On a lengthy cycling journey or training, you may use Bluetooth bike communication to talk with your biker friends, listen to your favorite music, pick up emergency phone calls, or simply turn on a podcast to pass the time without endangering your ability to ride. To enjoy these moments at the same time, you only need to make sure you do them in a responsible manner. To be easy and safe on the road, keep these five things in mind:

Moman Bluetooth bike communications feature long sharing distance for wireless two-way speaking with other biker friends.

1. Remember to fully charge your Bluetooth Bike communication in advance

Please check your intercom or headset before you go, and one of the most important check items is the power level. Nowadays, all Bluetooth intercom is equipped with a strong built-in battery, which can support several hours of continuous talk time and hundreds of hours of standby time. Bike helmet communication gadgets are different from other mobiles, if you forget to charge it before riding, it is neither safe nor convenient to charge it with a mobile power bank. So it is better to prepare in advance.

Generally speaking, it only takes 1-2.5 hours to fully charge an intercom. So if you just need to go for a short ride, half charge is enough. Below is the battery-related table of Moman Bluetooth Bike communications, which can be a reference.

Bike Bluetooth Intercoms

Battery Life

Working Time

Standy Time

Charging Time

Charging Methods

Moman H1






Moman H2






Moman H3






2. Be familiar with the buttons or other operation methods on the intercom

Different Bluetooth helmet-to-helmet communicator devices have different operating designs, the most common ways can be concluded into buttons, knobs, and voice assistants. Smart voice activation is a completely hands-free way, but sometimes it causes problems of being sensitive to radio, misrecognition, and others. So it is necessary to know the basic manual operation in advance.

Bike to bike Bluetooth communications is usually designed with just a few buttons, which are simple enough to press even with gloves on. Moman H2 intercom not only has a key for operation, but also it is designed to have a special jog dial control to adjust volume, switch songs, and so on.

Moman H2 Bluetooth helmet intercom for cyclists has the special and convenient knob control for changing music, adjusting volume or FM radio channels.

3. Comply with local laws on the use of cycling Bluetooth communication

Many countries and regions allow the use of bicycle Bluetooth helmet intercom while cycling or operating a motorcycle, but some may have requirements or prohibited rules for in-ear earbuds. As riding a motorbike, you should be able to hear what's going on around you so that you can stop for other vehicles and emergency vehicles as needed.

While some jurisdictions prohibit the use of earplugs that block out critical noises, the majority of states in the US don't have clear laws regarding wireless communication and music playing while riding on a bike or motorcycle. In some areas, you may only be allowed to use one earplug. Whatever method you choose to listen to music, be sure you are in compliance with local regulations by doing some research.

4. Be careful not to play the music too loud otherwise, it will damage your hearing

While cycling quickly, the sound of the wind may be too loud for you to hear from the bike Bluetooth communication, and some people may turn up the volume unconsciously. In fact, this is very damaging to hearing. The key is to balance the noises of the road without overpowering your music. There are several ways to get clear audio in an appropriate gain while riding a bike.

  • 1. We can buy Bluetooth communication for bikers with noise reduction features, such as the Moman H2 with DSP and CVC intelligent chip. It's crystal clear music from the intercom, so you won't miss a beat.
  • 2. We can put foam padding around the headphones and speaker, which has been tested by several riders to be successful in isolating noise.
  • 3. We suggest wearing a full-face helmet or motocross helmet style, which can effectively block the wind sound outside the helmet. But this advice may only fit the motorcyclists but not the bikers who mostly use half-face and open-face styles.
Moman H3 bike to bike communication for helmets is compact, durable, and waterproof. It can be used with kinds of helmet styles, like full-face, retro type, and so on.

    5. Properly place your bike Bluetooth intercom inside the helmet and keep it comfortable

    Enjoying the biking advantages requires you to be at ease when speaking to other bikers, picking up phone calls, or listening to music for extended periods of time. Therefore, you should ensure that your bicycle's Bluetooth communication is in proper placement when riding a bike since the edges of the helmet might press against the earbuds, creating friction and irritation. Also, you should arrange and fix the wiring and cords inside your helmet, making it tidy and comfortable to wear. To ensure that your gear still fits, it is advisable to mount the main unit of the intercom or headset on the outside of the helmet.


    You may enjoy cycling with friends or riding alone with music accompanying since the Bluetooth bike communications these days are lighter and simpler to use than they were a few years ago. To make sure you can drive safely and happier, just keep these five things in mind before and during biking.

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