More and more video producers and bloggers are starting to use a microphone for TikTok due to the growing popularity of the platform and the consequent increase in requirements for video quality, which includes both visual and auditory. This article will tell you about the benefits of using the external mic, introduce three popular styles from three different products, and tips for recording TikTok shorts.

  • Why do people use an external microphone on TikTok?
  • Which type of SYNCO microphone is good for this short-form video?
  • How to use external microphone on TikTok?

SYNCO U3 microphone for TikTok is compatible with cameras and phones, offering plug and play design for quick recording

Why do people use an external microphone on TikTok?

Compared to the internal mic in your shooting equipment, an external audio device will perform much better and be able to deliver a clearer voice. Here are two benefits of its usage.

1. Good audio is the most basic need and final goal.

The music of your TikTok is just as crucial as the graphics, as it is with any kind of video material. For this reason, the first step in creating a quality TikTok is to start with your sound. The built-in audio input features on your phone are excellent for routine usage, but they won't offer you the highest quality sound. You should spend money on an external microphone for phone recording if you want high-quality audio. A quality mic is worth the price since it can catch music, speech, and the TikTok ASMR microphone can achieve great audio in a manner that the built-in mic on your phone cannot. The background noise will be muffled and certain sounds will be sharpened. It's important to keep in mind that most social media users have a limited attention span, which is why TikTok's 15-second style is so popular.

2. Free movements given by a TikTok wireless microphone make the recording more comfortable

Undoubtedly, when we purchase an external microphone for TikTok video shooting, vlog recording, live broadcasting, online courses, and other activities, our ultimate purpose is to obtain better sound effects to improve the video quality. However, good sound quality means not only clear and natural sound transmission, but also strong reception, which greatly expands the range of sound captured. If you're filming a video on a mobile phone and recording with its internal mic, your range of motion is limited to a meter or two, since the phone can't hear you if you're far away. When you use the best microphone for TikTok whether wireless one or shotgun type with super cardioid, you can walk tens or even hundreds of meters away and step out of the picture and the phone will still hear you.

Which type of SYNCO microphone is good for this short-form video?

Four SYNCO microphones can be directly connected to a phone to improve audio quality for vlogging, podcasting, mobile filmmaking, or anything else that needs to sound excellent.

Table: Comparison on specification, pros and cons of three types of SYNCO microphones







Lavalier microphone for IOS

Mini clip-on microphone with dual channel

Collar clip microphone with 3-channel recording

Shotgun microphone for camera and phone


· Wireless Transmission: Digital 2.4GHz

· Frequency Response:   20Hz-20KHz

· Sensitivity:  -26dB

· Wireless Transmission:       Digital 2.4GHz

· Frequency Range:       50Hz-20KHz

· Sensitivity:  -40dB (±3 dB)

· Wireless Transmission:       Digital 2.4GHz

· Frequency Range:       50Hz-20KHz

· Sensitivity:  -28dB (±3dB)

· Sound Field:      Mono

· Frequency Range:   50Hz-12kHz

· Sensitivity:  -26.5dBv


1.Lightning port for iPhone shooting

2. Flexible connection for plug and play

3. Two-level Low Cut for noise reducing

1. Portable construction for handsfree movement

2. Clear TFT screens for visualized monitor

3. One-button muting for TikTok live streaming

1. Compatibility with Type-C phones, iOS phones, and cameras

2. Two-way communication and three-channel recording for filmmaking

3. Internal audio mixer for managing sound tracks

1. Cardioid pattern for high-grade audio

2. Wide compatibility for diverse devices

3. Magnetic design or easy attachment


Works on iphones and ipads with lightning slots, but not Type-C phones and cameras

At nearly US$200, it's not very friendly to beginners on a budget

It might be a little pricey at $199 regularly, but with the August sale, it's now only $99!

The range that can receive audio signals is limited, not as good as wireless Bluetooth ones


As you can see from the table above, the four SYNCO microphone for TikTok each have their own characteristics and pros & cons. And there are similarities in performance parameters as well as differences in functionality. Next, we will introduce their respective highlights in detail.

1. SYNCO best iPhone microphone for TikTok P2L: US$116.00 

iPhones are tremendously potent tools for creating content. However, they struggle when it comes to the audio recording. They can't just record sound at a high quality. Luckily, this can be fixed quickly. The use of it is the greatest technique to significantly increase the audio quality of your work.

SYNCO lavalier microphone for iPhone P2L has two transmitters for 2-person recording at the same time

  • Main features: To offer two-person recording as an iPhone external microphone, SYNCO P2L mini TikTok microphone comprises two transmitters and one receiver. It produces rich and immersive sounds and can be switched between mono and stereo modes. The receiver may be connected to your iPhone via its Lightning connection. The charging case offers contact pairing and rapid charging. You may quickly start recording by tapping the cover to open it, pressing one button for three seconds, and connecting the receiver to your Lightning device.

2. SYNCO wireless lapel microphone G2(A2): US$199.00

 Professional YouTubers have always used lavalier mics, and Tiktokers are quickly catching on. They are also referred to as lapel mics, are incredibly portable, and may be covertly fastened to your clothing. This makes these TikTok microphones a terrific option if you enjoy taking films on location since they stay near your mouth even when you move about. You may use each transmitter alone or connect it to the external lav mic that is provided in the kit.

Mini wireless microphone for Tiktok SYNCO G2(A2) supports a high-grade audio and hands-free movement

  • Main features: Both receiver and transmitter of SYNCO G2(A2) digital wirless mic for Tiktok weigh 39g and are palm size. Its wind muffs will transcribe your voice while keeping a low profile in your video. It is clipped to a collar or tie and hardly distracts the audience.

3. SYNCO TikTok microphone for 3-channel recording G3: US$99

SYNCO G3 for sale at US$99, is a wireless Lavalier microphone for Tiktok is compatible with various devices. It is ideal for live streaming, podcasting, and filmmaking.

SYNCO G3, which normally costs $199, is now available for only $99! This 3-channel recording mic enables three people to record or live stream at the same time. Its 2-way communication between actors and director is perfect for shooting TikTok microfilms and vlogs.

  • Main features: In addition to the three-channel and real-time communication described above, the SYNCO G3 undoubtedly delivers clear and noise-free recordings. What's more, its multiple adapter cables allow it to be used with cameras with TRS ports, Type-C mobiles, and iPhone & iPad suchlike lightning devices.

4. SYNCO On-camera shotgun mic for video U3: US$79.00

Look into a shotgun type, which you may set behind your camera and point toward the subject if you don't want a mic in the image. These types capture sound quite accurately, and some can simply attach to your phone, maintaining to manage a variety of devices, including cameras, Android smartphones, and iPhones.

Moman U3 shotgun microphone for cameras can be used in interviews, vlogs, films, and others.

  • Main features: The Type-C to 3.5 mm TRRS connection that comes with the SYNCO U3 microphone for TikTok live is used by clever Auto Technology to swiftly switch the system on and off and adapt to TRS/TRRS devices. It may be mounted on the camera or plugged into the phones to produce exact audio, and it guarantees true human voice and straightforward post-production.

How to use external microphone on TikTok?

Here lists three steps to utilize an wireless lapel mic for your TikTok video recording and live streaming. Hope you can have a great audio experience and performance.

1. Enable the mic access on TikTok is the first step you need to make

If TikTok asks you to provide access to the microphone yet you are unable to record a video, you have not yet done so. You must visit the app after going to your device's settings and managing applications. You may enable microphone access on TikTok app's settings in this manner. You may utilize your voice or other sounds while concurrently recording a video if you grant the app access to it.

SYNCO U3 shotgun microphone for TikTok videos helps you capture a clear audio

2. Plug the tiny TikTok microphone into the device and adjust it could be simple and quick

How do you use the microphone on TikTok? In this case, what we talk about is the external one. Take the P2L wireless clip-on mic as an example, it is usually divided into two parts, including a receiver and a transmitter. You need to plug the receiver into the appropriate jack, usually the lightning interface on IOS, Type-C on Android phones, and so on, then clip the transmitter to your collar and start recording. If you are using an on-camera shotgun microphone, just turn on the TikTok microphone access, attach it directly, have some tests for adjusting volume and position, and start speaking.

3. Record the video first and then adding the voice-over is also an advisable way

Since it has a way of recording video and audio in real-time, it is also possible to record the video first and add the voice after. This allows you to focus on the video content and create consistent audio content based on the changes in the picture. This way not only reduces the implementation of the recording of various uncertainties, such as when the recording environment is noisy, encounters unexpected interruptions, and so on. Using a microphone for TikTok to add late dubbing ensures a stable and high-quality audio output.

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