Bluetooth helmet communication is a need for motorcycle riders who wish to keep connected safely while driving. They let you listen to music, make and take phone calls, and converse with other riders. But it might be difficult to choose the best one with so many alternatives available. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Follow the buyer guide and we have selected the top picks at Moman PhotoGears for you.

  • Three Best Bluetooth helmet communications for safe rides at Moman PhotoGears
  • Five benefits of using a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth communication to facilitate your rides
  • Five features to look for when choosing the best motorcycle intercom for secure communicating
  • How does Bluetooth communication work in two-way and a group?
Moman Motocycle Bluetooth helmet communications can be mounted on full-face helmets, the motocross style, the retro type, and so on.

    Three Best Bluetooth helmet communications for safe rides at Moman PhotoGears

    Following extensive investigation and rigorous testing, we have assembled the top selection of Moman Bluetooth helmet communications for sale at reasonable prices. Bicyclists and drivers have examined and approved these three recommendations: Moman H1, H2, and H3.

    Comparison form of Bluetooth intercoms Moman H1, H2, H3

    Bluetooth Intercom Models

    Moman H1

    Moman H2

    Moman H3


    Single Pack: $35.99

    Two Packs: $64.99

    Two Packs: $89.99

    Regular price$99.99


    Regular price$89.99

    Bluetooth Version




    Transmission Range

    500 Meters

    1000 Meters

    2000 Meters

    Connection Distance with Mobiles

    50 Meters

    20 Meters

    20 Meters

    Battery Capacity/Woring Time

    1000mA/32 Hours

    900mA/20 Hours

    900mA/30 Hours

    Standby Time

    500 Hours

    300 Hours

    500 Hours

    Charging Time

    2.5 Hours

    2 Hours

    2 Hours

    Noise Cancellation






    Moman H1 best helmet to helmet Bluetooth communication

    • Note: For two riders only

    Moman H1, the first item on our list, provides a riding experience that is unmatched and extremely safe. It is made for bikers and motorbike lovers. This Bluetooth intercom takes riding to new levels with its IP67 waterproof construction and flexible adaptability. Moman H1 two-way Bluetooth communication has a remarkable battery life thanks to its 1000mA inbuilt battery. You may take advantage of almost 20 days of standby time, up to 32 hours of music streaming and intercom talk time. It makes sure you don’t have to worry about constantly recharging so you can stay connected on your travels.

    Moman H1 Bluetooth intercom can provides a wireless helmet-to-helmet communication within 500 meters.


    • Extremely powerful battery with 32h working time and 500h standby time
    • Sturdy body of high-level IP67 waterproof and dustproof
    • CVC noise reduction for clear sound output when wireless communicating


    • 500-meter transmission range may not be enough for professional riding races

    Moman H2 two-way motorcycle intercom for secure rides and races

    • Note: For two riders only

    Moman H2 Bluetooth intercom for motorcycle helmets enables flexible communication, so riders may converse with fellow riders or passengers without difficulty in daily motorcycling or racing. Furthermore, H2 makes use of cutting-edge noise cancellation technologies, such as DSP and CVC, to reduce ambient noise and deliver crystal-clear music even at high speed. You may receive GPS voice directions, listen to music, tune into FM radio, and make or take calls.


    Moman H2 Helmet communication for cycling, skiing, and drivin, is designed to feature a knob control for easy operation.


    • Budget-friendly price of the 2-rider kit for riders and their pillions
    • Convenient knob control for quick and safe operation during riding
    • Outstanding sound quality for intercom communication, calls, and music
    • Durable body for working in -20°C to 50°C temperature range


    • Wireless connection may get unstable if there are obstacles between riders

    Moman H3 best dirt bike helmet communication for 6 riders

    Moman H3 is designed to endure a range of weather conditions. The Bluetooth communication system offers durability and comfort regardless of the weather, even in the event of rain or extremely low temperatures, which makes it not only suitable for riding but also skiing. Moman H3 has a remarkable intercom range of 2000 meters enabling group chats with up to 6 riders connected at once. Group rides are more fun and well-organized when you can stay connected and interact with your riding partners thanks to this feature.

    Moman H3 helmet intercom system with 2000m sharing range is compact, versatile, and waterproof.


    • Stunning long sharing distance of up to 2000 meters
    • Multiple communication channels for up to 6 people for speaking
    • 2.4GHz frequency range for clean audio without background noise
    • High-level resistance for withstanding severe weather


    • Not found yet 

    Five benefits of using a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth communication to facilitate your rides

    A motorcycle Bluetooth communication promotes your riding experience from five aspects as follows:

    • Enhance riding safety

    When riding on the open road, being able to communicate with other riders continuously can help you stay safe. It supports hands-free operation on your phones through smart voice activation. You don’t have to take your hands off the bar and make gestures to your group.

    • Support long-range communication

    It's simpler to swiftly convey critical information that is essential to your safety when you can speak with other riders. You can communicate with other riders over hundreds of meters. Like Moman H1, it provides a secure transmission range of 500 meters, and Moman H3 has a stunning sharing distance of 2000 meters.

    • Improve audio clarity for music streaming

    Many motorcycle helmet intercoms & Bluetooth communications are made to feature high-quality sound filltering any background noise like wind sound or engine roar. When talking on a motorcycle or bike, good audio is crucial. Moman's best three intercoms mentioned above are all inbuilt CVC or DSP intelligent chips for effective noise reduction when listening to music.

    • Provide real-time navigation aids

    The Bluetooth helmet intercom system enables you to use Google Maps, link your phone to the headset, and proceed with rolling. It is ideal for you to take pleasure in motorcycling around a new place. You don’t have to glance at a phone or a map when you're moving around a new city, which means driving carelessly or getting lost a lot.

    • Simple mounting for increased convenience

    Helmet communication intercom devices can be easily installed on your helmet by velcro clips and back clips. Many practical and convenient operation features are available with them, including voice commands, FM radio tuners, one-touch controls, and more. If you get a wireless type of Bluetooth or Mesh tech, it will not cause the trouble of confusing the wires.

    With a Moman H2 Bluetooth helmet communicator, you can pick up calls, listen to music, and get GPS service during riding.

    Five features to look for when choosing the best motorcycle intercom for secure communicating

    Construction, compatibility, communication range, audio, and battery are the five things a motorcycle beginner should consider before buying the top Bluetooth helmet communication system.

    1. Compact and durable construction: Is the Bluetooth helmet communication device small and waterproof?

    A mini and lightweight intercom or headset will not only be easy to carry but will also ensure a comfortable fit in your helmet. So riders need to consider its size and weight in the first place. Then check whether its material is sturdy, waterproof, and dustproof, and able to cope with unexpected situations during riding, such as rain, snow, wind, and so on.

    2. Helmet and device compatibility: Can it be installed on your helmet and connected to your mobile?

    The majority of motorbike intercoms are compatible with other gadgets, including mobile phones, music players, and GPS units. Some Bluetooth communication for half helmets is suitable for bikers, but not full-face helmet motorcyclists. To enable multitasking while riding, make sure the system you select is compatible with the additional devices you intend to use.

    3. Long connection range: Can Bluetooth 2 way communication ensure a stable wireless transmission over long distances?

    The greatest distance that two riders can be separated and still be able to speak with each other is determined by the intercom system. The greater the range offered by the intercom, the more mobility you will have.

    4. Sound quality: Does it feature high-clarity audio and smart noise cancellation?

    To ensure that you can have a clear conversation even in noisy situations, try to find a device with built-in noise suppression.

    5. Working time: Can the helmet-mounted communications support continuous speaking and music streaming for hours?

    Since motorcycle intercoms often operate on batteries, it's important to take into account how long the battery will last between charges. Longer battery life is preferable.

    Moman H3 Bluetooth communication device for bike helmets support a stable and clear audio for music streaming, long-range communication, FM radios, GPS navigation, etc.

    How does Bluetooth communication work in two-way and a group?

    We will discuss these questions in two ways:

    1. Working principle of the two-way motorcycle Bluetooth communication

    One is using hand gestures, the other is through the CB radio (Citizens band radio), which is commonly used the Bluetooth communication devices. One of the most typical ways that motorcycle riders interact with other riders or drivers on the road is through hand gestures. It's simple to learn and apply, but the most accurate and detailed way to convey meaning is a CB radio device. It's the safest, most reliable, and most popular way to communicate today.

    2. Operating principle of the group communication system for multiple motorcyclists

    Two-way communication is one of the most common ways, it only supports the exchanges between the two parties. Some are designed for to two-people talk and listen at the same time, while others are not. Motorcycle Bluetooth devices used in small teams will have stronger functional requirements for interphone channels, signal stability, and transmission distance.


    Hope you can get the best Bluetooth helmet communication for your needs by looking through the top 5 models that have been evaluated above. Any motorcycle rider who wants to maintain continual communication with other riders while out on the open road has to have this useful device. When riding, the greatest motorbike intercom system can facilitate better communication, increase safety, and provide more convenience.

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