External recording tools are now frequently used in podcasting, teaching, or training. More and more people buy USB microphone for laptop for creating vlogs, singing, and other purposes due to the low cost and high return on recording quality. Here we introduce the best three items at Moman. 

  • Which type of PC recording device is suitable for you?
  • Best USB microphone for laptop at Moman: Pros&Cons
  • What’s the difference between the three USB laptop microphones?
Moman EM1 USB computer microphone is equipped with a one mute button. It's perfect for online classes and live streaming, avoiding accidents during lessons or podcasting.

Which type of PC recording device is suitable for you?

We can simply choose the right microphone for ourselves through two common comparisons.

USB vs Bluetooth

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Bluetooth type has the benefit that it connects wirelessly, without the ties and inconvenience of wiring. But it will be limited by the signal distance and may be interfered with. While USB devices mostly support plug-and-play features, your computer will set up the device for you when you use a USB mic with zoom.

Condenser vs Dynamic

These two primary transducer types are the most common type of screening classification. Select a condenser microphone adopting condenser for a Zoom call if you want to sound crystal clear with ease. The ideal microphones for Zoom conversations are condenser mics since they are incredibly sensitive and can easily pick up your voice at your workstation or in a conference room.

Best USB microphone for laptop at Moman: Pros&Cons

The three Moman products for sale all belong to the category of USB condenser microphones.

Take a quick look at the specification table of the three





Price (USD)


Regular price $45.99




Electret Condenser

Polar Pattern


Frequency Range


Power Supply



-45dB+3dB re 1 Volt/Pascal

-38dB+3dB (0dB=1V/Pa, at 1KHz)

-45dB+3dB re 1 Volt/Pascal

Sampling Rate







Dimensions (mm)




Weight (g)





This table clearly and unambiguously lists some of their performance allowing us to compare the three, so let's take a brief look at their respective strengths and weaknesses, and then summarize their similarities and differences.

EM1 external USB microphone for laptop with a budget price of $20+ only

  • Pros: It requires no assembly and simply unfolds the three-legged stand and set the pop filter for plug-and-play functionality. Simply connecting a USB connection will enable you to use this microphone without any assembly. EM1 is ideal for gaming, skype, chatting, discord, singing, YouTube recording, Google voice search, and live streaming.
  • Cons: Its USB output differs from EMP and EMR using a Type-C port for connection. The latter can be applied not only to computers but also to mobile devices with Type-C interfaces, such as Android smartphones or tablets, etc. But using the corresponding converters, EM1 is also usable for this application not only as a USB recording microphone for laptop but also for small mobile devices.
Unbox the EM1 with Youtuber Spark and see how it works with sound shield R30

EMR desktop mic with the cardioid pickup pattern

  • Pros: For game streaming, podcasting, music recording,YouTube videos, and other uses, this professional item generates loud, clear, broadcast-quality sound. EMR boasts a cardioid pickup pattern, which catches the crystal-clear, noise-suppressing sound directly in front of the recording tool. Direct, latency-free monitoring is provided through its 3.5mm stereo headphone output! It enables real-time monitoring of the microphone input.
  • Cons: The first thing we need to know is that a good microphone sampling rate is 44.1kHz or 48kHz, while the EMP is 192kHz/24bit, unlike the EM1 and EMP are the standard 48kHz. So it will be a bit lacking in sound quality accordingly. Although its quality is good enough, if you focus on music production, then it is recommended that you choose the other two.

EMP USB C microphone for laptop with mute button

  • Pros: Start recording and streaming on Mac or PC right away by quickly setting up the computer microphone with the provided desktop stand or by connecting it straight to a mic stand or boom arm. The cardioid polar pattern provides the clear and precise recording with less noise and feedback management. EMP is suitable for podcasts, games, presentations, Twitch streams, recordings, zoom meetings, online classes, and IM.
  • Cons: EMP is considered the more cost-effective of the three. Obvious disadvantages couldn’t be found for now, or you can share you using experiment.

Discover EMR and EMP’s benefits through the test video from Saku8

Saku8 is a vlogger from Japan, doing electronic equipment evaluation and a good share of gaming devices on Youtube. Now lets the watch the laptop USB microphone reviews following.

What’s the difference between the three USB laptop microphones?

1. Sound quality

The clarity of the recorded voices depends on several things. Firstly, the electret condenser transducer and cardioid polar pattern that the three items can exclude background noise and capture the speaker's voice accurately and clearly. As USB laptop microphone for class, they can promote classroom efficiency. Second, 48 kHz is the common sampling rate. When connected to your computer, some audio interfaces and mics can operate at substantially higher sample rates and, unknowingly, modify OS settings.

2. Portability

When it comes to the weight, it’s EM1>EMR>EMP. But when talking about the size, it’s EMR> EMP>EM1. But in summary, they are all lightweight and compact that does not take up too much space on your desk as a USB microphone for laptop conference calls or are too bulky to carry outdoors.

Moman EM1 USB laptop microphone for video recording, online zoom meeting, has a USB output for connection and a 3.5mm jack port for real-time monitoring.

3. Accessories

In the original package of all three models, there is a matching desktop mic holder, whose mounting is very simple, and two charging cables. They all come with the USB microphone adapter for laptop, which is the USB to Type-C cord for a smartphone. While the EM1 uses a USB output, the other adapter cord in its box is USB to USB for PC or Mac. As for EMR and EMP, they have the connection short cable of Type-C to Type-C.

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