle riders not only supports two-way speaking, but also connects 6 people to communicate at once.

    What is Bluetooth 2 way communication for riders: Definition and types

    Meaning of Bluetooth two-way communication

    It is a tool that facilitates wireless conversation between two people while daily riding, cycle training, or racing. Also, the Bluetooth 2 way communication can be used in skiing, jumping, climbing, and other intense sports. You may put it in your helmet and utilize it to speak to your fellow rider or pillion passenger, and it also supports music streaming and sharing, picking up phone calls, and getting GPS navigation instructions. They contribute to increased safety and communication for motorcyclists, bicyclists, and sportsmen.

    Three types of motorcycle Bluetooth communicators

    We can divide the Bluetooth two-way communication system into three common types that most motorcycle riders and bikers use these days. They are helmet intercom, headset, and radio walkie-talkies. Here we will discuss their characteristics and pros& cons.

    1. Helmet-mounted Bluetooth intercom for rider-to-rider

    This is the most common and popular bike to bike Bluetooth communication in recent years. It is favored by many riders because of its compact design, low price, and multi-functionality. Because of the high demand for helmet-to-helmet radios, they are constantly being upgraded.

    • Enhanced audio quality and effective noise cancellation
    • Safe and convenient voice-activated operation
    • Connectability with multiple devices at one time
    • Easy and tidy mounting on the helmet for comfortable wearing
    • Versatile functions for phone calls, music streaming and sharing, FM radio, and GPS


    • Some do not fit on some helmet models
    • Easy to disconnect because of the obstructions
    • Cannot completely filter the road noise
    Moman H1 Bluetooth communicator can be mounted on open face helmets, and motocross style, full-face style, and retro helmets.

        2. Motorcycle Bluetooth two way communication headset

        When we talk about Bluetooth headsets, headphones, or earphones for wireless conversations, the first thing that comes to mind is what coaches and athletes wear on the field. But here we're talking about the helmet-mounted type for bicyclists. The Bluetooth two way earpiece communicators are similar to intercoms, but their construction and functionality can be different.


        • Save a lot of installation steps and time
        • Widely compatible with a variety of helmet styles
        • More secure and comfortable compared to the in-ear earbuds


        • Single and dual-channel helmet headsets on the market need the necessary distinguishment
        • A headset with an intercom function. is less complete than an intercom
        Moman H4 Bluetooth headset provides clear music and phone calls by handsfree control. It can pair with Moman H1 intercom for two-way communication.

          3. Handheld walkie talkie for Bluetooth two way communication

          This is the most traditional type of Bluetooth radio walkie talkie. You may see this device in many situations, such as skiing, rock climbing, etc., but rarely on a motorcycle. Because if you want to talk to your friends through it, you need to have one hand free, which is very dangerous for high-speed riding.


          • Easy to pair and repair after disconnection
          • Long battery life for continuous use up to hours or days
          • Solid structure for enduring lots of wear and tear


          • Bulky and heavy body and unsecure carrying
          • Inconvenient operation is easy to cause riding accidents
          • Cannot connect to mobile phones and control it by voice-activated
          You can use Bluetooth handheld walkie-talkie for wireless communication with your skier friends or coaches.

              How to choose Bluetooth to Bluetooth communication for motorcyclists and bikers?

              Choosing tips to find the best one

              Selecting the ideal communications system gets harder as more companies hit the market and motorbike communications technology advances. The selection process is made even more difficult by the fact that different riders have different needs and specifications.

              1. Decide the types of Bluetooth helmet to helmet communication for motorcycle riders

              Wireless vs wired: We prioritize recommending the wireless type because they are more convenient and functional. The use of wireless intercom is not only for a more enjoyable ride but also for safe travel without the hassle of wires. Because the demand for wired types of intercoms for motorcyclists is decreasing day by day, they are not growing as much as wireless.

              Helmet-mounted vs handheld: Most motorcyclists prefer the helmet-mounted one over the handheld walkie talkie. The former is more compact and convenient for safe riding. If you want Bluetooth 2-way communication for going on patrol or something, you can consider the latter.

              Inbuilt vs external: Some bikers choose the helmet inbuilt communication systems because of the tidy and comfortable mounting. Some choose the external type for broad usage with various helmets. It’s up to your specific needs.

              2. Consider the wireless transmission features of Bluetooth tech, range, and stability

              Bluetooth tech: Nowadays wireless tech of two way motorcycle communication has evolved to Bluetooth 5.0, 5.1, and 5.2 versions. The more advanced tech may consume less power and the wireless transmission will be faster and more stable. In addition, the noise cancellation function can be more adaptable. Different BT versions from different manufacturers cannot be matched. You can also observe the wireless tech of the device your partner is using as a reference when purchasing.

              Transmission range: The maximum range of interaction on a motorbike Bluetooth two-way intercom is the most important feature to look for. This will depend on the size of your riding group and the location of your motorbike rides. Usually, a range extension of 500 to 1000 meters would be suitable, which can meet the needs of riding in countries, cities, and highways. The largest array isn't really necessary if you want to use an intercom to communicate with your visitor.

              Connection Stability: Wireless connections can be affected by obstructions between the two helmet two-way radio communications, so you need to consider the stability of the connection. If you are not riding on a straight highway, you may encounter connection disconnection due to buildings, numbers, people, and cars with your fellow riders. We'd better choose an intercom that is stable, anti-interference, and can quickly and automatically reconnect after disconnection.

              Moman H2 Bluetoth helmet to helmet intercom can apply to motorcycle riding, training, and racing. It has a transmission distance of up to 1000m.

              3. Attach importance to audio quality and noise canceling effect against road noises

              Motorcyclists and cyclists want to be able to hear and converse with other riders clearly and easily, which is why people are purchasing that Bluetooth helmet to helmet communication system.

              In light of this, you should only use intercoms and headsets that provide true high-quality audio. Keep an eye out for cutting-edge audio technology like DSP noise reduction, and echo cancellation. They are essential for maximizing sound clarity by blocking noise from your motorcycle engine, the wind, and nearby traffic. Make sure that even at the fastest speeds, the two-way communicator maintains crystal-clear sound.

              Additionally, you need to ensure that the intercom has high-quality speakers with strong bass. These improve audio clarity while also providing a very engaging song-listening experience.

              4. Other functions to look for when selecting the best Bluetooth 2 way communication for cyclists

              Let these features help you select the wireless motorcycle communicator that best suits your needs with ease.

              Durable construction: Choose an intercom that is waterproof, dustproof, and mudproof that can withstand stormy and snowy conditions.

              Easy installation: Purchase a wireless communicator that is considerably simpler to assemble, especially for the particular style of helmet you are wearing. This will save you a lot of time before going on a ride.

              Simple operation: Look for Bluetooth helmet 2 way communication with an easy-to-use interface that has a large button or knob design that you can operate while wearing gloves. Also, you can consider the ones with smart voice assistance for control.

              Service warranty: Your motorcycle communication may malfunction at any time, just like any other digital gadget. If something goes wrong, having a guarantee will undoubtedly protect your financial investment. For these products, a year or so is the ideal warranty duration.

              Moman H2 Pro is compact and robust for installing on the outside of your helmet. It uses advanced CVC and DSP noise cancellation, and is waterproof for extreme weather.

              What Bluetooth helmet intercoms for riding you can get at Moman?

              Through the consideration of various screening factors, we recommend two picks of the best Bluetooth two-way communications for motorcycles for sale at the Moman PhotoGears Store.

              • Spec. comparison table of Moman H2 Pro and H1 motorcycle intercoms


              Moman H2 Pro

              Moman H1


              $55.99 for Single Pack

              $35.99 for Single Pack

              $64.99 for Two Packs


              Bluetooth helmet Intercom

              Bluetooth helmet Intercom

              Bluetooth Version



              Sharing Distance

              Up to 1000 meters

              Up to 500 meters

              Noise Cancellation

              DSP & CVC





              Operation Methods

              Buttons, Knob Control, and Voice Assistant

              Big Buttons and Voice Assistant

              Battery Life

              900mAh/20 hours

              1000mAh/32 hours

                Moman H2 Pro motorcycle rider to passenger intercom 

                The Moman H2 Pro Bluetooth intercom for motorbike is the upgraded version of the hot-selling Moman H2. It adopts the enhanced BT 5.1 technology, saving 10% power dissipation for lasting use. It supports English, Japanese, and Italian language wake-up for voice assistants.

                Moman H2 Pro rider-to-rider Bluetooth intercom enables motorcyclists to talk to each other in a clear voice with proper volume. It effectively filters the wind sound and engine noise.

                Key features

                • Useful noise-suppression chip of DSP and CVC
                • Extremely long transmission range of up to 1000m
                • Special jog dial design for simple control even with gloves on
                • Music streaming and sharing with friend riders

                Moman H1 bicyclist 2 way Bluetooth communication

                Moman H1 is the best budget bicyclist 2 way Bluetooth communication you can buy at Moman. It can be used by a single rider for listening to songs and FM radios, and it can pair with another unit for communicating between rider to rider or rider to pillion.

                Moman H1 Bluetooth two-way communication system has an inbuilt battery of 1000mAh capacity. Its working time is up to 32 hours for riding.

                Key features

                • 40mm graphene vibrating unit and CVC chip for great audio
                • Battery life of 32h work time and 360h standby time
                • Connection to Moman H4 helmet headset for wireless two-way speaking
                • One-click for AI voice assistants like “Siri”, “Google” and “Alexa”
                Motorcycle helmet intercoms

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