If you are not ready to spend a lot on an expensive auto device but want to speak confidently and fluently in front of a laptop camera or webcam, you can make a DIY teleprompter for laptop budgetly and quickly. All you need is the materials below:
  1. A smartphone or mini tablet
  2. A tripod or monopod
  3. A stand or tabletop
  4. Books or boxes
  5. A laptop computer

It will take a little more setup and fine-tuning to get this easy method perfected, but once you have it, reading lines in video recording, having online meetings, and doing presentations in class will come naturally. Let’s get it started!

You can make your DIY teleprompter for laptop with your smartphone, a tripod, and a stool.

Four steps to set up the DIY teleprompter for laptop

Making your DIY teleprompter for laptop can help you in class presentations, hosting meetings, online interviews, and so on. It aids with line memory, along with all of the crucial details you included in your speaking. Once you have everything you need, you can start setting the rig up in four simple steps.

First step: Mount your phone next to the laptop lens or external webcam

How to make a teleprompter on your computer? You need to install your smartphone, pad, or other devices that can prompt scripts next to the notebook lens or your external webcam. You can use the phone clamp, stand, tripod, or monopod to help you do that. Remember to adjust the screen to be virtually tilted down and slightly over your eyeline, which would make you look more natural when reading from it.

Second step: Position your laptop computer in the right place

Position your laptop in the right place using a tabletop or stool, make sure it is suitable for you to stand or sit for speaking. Then take out any books or boxes you have lying around to get the ideal height till its inbuilt PC camera is beneath your DIY teleprompter phone or tablet. This has to be extremely near so that it's almost in the picture, but keep it out at the same time.

Third step: Upload the scripts through the teleprompter app on your phone

The document containing the content you'll be reading should then be uploaded to the DIY teleprompter for laptop. You can download the best free teleprompter App named Moman Prompter to help you in editing (iOS and Android are both supported). It is suggested to Increase the font size to make your writing understandable, but not to the point where you have to read five lines to understand one statement. Your audience will notice that you are forcing your eyes to move forward and backward as you scan if they notice that.

Fourth step: Set the speed, then read from the DIY teleprompter for laptop

Finally, you’d better get a Bluetooth remote or foot pedal connecting wirelessly to your smartphone for controling the scrolling speed of the text. The remote should be next to you but make sure it is out of frame. Or, you can set the speed ahead after times of practice. It needs to allow you to browse the content at your own pace.

The DIY laptop teleprompter can help you read lines in video making, live streaming, Zoom meetings, online speeches, and so on.

Three tips to build up a DIY laptop teleprompter better

There are some tips and tricks to help you promote the notebook prompter and read better.

1. Make adjustments to the homemade laptop teleprompter after practice

Read the first paragraph or two and give it a couple of trial runs, you will find that many details need to be adjusted, including but not limited to the following three points:

  • The placement of the whole rig
  • The size and color of the text on the screen
  • The scrolling speed and pause of the scripts

Make changes to the placement or text size of the DIY webcam teleprompter if it's obvious that you're reading or if you're gazing down too far. And practice more to keep up with a certain speed till you can read fluently, or just set it slower. It will require some time and adjustment to get this configuration perfect.

2. Mark the spot and write down the settings for the next use

Mark the locations where your equipment has been set up using masking tape. While you're at it, take a few reference pictures. In this manner, you'll know just where to place the DIY teleprompter for notebook when you set it up again. This expedites the setup process and improves the consistency of your videos by simplifying their angles and appearance to make them all seem the same. Also, once you set up a proper text size and speed for comfortable reading, write it down for the next use.

3. Minimize toolbars at the laptop top to make your eyes more focused on the DIY teleprompter

Additionally, be sure to minimize or eliminate any toolbars at the top of the screen to free up more room for yourself. It can make eye movement less obvious when you trying to interact with the audience during the reading.

You can buy a remote or foot pedal to connect to your DIY teleprompter for notebook for controling the speed and pause of the scrolling scripts.

Final thoughts

A prompting device doesn't have to cost hundreds of dollars. With items you have around the house, you can put together a professional-looking DIY teleprompter for laptop. You may host Zoom meetings smoothly, present in class successfully, or produce high-quality videos in a matter of minutes with the use of this tool. It frees up a ton of time so we can work more on our tones, expression, and eye contact with the audience instead of memorizing the scripts.


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