Using your iPhone® is a great starting point if you want to start YouTube video creation. You can use your iPhone® as a camera. And you only need some inexpensive equipment to help the recording, one of which is a lav mic for iPhone®. In this article, we will tell you everything about it so you can know how to deal with it when you begin your iPhone® recording journey.

What is lav mic to iPhone®?

What is lav mic to iPhone?A lavalier microphone is a tiny microphone that is clipped to the clothing of talents or attached directly to their body. The lavalier mic was originally built with a cable that connects to audio recording device and could be hidden by clothes. While this form is still in use, wireless lav mic for iPhone® employs a radio frequency transmitter (attached to the wearer) to transmit audio to iPhone® or apple devices.

Pros and cons

A lavalier microphone is necessary for many applications. It can play a big role in a variety of circumstances. Let's look at some benefits.


The ability to conceal itself is one of the main selling points of Lightning lavalier microphone. This implies that in almost any situation, it is feasible to record clear audio directly from the talent. Furthermore, being called as lapel microphones for iPhone doesn't imply that's the only place it can fasten to a garment. There are several ways to conceal a lapel mic, as we'll discover.


Portability might not seem like a benefit if your performer intends to remain static. But what about scenes when the performers are moving about a room, rushing down a street, or standing far away from one another?


The lav mic for iPhone® requires relatively little operation when it is fastened, switched on, and settings are set. You can mic up to ten performers simultaneously, especially when utilizing a wireless lavalier microphone.


Lav mics to iPhone®, particularly wireless lav mics, also come with shortcomings. Here are some drawbacks:

Noise sensitivity

Ruffling in clothing may be a challenge. It might take minutes of time to set it up for clear sounds if it is not placed properly before. To avoid this situation, you are advised to do trials with the actors, their attire, and the microphones during Pre-Production to perform the troubleshooting beforehand.

Sound quality

When compared to other microphone types, the sound quality might occasionally be worse. There may be a quality decline if mobility and invisibility are obvious advantages.

Mobile yet battery dependent

Since lavalier mics run on batteries, so be prepared to replace and recharge batteries at inconvenient moments. To lessen the inconvenience when a battery dies, make sure you have spare batteries ready and properly charged.

Is any lav mic suitable for iPhone® videography?

When it comes to using with iOS devices like your iPhone® or iPad, not all lavalier mics are created equal.

The microphone cable connector is typically the deciding factor. You can’t connect lav mic to iPhone® if it features TRS connector. And a lav microphone with a TRRS (Tip Ring Ring Sleeve) jack will function.

Fortunately, there are adapters available that will allow you to use lav mic with iPhone®. To ensure that it will function with your phone, check the product specifications.

You won't have a headphone jack if you have an iPhone 7 or later. You will have a Lightning connector, though. Using the lightning-to-headphone adapter that comes with your phone, you should still be able to record using a lav mic.

Connect your 3.5mm TRRS mic jack after inserting the iPhone® lav mic adapter into the Lightning port. You'll also need a TRS to TRRS adaptor if your microphone has a TRS mic connector.

How to choose lav mic for iPhone®: 6 aspects to consider

There are 6 aspects to take into consideration to choosing the best lav mic for iPhone®.

Mic output level

The normal level (intensity) of a microphone signal is known as mic level. The level may range from a few microvolts for a whisper to several volts for a microphone positioned in front of a guitar cabinet, depending on the sound pressure level (SPL) sent into the microphone.

Self noise

The sound that emanates from a microphone capsule while no sound source is being recorded or caught is known as self noise. The microphone is recorded within a sound-proof enclosure to obtain this measurement, which is frequently expressed in decibels. The amount of noise the microphone will contribute to the sound source is the outcome.

Frequency response

The range of sound that a microphone can reproduce and how its output fluctuates within that range are both determined by frequency response. It is the most important element in figuring out a microphone's sound characteristic.


For beginners, products under $200 are recommended. You can start with budget devices and update your equipment later when you get familiar with audio recording and get to know what you need.

Build quality

You'll want a nice, beautiful product that inspires you. The bad quality microphone would harm your inspiration and feelings, and I'm sure it would quickly kill your passion.

Wired or wireless

This is up to what you are going to film. If you make the videos indoors or have no need for freedom of movement, a wired one can work perfectly for you. If you have filmmaking outside, a wireless lav mic for iPhone® can be a good choice since it enables you to move around freely without the risk of tripping over cables.

For more advice on the microphone for recording, check the article What are the best microphones for recording?


Whether you use the lav mic for iPhone® indoor or outdoor, keep in mind that you might need to experiment with the mic settings, location, and your surroundings to get the most performance. This especially matters if you're working on projects like short films, podcasts, vlogs, etc.

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