How to charge a camera battery without the charger? Today’s blog lists four ways for you, including power up by USB, DC adapter, power bank, and solar panel. They need different items for the powering process and have various steps for use. It's crucial to confirm that the charging technique is appropriate for the battery type and camera model by consulting the handbook or specs.

How to charge a camera battery without the charger? Moman v-mount camera battery supports D-tap, USB-C, and USB-A charging.

1. Charge camera battery with USB

One common way to recharge video camera batteries without a charger is via USB charging. A USB cable that may be used to connect the camera to a computer or a USB wall adapter is typically included with digital cameras.

Items you need to prepare for charging via USB

  • Computer or wall adapter

A computer and a laptop can provide electricity for your smartphone as well as photography devices. The connection is done by USB ports and a cord. Also, now the wall adapter is advanced and designed to have a USB port directly, which is no need for an extra charger.

  • USB-A or USB Type-C charging cable

Some video cameras have begun to accept USB-C charging in recent years, which offers quicker charging speeds than conventional USB-A connectors. The external type like the v-mount video battery for cameras also starts to support USB-A and USB-C charging, giving it a more flexible alternative for powering.

Three steps to use USB for digital camera battery powering

  • Step 1Make sure the filming device is switched off. When you trying how to charge DSLR battery without charger, it is crucial to remember to turn off your DSLR first.
  • Step 2: Use the USB cable to connect the camera to a computer or USB wall adapter.
  • Step 3: The digital video camera battery will automatically begin to charge as soon as it is attached.

Things you should know when using this method

  • Charging over USB could take longer than with a specialized charger

Longer charging time is due to the possibility that a specialized charger will deliver more power than the USB connector.

  • Consult the camera instructions before attempting to use

Certain cameras do not support USB charging, and ill-suited cables or power sources may cause damage to the camera battery for videography.


All things considered, USB charging is a practical and easily available way to recharge inbuilt kind like the NP-F and LP-E6, and also an external kind of v-mount camera battery without the need for a special charger. Before attempting to charge using this technique, it is crucial to confirm with the camera's handbook that it supports USB charging.

You can charge Moman Power 99 camera battery with a charger since it supports D-tap and USB powering by DC adapter, Type-C cable, and solar panel.

2. Power up through DC adapter for wall power

One method of charging digital camera battery without charger is getting yourself a DC adapter. It is an adapter plug with a cable that connects to the photography equipment for power delivery.

Items you need to prepare for charging by DC plug adapter

  • An appropriate DC adapter

It attaches to the battery port hooked into an electrical outlet, and generates the processing of power delivering

  • A wall plug with power net

In fact, a DC adapter is just a charger replacement, you still need a wall power net to provide power for you. So this way is not suitable for outdoor shooting.

Three steps to use the DC wall plug for video camera replenishment

  • Step 1: Place the battery inside the BMPCC video camera. In order to use the adapter to charge, the battery should be put into the slot.
  • Step 2: Turn off the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera for videos before charging. The capacity of the battery and the output of the adapter will affect how long it takes to charge.
  • Step 3: Attach the DC adapter to the power input port of the shooting devices.

Things you should pay attention to when using this method

  • Make sure the DC adapter and the camera battery are compatible

When asking how to charge a camcorder battery without a charger, you’d better know that you should verify the compatibility of the DC converter. You can see the handbook included with the Blackmagic video camera or get in touch with the manufacturer. After compatibility has been verified, you may buy the DC adaptor online or at an electronics retailer.

  • DC converter could not be as effective as a customized charger

It is crucial to remember that using an incompatible adaptor might also harm the shooting device or the power supply. It is thus advised to buy a suitable camera battery charger as soon as possible and to utilize this approach solely as a temporary fix.


To sum up, charging a video camera battery without a charger is possible with DC adapter charging. Make sure that this approach is compatible, though, and only use it as a temporary fix.

Photographers should handle various methods of charging camera batteries without the charger when filming outside. They can charge V-Lock batteries by Type-C.

3. Charge camera battery with a power bank

An easy and well-liked method of charging a camera battery without a charger is Power Bank Charging. Digital cameras are among the many gadgets that may be charged with power banks, which are compact battery packs.

Items you need to prepare for charging camera battery by power bank

A compact power bank: The size and capacity of these vary, so it's crucial to select one that works with the battery in your camera.
An adapter cord: You will need a USB cable that works with your digital camera in order to use a power bank to charge the battery in your camera.

Three easy steps for secure and fast power bank charging

  • Step 1: Try to mount the power bank to your photography rig for convenient and handy shooting. You can use the cold shoe mount, 15mm rods, and rails, cheese plate to do it.
  • Step 2: Attach the USB cable's one end to the power bank and the other end to the USB port on your camera. Prior to attaching the power bank to your camera, make sure it is completely charged.
  • Step 3:To prevent overcharging, it's critical to keep an eye on the charging process and disconnect the power bank as soon as the battery is fully charged.

Things you should pay attention to when using this method

To prevent destroying your camera battery, it's crucial to do due diligence and select a dependable and appropriate power bank. So look for the proper voltage, current, and capacity when buying a power bank or power station. The power bank's capacity and the camera's battery life will determine how long it takes to charge.


To sum up, for photographers who are constantly on the road and don't have access to a charger, it is a practical choice. It's also a fantastic fallback choice in the event that your charger becomes broken or lost.

Moman Power 99 digital camera battery have four types of output ports including D-tap, Type-C, USB-A, and BP. It supports the USB-C and D-tap input.

4. Power li-ion camera battery by solar panel

Solar panel charging is an excellent method when you want to charge a camera battery without charger. The necessity for renewable energy sources and the advancement of solar technology have LED to a growing popularity of this approach. Even while you're on the road, you may use a solar panel to capture solar energy.

Items you need to prepare for charging the li-ion camera battery with solar panels

  • Initially, a solar panel

These are available online or at your neighborhood electronics retailer.

  • Next, a PD cable.

You require a power delivery cable that works with your camera port and the panel as well. Sunlight will be converted into energy by the solar panel and sent to your lithium-ion camera battery via the USB cord.

  • Lastly, a sunny area.

You need to put the panel in a place that can accept sufficient sunlight, ensuring enough energy storage and power transmission.

Three simple steps for safe solar cell powering

  • Step 1: Start by using the USB cord to connect your solar panel and camera batteries.
  • Step 2: After that, position the solar panel such that it may get direct sunlight in a sunny area.
  • Step 3: Protect your devices or external li-ion camera battery from the sun and heat. If they are exposed to the sunlight and high temperatures together like solar panels, they can cause functional damage.

Things you should know when using this method

It is significant to remember that the size of your solar panel and the intensity of the sunlight will affect how long it takes to charge. Using a solar panel to charge your rechargeable li-ion camera battery could take longer than using a conventional charger. But using this technique is a terrific way without using power and in an environmentally friendly manner.


To sum up, solar panel is an excellent method of charging your digital li-ion camera battery without the need for a charger. It's a viable and environmentally responsible choice that's gaining popularity. You can conveniently power it up while on the road with a solar panel, a USB connection, and a sunny place.

Moman V-mount batteries Power 99 Pro is compatible to charge high-end video cameras like BMPCC, Canon, Sony, and RED cameras and camcorders.

FAQs about how to charge a camera battery without the charger

For better use and care, here are some tips for photographers and videographers.

How to avoid digital camera battery charging issues?

  1. Follow the product instruction booklet for information on charging.
  2. Keep them in a sturdy carrying bag. It can effectively protect against drops or short circuits.
  3. Use proper charging and qualified accessories. Check the voltage and current in the spec. table before buying cables, adapters, and chargers.
  4. Prepare additional backup camera batteries. When you take your used batteries out of your camera, put them on to charge. Maintaining the charge of your spare ones will enable a stable rotation.

Four tips for taking care of the lithium-ion camera batteries

how to charge a camera battery without the charger safely? To prolong the life of your camera and camcorder batteries, maintain them with great care.

  1. Store them in a cool and dry location when not in use for a long time.
  2. Do not charge them overnight since it may cause overcharge and shorten the battery life.
  3. Make sure its contact points are kept clean and dry.
  4. Even if your lithium camera batteries still have some energy remaining, you should charge them as needed.
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