Just starting off with vlogging and looking for an audio device inexpensive and simple to use? The mini microphone for iPhone is what we advise. It's inexpensive, easy to use, and generally performs a respectable job. This blog can offer you ideas and tips when choosing and using.
  • Three benefits of an external phone mic: Why do you need one for recording?
  • Four picks recommended: Which type is the best mini microphone for iPhone?
  • What factors to consider when choosing a small iPhone mic?
  • Recording with SYNCO P2L: How to use mini microphone on iPhone?
Moman CP2 tiny microphone for iPhone is designed to have a compact size and light weight. It uses the indicator lights instead of a screen display to show the current status.

    Three benefits of an external phone mic: Great audio, low-noise, and free movements

    Why do you need an external iPhone microphone for recording? This small device will be much more versatile than the built-in one. It can provide sound quality with clarity even in a noisy environment, and the wirelss lavalier type supports your free movements during recording.

    Improve video audio quality

    An external microphone will have much better sound quality than the built-in microphone of the phone. Recordings with the iPhone itself may sound grainy, have a lot of ambient noise, and have echoes.

    Avoid recording ambient noise

    Good sound quality is not the same as less noise, it has to do with the polar pattern of the recording and other internal settings. Nowadays, many microphones are equipped with CVC or DSP noise reduction technology, which can filter out the human voice from ambient noise, the air conditioner sound when recording indoors, and the wind and car sound when recording outdoors.

    Expanded range for free movements

    If you're using a wired headset or the iPhone itself, the speaker's range of motion is very limited, confined to the device's immediate vicinity, or else they won't be able to hear at all. If you use a wireless lapel microphone, the transmission distance can be stretched to dozens or even hundreds of meters, which can make your video content richer and more diverse.

      Four picks recommended: Which type is the best mini microphone for iPhone?

      First of all, we can have a look at the parameter form of these four microphones. They are Moman CP2, SYNCO P2L, G3, and U1L, all are compact and versatile picks for you.


      Moman CP2

      SYNCO P2L

      SYNCO G3

      SYNCO U1L





      Regular $99.00


      Regular $199.00



      Lavalier Mic

      Lavalier Mic

      Lavalier Mic

      Shotgun Mic












      Type-C/TRRS/TRS with Adapters


      Recording Channel









      -35dB at 1KHz

      Frequency Response





      Noise Reduction


      Wireless Charging Case

      (No need)

      Offering iOS and Android connecting options: Moman CP2 wireless mini microphone for iPhone

      Moman CP2 has three options for connection with mobile devices for vlogging. It supports Android phones with Type-C interface, and iPhones & iPads with lightning ports, or both of them.

      Whether it's the receiver of a Lavalier mic or the body of a shotgun mic, it needs to be plugged into your phone's audio input port, which now usually is the charging port. Thus, when choosing a cell phone microphone, it's important that the connector is suitable for your phone output. If you have several different devices, then consider the Moman CP2. It offers three interface options, CP2(A) for iOS phones and pads with lightning interfaces, CP2(C) for Android devices with Type-C interfaces, and CP2(AC) for both of the two.

      Packing a wireless quick charging case: SYNCO P2L external iPhone mic

      SYNCO P2L mini microphone for iPhone video has a wireless charging case for two more full-charge. It greatly prolongs the working time when shooting or making Youtube videos outdoors.

      The battery is always a concern when purchasing an electronic device. SYNCO P2L and some SYNCO and Moman mics, have solved this problem by utilizing a wireless fast charging case. The P2L itself has a built-in battery of 120mAh, which is capable of 5 hours of continuous recording and takes only 1.5 hours to recharge. You can place the P2L's RX and two TXs in the charging box through contacts to get two additional full charges. The SYNCO P2L is a mini microphone for iPhone 13 and the mobiles with lightning ports instead of 3.5mm jack port. If you use the old type iPhone, then you may need an adapter.

      Featuring 3-channel recording: SYNCO G3 small mic compatible phones and cameras

      Most microphones today come in single or two-channel versions. For example, the “2” in SYNCO P2L and Moman CP2 stands for two-channel TX recording. They can be used for two-person vlogging, interviewing, video chatting, etc. You can choose them according to your daily shooting needs and modes. SYNCO G3 is SYNCO G3 is a special presence in Moman PhotoGears Store, it supports 3-channel recording and two-way communicating. It has two mini TXs, and the microphone can record voice as well. Thus it is ideal for filmmaking with two actors and one director.

      Featuring rotatable shotgun design: SYNCO U1L little microphone on iPhone

      SYNCO U1L is a mini shotgun microphone for iPhone. It is 90° rotatable for capaturing the speaker's voice in front of it.

      A small shotgun mic like the SYNCO U1L is also a good option compared to a wireless Lavalier mic. It connects directly to your iPhone via the lightning connector and can be adjusted to the right angle facing the speaker. It doesn't appear in front of your camera, so you can have high-quality audio very naturally without distracting the viewers. However, it's not as good as a wireless Lavalier mic, so you may still be able to tune in even if you walk out a few dozen meters. SYNCO U1L mini shotgun mic for iPhone is better used in home podcasting, studio interviewing, documentary recording, Youtube video filming, and so on.

      What factors to consider when choosing a small iPhone mic?

      When you are purchasing a small microphone, there comes its own set of considerations.

      Audio: Can it ensure a clear audio quality for your shooting?

      The whole objective of utilizing an external microphone with your phone is to increase the quality of the sound that you capture. When selecting a small microphone, selecting a device with the finest sound quality will always be a top consideration.

      The above-mentioned Moman CP2, SYNCO P2L, and SYNCO G3 mini microphone for iPhone wireless 2.4GHz are equipped with a smart chip for effective noise suppression. As for SYNCO U1L, it adopts a cardioid picking pattern, which is able to effectively block out the sound behind the microphone, and focus on the speaker in front of you. The SYNCO U1L uses a cardioid picking pattern to effectively block the sound behind the microphone and focus on the speaker in front of you.

      Size: Is it portable for carrying and discreet in the video?

      The compact microphone for iPhone is most notable for its small and light size. Mini microphones are an excellent alternative if portability is a top priority. You want one that can be discreetly packed and transported and one that doesn't require any setup when you're ready to record. The can be utilized without bringing attention to itself when vlogging, interviewing, or generating any other type of video content. They can be easily tucked away in the palm of your hand, and if you use an Apple mini microphone, it can attach to your clothing and never be seen. This makes it simple to boost your audio quality using an external microphone without taking up the entire screen.

      Using a small condenser microphone for iPhone like SYNCO P2L, you can enjoy a clean sound when video chatting with friends, making Youtube vlogs, and other applications.

      Image Source: SYNCO

      Budget: Is its price and performance worth your buying?

      A tiny microphone for iPhone recording is typically affordable, making it an excellent entry point for enhancing sound quality. Now the mini iPhone microphones for sale at Moman PhotoGears Store are of great budget. The four picks recommended above are around 50 to 100 US dollars. If you want to start into audio recording but don't want to invest in more expensive or technically sophisticated microphones, this type will allow you to have a try.

      Recording with SYNCO P2L: How to use mini microphone on iPhone?

      Lavalier mics are generally divided into two parts, the receiver, and the transmitter, while gun mics are types where the body is fixed directly to the device for radio. If it is for more than one person at the same time to speak recording a multi-track lavalier microphone, then there will be a corresponding number of transmitters, such as SYNCO P2L has two.

      What is the receiver and transmitter of a little lapel microphone?

      • Receiver: It is connected to the recording device through the interface, such as a cell phone, camera, camcorder, and so on. RXs with some microphones are capable of digital output, which means that they can be attached to PCs such as laptops for track editing.
      • Transmitter: It is paired to an RX wirelessly and then clipped to a collar or tie that is close to your mouth.
      SYNCO P2L is a budget mini iPhone microphone of lavalier type. It supports two-person recording thanks to the two-TX design. It can effectively reduce the noise around and capture the human voice.
      Image Source: SYNCO

        Five steps to using the Lavalier mic SYNCO P2L easily

        1. Plug the RX of SYNCO P2L portable ios microphone into your iPhone's interface. It may pop up a reminder of the relevant USB accessories, just follow the instructions.
        2. Press the switch to pair the TX with the RX and wait until the indicator lights light up accordingly, which means successful pairing.
        3. Wear a wind muff on the TX, which is an effective physical method of blocking out most noise.
        4. Clip the TX to the speaker's collar, tie, or even necklace via pocket clip.
        5. Pre-record a test on your phone to see if the current microphone mode is selected correctly if the volume is appropriate, etc.


        A mini microphone for iPhone is an excellent method to increase the audio quality of your recordings without spending a lot of money. It is unobtrusive and eye-catching. You need a versatile and economical one as a content maker who takes their work seriously.

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