Whether you're a camera specialist, live streamer, video producer, a blogger, or basically anyone trying to utilize the light for studio video to promote the illumination effects, this guide is what you need. Here we talk about its common types, recommend three pro items for you, and tell you how to choose one from parts following.
  • What does studio light mean to your videos?
  • What type is the best studio light for YouTube videos you can choose at Moman store?
  • Pros and Cons of three COLBOR light for studio video for sale
  • Things you should do before buying your studio illumination kit
COLBOR CL100 studio video light for photography has a sturdy body and light weight for indoor or outdoor shooting

What does studio light mean to your videos?

Any type of it apparatus used by photographers, frequently when they are working in a photography studio, to improve their photography is referred to as light for studio video. The majority of seasoned photographers have a variety of kits that they switch between based on the scene they are photographing.One of the most important components of making a video is lighting since it enables you to create the ambiance. Poor one may make a humorous situation seem more serious than it should be, or it can make a serious event look too dazzling.

What type is the best studio light for YouTube videos you can choose at Moman store?

There’s mainly three types on the market you can consider, including continuous type, the strobe one, and the flash one. What’s the difference and which do you need most? Let's go through their main specifics together.

Continuous light is the best one for allowing you to pre-arrange your backdrop.

This studio light for video recording supports pre-arrangement and works constantly to light up the subject rather than flashing on and off as you snap pictures. You may maintain your subjects pre-lit utilizing the same levels as when you capture the picture with continuous settings. 

Specification table of COLBOR CL60, CL100, CL100X





Price (USD)


Regular price$169.00


Regular price$199.00


Beam Angle

≈∠120° Reflector ≈∠15°

≈∠120°Reflector ≈∠55°

≈∠120° Reflector ≈∠15°

Color Rendering Index


Color Temperature Range



(at 1m 6500K, No/with Reflector)





Cooling Mode






GX16 3-Pin


Body Material

Aluminum Alloy+ABS


Aluminum Alloy+ABS

Light Dimension (mm)

(Light Base Not Included)









From the table above, we can see that they have some common points. Most importantly, they all use the innovative cooling technology, which effectively reduces the fan noise problem - the biggest drawback of continuous light and it has now been successfully solved. Second, their color rendering index are high above 95, can be enough to provide natural and realistic effects, greatly enriching the picture. In addition, they are adjustable and dimmable continuous bi-color light, temperature range are in the range of 2700K to 6500K, support the transformation of warm and cold temp.

  • Portability: CL60>CL100X>CL100
  • Brightness: CL100X>CL100>CL60
  • Applications: CL100X and CL100 for half-body shots, CL60 for close-ups

If you want to choose the most suitable one for your requirements among the three, then the photographer who often shift shooting locations or go on outdoor videography, can consider the lightest CL60. If there is a special demand for intensity, you can choose CL100X that shoots out the brightest lumen. When your work is mostly half-body shots, we recommend the CL100 and CL100X with wider lighting angles and high-perfomance illumination, while the CL60 is more ideal for close-ups.There's a more detailed comparison at the three products' merit and demerit belows, let's move on!

Continuous studio video light CL60 detailed introduction and using review

Instead of words, why don't we go through a video introduction to understand this kind of item more visually through a specific one.

You can also consider the other two types on the market

  • Strobe light enables faster shooting of subsequent shots

Strobing led video light for studio is using a big flash. A greater size provides you more power, and more power gives you more range and the capacity to produce a much larger source thanks to these modifiers. As a result, it produced differs from that produced by a portable flash. You can shoot subsequent frames more quickly with studio strobes because they can recycle more quickly. With a studio strobe, you have more options for the flash head, the actual flash mechanism. 

  • Flashlight is ideal for temporary photography instead of long time shooting

It is used both inside and outside of the studio. They provide a brief burst of flash that is quicker than the normal camera flash. This flash illumination comes with softboxes and umbrellas and is portable, making it perfect for distant shooting, still photography, quick action pictures, or product photography. With its flexible and space-saving features.

Pros and Cons of three COLBOR light for studio video for sale

To achieve this goal, hone your photographic abilities and utilize the greatest one possible. For photographers of all skill levels, you can get some incredible equipment right here. COLBOR's CL series has developed from CL60, to CL100, and now CL100X, where technical upgrades and features have been added. From the 65W output of the CL60 to the 110W of the CL100X, our studio lights have been improved step by step, constantly progressing, and the output is getting stronger and stronger. Or, we can say they develop into different types of video studio lights in the process. Compare the top studio lighting kits for photography from their pros and cons to find which is ideal for you.

CL60 - The most compact one weighing only 1.2 lbs

CL60 is the compact and small bi-color COB light among the three COLBOR product, weighing only 1.2lbs.
  • Pros: CL60 ultra-portable photography light is 5.5 x 3 x 3.5 inches, weighs just 1.2 lbs, and is as small as a camera. With just one hand, it can be carried conveniently and everywhere. Since it is constructed with sliding rails and can be swiftly mounted on a tripod for a camera, it is more useful than a typical 1/4" screw bracket.
  • Cons: It provides less output than the other two, when you are in a dark environment, or an extremely light-absorbing environment, it may be difficult to achieve the kind of effect you want.

CL100 - The most basic one with 50 lighting effects

COLBOR CL100 is packed with a carrying bag. You can take it in your hand or mount it to a pole. It's ideal for product and portrait shooting
  • Pros: The CL100 video studio lights for sale at Momanx now enjoys a budget Christmas price of 139 dollars, which is the same of CL60 but being more functional. Filmmakers on the fly will find it more convenient because it supports both DC and v mount battery for LED lights. The luminance is 20% lighter than comparable products on the market because to its robust ABS plastic construction, which weighs only 1.1kg/39oz. You may build a variety of settings with the 10 illuminating options and 50 realistic special effects, like fire, explosions, welding, and pulsating.
  • Cons: Unlike the other two models that contain aluminum alloy, CL100 is made of ABS and has the heaviest weight of 1100g. This makes it a bit more of a burden compared to the other two models. However, this weight, but still let videographer will be easy to hold it in the hand to shoot.
  • Check the review video and you can get to know about it. Youtuber Kaddr used professional test equipment for precise measurement of CL100's illuminance, output, working temperature, and other specifics.

    CL100X - The brightest one featuring 110W output

    COLBOR CL100X can group into a mega power source with the slides. It adopts the Type-C quick charging and provide bright lighting.
    • Pros: The CL100X portable studio lights for videography has a ultra-sturdy construction of aluminum built while it’s portable and measured Unlike the other two models that contain aluminum alloy, CL100 is made of ABS and has the heaviest weight of 1100g. This makes it a bit more of a burden compared to the other two models. However, this weight, but still let videographer will be easy to hold it in the hand to shoot.
    • Cons: As COLBOR's latest product, the CL100X not only keeps Type-C quick charging, but also has a compact body that is only a little heavier than the CL60 yet nearly twice the output. If you want to find its disadvantage, it is that the price exceeds some people's budget. And there are some people whose needs do not need such a powerful light for the time being.

    Things you should do before buying your studio illumination kit

    Even if you have the savings to buy the priciest or finest lighting kit on Amazon right now, you should still exercise caution. The most expensive ones don't always imply superiority. The days of lighting quality being only based on pricing are long gone. The market has grown so much that there is now more competition and options available to the creative seeker.

    1.Make choices based on budget and have preference according to needs

    Equipment for lighting may be quite costly. On a budget, it is feasible to assemble a respectable and useful collection of professional lighting gear, but you should plan to invest a good lot of money. Knowing how various forms compare to one another is important when choosing which types to purchase because some are more expensive than others.

    This is hardly a surprise. Your ultimate choice is greatly influenced by the financial component of your buying choices. Once more, the most costly choices aren't necessarily the best. On the other hand, the least expensive options aren't usually the best. Establish your equipment requirements and your spending limit. Choose one that best fits your demands while staying inside your price range in the end. When making the greatest choice, a balance between price and quality is essential.

    • Here’s the CL100X unboxing and real test video from ProductionCrate. Click and learn more about the meaning of the parameter on the lighting product.

    2.Consider your common actual usage: Indoor or outdoor, product or portrait?

    Requirements will fluctuate greatly depending on whether you're shooting predominantly outside with natural light from a studio light setup for video or whether you're shooting mostly inside a studio. Even though you'll probably be shooting a range of subjects in a number of settings, consider where the majority of your photography sessions will take place in order to make a more informed decision about the items you should buy.

    What type of photography speciality you will concentrate on is one of the first questions you need to ask yourself. Do you photograph products? Do you photograph celebrities and models for a living? In any event, the sort of lighting gear you purchase will have the most influence on the quality of your shoots. Many of these kits contain items like diffusers and softboxes. The size and quantity of them are the only differences.

    Light for studio video differs greatly from the artificial lighting you may add to an outdoor portrait session. Consider the kinds of photography you do most frequently and look for equipment that is adaptable so you can use it for a range of different shoots.

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