In recent years, as major short video and live broadcast platforms have flocked to the entire network platform, the demand for recording is also increasing. Microphone plays an important role in determining how the overall quality of audio will be. Therefore, choosing the best microphone for recording video is crucial. And When there are countless microphones to choose from, what should you need to know first?

Types of polar patterns

Many USB microphones for recording, are equipped with multiple polar patterns (also referred to as pickup patterns) that influences sound pickup in direction. Or in simpler terms, it explains what area around the microphone that will pick up audio best. There are three types of polar pattern that are most seen in microphones for recording.

  • Cardiod: It means the microphone mainly picks up audio directly in front of it and cuts out a lot of the higher frequencies to reduce the background noise. Cardioid microphone is going to be the best for those who are concerned with excessive background noise. So if you are recording a gaming video and you don’t want to hear your keyboard or mouse, or maybe you are making up a live band, podcast, or interview with somebody, and you want to ignore the most background noise, a cardioid will do the best of these 3 polar patterns.
  • Omni: Records the sound from all the way around the microphone and remain consistent all the way around. This polar pattern helps you capture the natural acoustics of a space. Imagine you are in a meeting , a conference room or a boardroom, and you want to capture everybody’s voice Omni-directional pattern would work really well in that situation, which can fairly large pick up the sound source to make sure that they are recorded. In that case, it is great and pretty much essential.
  • Bi-directional : Also referred to as figure 8. Records from In front and in back of the microphone at the same time, which is ideal for two opposite direction sound sources.

Whether you are live-streaming online or just recording directly to your computer, Moman offers the best microphones for recording with many creative options and possibilities. 


The Best Microphones for Recording from MOMAN

Moman EM1 is a compact and lightweight microphone for recording with studio- quality performance. Featured with a cardioid polar pattern, which can provide high clarity sound recordingg even in noisy environment. It’s very easy to use with the plug-and-play design. This USB microphone is great for creating audio content for any live streaming and audio recording such as youtube, gaming, podcasting, online conference etc.


MOMAN EM1 key features:

  • USB On-the-Go Technology provides the direct data connection protocol to smartphone, other than just PC Microphones, but for many Apps like conferencing, podcast, streaming, recording, gaming.
  • You can monitor your mic level instantly through the inbuilt microphone jack.
  • 14mm diaphram condenser mic chips (with 48KHz sampling rate) to pickup your sound directly in front covering two times of the range of your sound with high sensititity(-45dB+3dB) 
  • With the ergonomic desktop stand, Moman EM1 can be attached to most desk boom arm in the market.



With the revival of the retro style, Moman manufactures the EMR usb retro microphone with 1970s antique design while incorporating modern features and great sound quality, which is great for streaming, recording, gaming and more.

MOMAN EMR key features:

  • The studio-level 192kHz/24bit sound chip in USB retro microphone helps generating modern digital sound quality with the retro design.
  • 2 pickup full frequency from 20Hz to 20KHz with -38dB (+3dB) sensitivity  with 16mm large diaphragm condenser mic chip
  • the structure of USB microphone was redesigned  with three layers of sound foam to keep apart the mic interior a triangle sound capsule.
  • one button mute design helps you avoid the elaborate settings throughout on-line meetings, interview or conference.
  • Great recording partners for voiceovers, podcast recording, solo instrument recording and other sound-demanding occasions.



MOMAN EMP USB desktop microphone, integrated with premium sound quality, is a compact yet powerfully recording equipment for creators. Featuring the cardioid polar pattern, the MOMAN EMP allows to record clear audio with the flat frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz and high sensitivity. It is a perfect partner whether you are recording for podcasting, streaming, gaming or more.

MOMAN EMP key features:

  • 48kHz resolution in 16bit rate for natural sound with the flat frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz and high sensitivity.
  • Green lights flicker according to the input level signal. 
  • USB OTG technology makes it easy to connect directly with smartphone through Type-C or lightning.
  • Easily works with your Studio setup to provide a convenient working environment!


In conclusion, Moman EM1, EMR, EMP microphone has its own advtanges for recording sounds of voice and different kinds of instruments. If you want to know more about Moman products, a buying guide of podcaster microphone is strongly recommended. We sincerely hope that this article can help you make a decision and get the best Moman microphone for yourself or as a gift for your loved one. 

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