More and more content creators make the use of light in video production or photography, among which small light gets more favors. Why is it increasingly popular? When to use it better? Today, let’s talk about it.

Four reasons to use small light

Generally, it is compact and multifunctional for shooting kinds of videos indoors and outdoors. Besides, it has other pros to make the process and results smoother and better.


One of outstanding features of small led light is its portability. Usually designed into a smartphone-size form body, it can be slipped into your pocket and easy to carry around. To cater for the increasingly need of vlogging and live-streaming, many manufactures develop lights into compact size, like MLQ-RGB provided by MOMAN. Only with the credit-card size of 114*58mm and weight of 145g, MOMAN MLQ-RGB accomplishes ultimate portability, even smaller than your smartphone.

Easy to set up

Small filmmaking light only takes you several minutes and a few tools such as hot shoe mount to install. No matter for studio/on-the-go creators or for beginners/professionals, it is a more ideal choice in indoors and outdoors shooting. You could hold it on your hands and fill it for your video at any time. More conveniently, some are built with magnetic back so you could stick the small light flexibly on any metal surfaces. However, for large light, you need to connect it with remote control and pair them for adjustment and set it up with a stand or tripod, which is troublesome for outdoor recording with intelligent devices.

Beautiful frame

Using light is to make your video frame beautiful and attractive. But how does it affect your video? That could start discussing from color temperature. During shooting, more than two kinds of lighting sources need to be used, with corresponding color temperatures. At outdoors, if daylight is used as main lighting, you should use one with the low color temperature as auxiliary light, such as 3200K, closing to the daylight(5600K), to achieve cold and warm alternating lighting effect. Moreover, the portable light for photography with high color rendering index could correctly represent the color of object as it should be. The value is closer to 100, the better color rendering, and the more realistic the frame shows.


Thanks to relatively low cost of production, small lights are more cost-efficient than large one, still with special effects and simple installation for vloggers and video creators. To some extent, everyone wants to increase their video quality with a friendly budget. If you don’t use for professional shots like film production, fashion magazines, etc., small light definitely caters for your daily shootings.

Five Uses of Small Light


As mentioned above, light for video recording could bring different atmospheres for frames according to the theme of video. Actually, there are much more scenarios they can play a part in and be more creative! Let’s see.

Portrait Shoots

Even you aren’t not so familiar with how to manipulate the light, just put it in front of you. Forget the theory of light and shadow and you may find out it is better than without it immediately. The light falls on your face and makes you more photogenic.

Shoot in Small Spaces

Sometimes you have the need of shooting in a narrow place such as a car or an elevator. It’s difficult to operate a large one but a video camera light with compact size couldn’t be more practical. Simple hold it or fix it on somewhere and the small space can be lit up!

On-the-Go Shoots

In the case of run-and-gun shooting like street interview, you couldn’t set up a light for a long time because of uncertain environmental factors such as weather and traffic. A pocket light with inbuilt magnet back provides an effective solution, which it is easy to carry around.

Party Light

Some portable LED lights are built with special effects such as multi colors, party, music and photo. Easily turn it on and set it glow on the beach music party. A fun and colorful gathering with your friends!

Emergency Lighting

Some special effects also include warning, police, fireworks, which makes the light a helpful tool in outdoor activities. In the open, it not only creates a wonderful video or picture, but also improve personal safety.



Proper use of light leads to successful and attractive video. How about start from using a small light? You could slowly grasp the whole of it after learning some information. The next step is just to buy one and use it in a video.

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