Photographers might be wondering how to charge DSLR camera without charger if the battery dies while they're out of the house. Even while the majority of digital cameras include a charging cable, it's not always practical to carry or remember. Thankfully, charging your camera battery without a charger is possible in a few different ways.

  • How to charge DSLR battery without charger?
  • Eight ways of how to charge DSLR camera battery without charger
  • Eight tips to take care of your DSLR camera batteries
  • FAQs about How to charge DSLR battery without charger
Moman Power 99 DSLR camera battery can be charged with charger. It has D-tap and USB Type-C input port.

    How to charge DSLR battery without charger?

    The usage of a USB cord is one method. Your DSLR battery will start to charge if you attach it to your laptop or computer via the USB connection. The battery will take longer to charge with this approach, but it is the simplest and most direct one.

    Using an AC adapter is another method of charging your camera battery without the need for a charger. These are reasonably priced items that may be bought online or via electronics retailers. Your battery will start charging as soon as you insert the converter into an outlet and connect it to your camera.

    In an emergency, AA batteries may also be used to recharge the battery in your camera. Although it might harm your camera, this approach is not advised, but it will function in an emergency. All you have to do is take the battery out of your camera and replace it with four AA batteries. After that, switch on your camera and leave it there till the batteries run out.

    Next, we will introduce more ways in detail.

    Eight ways of how to charge DSLR camera battery without charger

    When there is a corresponding charger, we still recommend using special equipment and a charging cable to charge your DSLR camera battery. But more or less every photographer comes across some emergency that requires a special approach. Here we provide eight ideas to solve the problem of how to charge DSLR battery without a charger.

    1. Charge DSLR with USB cable

    Follow these instructions if your camera comes with a USB cable, or if you may use any other cables with USB-C or USB-A. Now, various digital cameras are built with a Type-C fast charging slot for wall plug powering directly via a simple USB cable. This way works with wall power net, power bank, external power supply, and also car battery and computer.

    2. Charge with power bank

    The power bank is usually used to charge mobile phones daily, but it can work with the DSLR camera battery as well. First, find one that has the same voltage as the inbuilt battery in your DSLR. Secondly, attach one side to the micro USB connection and attach the opposite end to your camera. Remember to detach them after the camera LED indicator turns green.

    3. Power DSLR by an external battery pack

    You will want a high-capacity DSLR battery to use this approach, such as a v-mount camera battery with D-tap, Type-C, or USB-A charging options. Just find the right charging slot with proper voltage and current, and you can connect the DSLR to the external power source via an adapter or power delivery cable.

    4. Charge with a mobile charger

    A mobile charger for your smartphone or tablet can work with your video camera and camcorder. However, make sure the charger is the same voltage as your DSLR. Subsequently, connect the mobile charger and camera through the PD cord. To begin charging, just insert the charger into a power outlet and watch for the camera's LED light to become green.

    5. Power by your computer or laptop

    If you are asking how to charge DSLR camera battery without charger, then powering it with your computer or notebook could be a great idea. Start by attaching one end of the USB cord to your laptop or PC, and the other end to the charging interface of your camera. Turn off the DSLR and make sure the built-in battery is in the slot. As soon as the connection is complete, an LCD message titled "Charging" will appear on your DSLR camera. You can use a USB hub if your computer lacks a USB port. All that's left to do is wait for the battery to fully charge.

    6. Power by the car battery

    It is not an advised solution to solve the situation of how to charge a DSLR battery without a charger, it works though. This method should only be used in an emergency since it might harm your car battery if done incorrectly. Initially, locate a 12V power outlet in your vehicle. Next, attach the USB cord to your camera with one end connected to the outlet. Just switch on your DSLR camera at this point and let the battery charge. You may use your camera and unhook everything after it's finished. You can use a cigarette lighter converter if your automobile does not have a 12V power outlet.

    7. Charge with DC source and resistor

    A resistor and a DC power supply are required for this procedure. First, attach the DC power source's positive terminal to the positive terminal of the camera battery. Next, attach the resistor's other end to the DC power source's negative terminal. You may now unplug everything and use your camera while you wait for the battery to fully charge. But note that If not done correctly, this approach might destroy your camera, so use it only in an emergency.

    8. Buy a new camera battery to replace

    You must purchase a new camera battery or charger if you don't have one and your DSLR camera cannot be charged by any of the aforementioned techniques. Batteries and chargers that work with your camera can be found online or at your neighborhood electronics store.

    You can charge the rechargeable lithium-ion DSLR battery via USB cable, wall plug adapter, and other methods when there's no charger.

    Eight tips to take care of your DSLR camera batteries

    The following advice will help you prolong the life of the batteries of your DSLR digital cameras:

    1. Keep your camera batteries in a dry, cold area while not in use.
    2. Try not to let them run entirely flat when charging again.
    3. Keep your camera batteries away from substances like water and heat.
    4. Turn off the camera when charging via the input interface on the DSLR.
    5. Use sturdy bags to carry them during travels, on-the-go, shipping, and flying.
    6. Use original or professional chargers and cables to power your batteries.
    7. Try to use your DSLR frequently to keep the camera battery from fully draining.
    8. Take out the battery and put your camera somewhere dry and cool if you won't be using it for a while.
    V-mount camera battery can power up the whole camera rig for photography activities, including DSLR, monitor, transmission, etc.

      FAQs about How to charge DSLR battery without charger

      We collected a few questions that most people were interested in and wrote answers to them. You may be able to solve your doubts here.

      Can you charge DSLR camera battery with USB?

      Yes, you may use a USB to charge the battery in your DSLR camera. Now a lot of digital camera devices and camcorders support USB-C and D-tap charging. Simply adhere to the above-mentioned procedure. But not that the USB charging may not be as stable and fast as the original charger.

      How to charge DSLR without removing the battery?

      You can charge your DSLR camera while the battery pack is inserted inside. Most of the digital cameras decide to have a charging port for cable connection with the LP-E6 or NP-F small battery stored in the slot. Just do not forget to switch off the camera before beginning the process. You may also take the battery out and put it in the charger for fast replenishment.

      How to charge Canon DSLR camera battery without charger?

      To charge the battery of your Canon DSLR camera without a charger, you can use friction, a power bank, or a DC power source as mentioned above. You can power it with the USB-C port right next to the HDMI output interface with a USB PD cable.

      In addition, you can purchase the Canon battery grip BGE 22 as an optional accessory. It acts the same way as a v-lock external battery, and it supports charging while taking pictures.

      Third, It is also a good choice to buy yourself a USB power adapter for the EOS cameras and use it with a portable power bank.

      How to charge Nikon DSLR battery without charger?

      Nikon DSLR camera batteries as well as Sony, Panasonic, and other brands have similar charging methods when have no charger on hand. Faster charging speeds are also made possible by the USB-C charging compatibility that some of the more recent DSLRs have. For people who own power banks or USB-C chargers, this is a handy choice. Before attempting to charge the battery in this manner, it is crucial to confirm with the camera's handbook that it supports USB-C charging.

      All things considered, using USB to charge Nikon camera batteries without a charger is practical and simple. But it's crucial to use reputable connections and adapters and to look for any special charging instructions in the camera's handbook.

      You can use a USB cable to charge your mobile, tablet, and also a DSLR camera. Now many cameras are designed to have a USB-C port to support quick and convenient charging.


      Although, ideally, you never have to charge your DSLR battery without a charger, it's always a good idea to know how to do it in case. You may be confident that you can restart your camera even in the absence of an outlet or charger by following the easy instructions provided in this post. If you get any great ideas for charging DSLR battery without charger, please share them with us!

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