As viewers, we are all sick and weary of having to put up with subpar audio quality when watching videos and live. So when we become streamers, we should better try hard to offer high-clarity audio. Any live streaming setup must include a high-quality mic to guarantee that your viewers can hear everything that is said. The advantages of using a wireless microphone for Facebook Live are evident whether streaming from a camera or a smartphone. 
  • Why do you need a wireless microphone for Facebook Live?
  • Which type is ideal for live streaming on social media?
  • What to look for when choosing the best wireless mic for live broadcast on Facebook?
  • What best wireless Lav mic for Facebook Live can you buy at Moman?
  • How to get better audio when doing Facebook Live with the wireless mic?
SYNCO G2 Pro best wireless microphone for Facebook Live can use an adapter to connect to smartphone, camera, or camcorder. Its versatility ensures clear sound during the podcast.

    Why do you need a wireless microphone for Facebook Live?

    Your audience will be able to hear you well if you have a good wireless mic for Facebook Live streaming. Poor audio quality can make it more difficult for spectators to follow the action throughout the event and is even worse than low visual quality. Hissing sounds, low volume, and poor quality might make it difficult for viewers to watch your broadcast, which may cause them to log off. 

    If you're attempting to address an audience or create one, a dedicated wireless external microphone is necessary. People won't be patient enough to watch you if you can't be heard well or if your sound quality is bad. 

    We can conclude the benefits and necessity of buying a wireless mini microphone for live broadcasting on Facebook:

    • Produce stable sound for smooth and successful Facebook Live streaming and video chatting
    • Offer clear sound to attract more audiences and make their watching experience better
    • Ensure an efficient broadcast of live video for sharing conversation and interacting with your viewers
    SYNCO G2(A2) is a wireless clip on microphone for living streaming, YouTube vlogging, Facebook video chatting, etc.

      Which type is ideal for live streaming on social media?

      There are several varieties of wireless microphones for Facebook Live, each with distinct characteristics and advantages. Here are three common types that are used by live streamers now, including the Lav mic, USB type, and XLR type.

      Wireless Lavalier microphone for Facebook Live: The wireless mini lapel mic is widely compatible with diverse scenarios. Not only does it work fine in Facebook Live on smartphones, but also it is perfect for video recording, vlogging, podcasting, street interviewing, and so on. It is portable and enables flexible movement thanks to the long-distance transmission.

      Wireless USB mic for computer live stream: The wireless USB mic of desktop type may be plugged into the computer and played with, it is typically less expensive and simpler to use. It usually offers steady and natural sound for Facebook Live gaming, podcasting, online classes, etc. It is designed to have a mute feature for temporary pausing and preventing emergencies.

      Wireless XLR mic for live broadcasting: This kind of Facebook microphone provides greater overall sound quality, more akin to real studio sound. If you try to have Facebook Live singing or recording vocals, you can consider this kind of mic to produce authentic, clean, and rich audio. However, it is not adaptable to mobile phones and is not friendly for on-the-go live streams.

      It is crucial to take into account your requirements and preferences when selecting a wireless mic for Facebook Live since each variety has pros and pitfalls of its own.

      Moman EM1 and EMR USB microphones are ideal for live broadcasting or podcasting on computer.

      What to look for when choosing the best wireless mic for live broadcast on Facebook?

      A few important things to think about while selecting a wireless microphone for live streaming on Facebook are as follows:

      Audio quality: The most significant benefit of buying a wireless external mic for Facebook Live is that it can improve the audio quality for a better viewing experience. Therefore, you should look for the one that has an ideal polar pattern, high sensitivity, high SPL, and effective noise cancellation.

      Compatibility: Verify that it can connect to your computer, laptop, or mobile device and that it works with your live streaming configuration. 

      Steady connection: You may need to check for the wireless transmission range and frequency range in the product specification table if you need to be able to have a steady connection when living across greater distances on Facebook. 

      Battery life: You need a lasting wireless microphone if you are planning to livestream for hours. Therefore, you should check its continuous working time and charging time before buying. No streamers would like to be interrupted by running out of power.

      You may select a wireless Facebook mic that best suits your requirements and produces high-quality audio for your live broadcast by taking these things into account.

      SYNCO P2L wireless mic for iPhone Facebook Live has dual transmitters for two speakers at one time. It features high-fidelity audio and plug-and-play design.

      What best wireless Lav mic for Facebook Live can you buy at Moman?

      Three top choices of wireless collar clip mics are introduced below for you, which includes the SYNCO P2L, SYNCO G2 Pro, and Moman CP2.

      SYNCO P2L best wireless microphone for iPhone Facebook Live

      SYNCO P2L wireless iPhone mic supports real-time monitoring through the 3.5mm headphone port. And it has dynamic light indicators to show the battery life.
      • Price: US$59, Regular price$99

      SYNCO P2L is a dual-channel wireless clip-on mic for iPhone, iPad, and other devices with lightning ports, packed with a quick charging case. SYNCO P2L fulfills its purpose and is lightweight, beautifully constructed, and aesthetically pleasant. It records in high quality and is dependable across long distances up to 492ft/150m(LOS) with little obstructions. It indicates the battery life by four-level LED lights on it, and it has a standard 3.5mm headphone input for real-time monitoring. 

      SYNCO G2 Pro Top wireless camera mic for Facebook Lives and videos

      SYNCO G2 Pro wireless camera mic for Facebook videos and live uses stable 2.4G tech for audio transmission within a long distance of 200m/656ft(LOS).
      • Price: US$129 for 1-to-1, US$169 for 1-to-2

      SYNCO G2 Pro is the best wireless camera microphone live streaming with a screen display. The wireless mechanism, tiny size, and excellent audio quality are its main selling points. It's small and yet has the versatility to add excellent audio to your live streaming on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Its enhanced transmission stability, and longer transmission range, together with its seamless integration with cameras, smartphones, and PCs, make it the ideal wireless microphone system.

      Moman CP2 dual-channel wireless Lavalier mic for Facebook and Instagram Live

      Moman CP2 best budget wireless phone microphone for Facebook, YouTube, TikTok is mini yet functional. It can be easily attached to your collar or shirt for recording and live streaming.
      • Price: US$69.99 for Lightning Plug, US$65.99 for Type-C Plug

      Moman CP2 is well-made, incredibly small, and cost far less than $70. You can choose the one that functions with iOS with the lightning port or the one with a Type-C plug that works with Android phones. The connection between the receiver and two transmitters is effortless and stable. Moman CP2 has a good battery life for 15 hours of continuous podcasting and recording, and it provides a charging case that supports two full charges.


      Moman CP2 wireless mini mic for phone live streaming has two plug options. One is the lightning plug for iPhone and iPad, the other is Type-C plug for Android phones.

      How to get better audio when doing Facebook Live with the wireless mic?

      After buying the best wireless recording microphone for social media, you should learn how to make full use of it for better sound. Here are some tips you may want to know.

      Make sure the gain level is proper on your wireless microphone for live

      The audio levels should be raised just enough to make your speech audible, but not so high as to result in clipping. Make sure your wireless mic for Facebook Live broadcasting is in working order and that the audio levels are adjusted appropriately before you begin streaming in a calm area. As you talk into it, use headphones to keep an eye on the audio levels. This will assist you in identifying any background noise that may require adjustment or attenuation. 

      Place the wireless mic for Facebook at the right distance and angle

      Try adjusting the wireless live microphone's position to get the optimum sound quality by moving it closer or further away from the speaker or presenter, or at different angles. You should look for any background sounds that the mic for Facebook Live streaming could be picking up. Reducing background noise generally involves moving the transmitter closer to the source of audio. 

      Monitor the audio with a headphone during the Facebook broadcasting

      Throughout your live stream, be careful to constantly check the sound effects of the wireless external microphone for Facebook. If the transmitter is out of place or too far away from the audio source, the audio levels may fluctuate. The best way is to monitor your voice in real-time through the headset to see if the volume is appropriate, whether there is a sound signal, and whether there is an accidental friction sound, etc. The SYNCO P2L and G2 Pro both feature a 3.5mm headphone jack port for checking.


      The wireless microphone for Facebook Live will come in useful for professional live streamers on social media and anybody who uses Facebook video chatting frequently. The most crucial thing you should learn from this post is that you need to give audio just as much attention as you do film to fix audio problems and raise the caliber of your broadcast.

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