How to charge digital camera battery without charger? Many photographers may come across emergency situations with dead batteries, shooting tasks, and no charger on hand at the same time. This guide offers you three ways to deal with it: Charge by USB, power bank, and computer.

  • Charge digital camera battery with USB and the wall power net
  • Charge digital camera battery with power bank
  • Power digital camera battery through the computer
  • Why do you still need a battery charger for some situations?
  • Eight tips to take care of your camera battery and charger
  • Final thoughts on how to charge digital camera battery without charger
You can charge Moman digital camera battery Power 99 with USB-C and D-tap cable instead of the charger.

Charge digital camera battery with USB and the wall power net

It is a normal way to power by using a USB cable and a wall plug when you want to charge digital camera battery without charger. Make sure the power cable you choose to use is compatible with your digital camera in terms of connectors, voltage range, and current. Most of your camera may have included a USB charging cable or a small power adapter in its original package presented by the producers.

Four steps to use the USB and wall plug to charge digital camera battery without charger

Step 1 Put the mini rechargeable lithium battery, like the type of LP-E6 or NP-F into the camera slot. If it is the v-mount camera battery or gold-mount, just let it stay on the mounting plate

Step 2 Switch off the camera. Because it cannot charge while the camera is turned on, this is a crucial step.

Step 3 Attach the USB charging cord to the camera or the external battery pack directly. This is located inside the rubber cover that covers the ports and connectors of your camera.

Step 4 Attach the USB wall adapter to your USB cord. Then attach the plug to the wall.

When the light on the camera or the v-mount external battery goes off, it means that it is completely charged and you can pull out the cable.

Moman Power 99 and Power 99 Pro are external camera battery pack for digital devices. They can power up mobile phones, pads, and laptop.

Charge digital camera battery with power bank

A power bank may also be used to conveniently power the rechargeable battery of digital camera if you do not have a charger on your hand at the moment. All you need is a compact power bank and PD cable, you don't need to have access to a wall outlet. It is a convenient way to power your camera rig during outdoor recording and field photography activities.

What power bank can you use for your digital battery?

Even if the majority of photographers carry a backup power supply in the bag for their phones, likely, it likely won't work with the digital camera. Here are three conditions for a suitable power bank for shooting devices.

1. The one that stores enough energy can be used to charge your camera

To figure out how much electricity your camera battery needs to be charged, you need to take off the built-in cell pack and look for the specifications that indicate the number of milliamperes (mAhs) that your batteries use. This will suggest the ideal size for your power bank.

2. The one that has a compatible interface can connect to your batteries

Most digital camera batteries can be charged by D-tap or USB-C. You should ensure that the power bank has a compatible output and you have a suitable charging cable for connection.

3. The one that can deliver appropriate voltage can work with your digital equipment

Many power sources will mark the voltage range and maximum current of the different output ports. You need according to your data supported by the camera to choose. Too high may cause damage to equipment, too low may lead to failure or slow charging.

All in all, make sure to verify all of the settings and your power needs if you are experiencing difficulties charging your battery. In any case, be aware of the hazards and the specifications of your camera before attempting anything.

Three steps of how to charge camera battery using power bank without charger

Step 1 Every time you try to charge DSLR battery without charger, just remember to put the inbuilt ones in the slot and turn off the shooting device, no matter if it is a video camera, camcorder, or others.

Step 2 Attach one end of the USB cord to the camera’s input port, and the other end to the power bank’s output slot.

Step 3 Check the indicated LEDs or the screen display to see whether the digital battery is in charge.

You can charge your digital video camera and camcorder with the Moman Power 140 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Power digital camera battery through the computer

Using a computer for power delivery is also a handy way if you ask how to charge digital camera battery without charger. Make sure your camera can power in this manner before using it, as certain cameras—like DSLRs and mirrorless cameras—have higher power requirements.

Three steps to using a computer or laptop to charge a digital camera battery without charger

Step 1 Go through the handbook that accompanies your camera to be sure it can be charged by the computer and laptop. Also, check the manual on the computer.

Step 2 Put the battery in, switch off the camera, and make sure it has a memory card installed because some won't charge if it isn't. It could just wish to establish a data transfer connection with your computer.

Step 3 Attach your camera to the USB cord and connect the wire to your computer's USB port. A pop-up may appear on your PC screen because of the connection, and you only need to follow the instructions to agree to charge through the port.

While it delivers electricity, there could be a light at the connecting site that will turn on. Your compact lithium camera may require two to three hours to fully charge. The moment it is completely replenished, the light will go off.

You can charge digital camera battery without charger, and power it with USB, high-capacity power bank, computer, or laptop.

Why do you still need a battery charger for some situations?

The three methods of charging digital camera batteries without charger are utilized to deal with temporary conditions. In some cases, it is necessary to power your DSLR or mirrorless digital camera battery with the charger for four reasons:

1. It happens that your camera may lack a USB charging port and only support a charger to do the power delivery.

2. It demands lots of power for hours of continuous filming that a simple USB connection might not be able to keep up a compatible battery charger.

3. Some digital cameras do not come with an integrated charger or transformer for adjusting them to a proper voltage level and match the USB charging. Powering them through the USB cable, power bank, or computer directly may damage the batteries and the device as well.

4. Your digital camera may have an additional grip holder for batteries that screws onto the underside and comes with a charger, which only can be powered with the adaptor and specialized charger.

How to avoid cases of charging digital camera batteries without the charger?

Even if the aforementioned methods work well in an emergency, it's preferable to have extra fully-charged power backup in your bag or get yourself a high-capacity power source like the v-lock external battery for BMPCC. And it can power your whole photography rig for hours or last the entire day.

When the digital camera battery is fully charged, the indicator LED lights or screen display will show it.

Eight tips to take care of your camera battery and charger

  1. Always keep the battery terminals and camera charging slot clean and dry.
  2. Turn off the camera before powering and replacing the battery inside.
  3. Do not expose them to flame excessive heat or low temperature.
  4. Keep them away from the strong magnetic fields, bright light sources, and lasers.
  5. Use the charger, cables, and adaptor made by the same manufacturer as the digital lithium battery as far as possible.
  6. Once it indicates to be fully charged, pull out the cable and charger, and do not leave it to charge overnight.
  7. Remove the battery from the digital camera or charger when not in use and replace the terminal cover.
  8. Use the original box or proper carrying case to pack the camera battery in your luggage or ship it when traveling.

Final thoughts on how to charge digital camera battery without charger

By connecting the USB cord that came with the camera to a power source of a wall plug, power bank, and computer, you may charge a digital camera battery without the need for a charger. However, not every type of camera device can be used with every technique due to the wide variety of models available. Before attempting any of these techniques, refer to the operator's handbook for your digital camera battery. Additionally, be sure the charging accessories you use are compatible with it.

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