Usually, we use a prompter device to read scripts when recording and use a camera external screen for monitoring the image shown in the lens. When combining these two tools together, it can surprise you. Today’s blog will tell you how to turn a teleprompter with iPad into a camera monitor for better video effects.
  • Three steps and the accessories needed to make iPad prompter device become a monitor
  • iPad teleprompter ideas for being a monitor for three applications
  • FAQ: How does a teleprompter with iPad and a monitor originally work?
Moman MT1 small teleprompter for iPad and iPhone is durable and compact. It can be used in Youtube video recording, live streaming, online classes, and others.

Three steps and the accessories needed to make iPad prompter device become a monitor

What does turning a teleprompter kit for iPads and tablets into a monitor mean? Briefly, it means replacing the prompting device on the teleprompter that is used to display the script with a camera monitor that is synchronized with the filming device. This way the image is reflected on the beam splitter glass and is not displayed in the video image, but is visible to the speakers.

Once you understand the principle, everything is good to go, and then we will talk about the process of how to transform. It can be concluded into three steps to make an iPad teleprompter into an external display, including the preparation, connection, and installation.

Preparing: Get a practical camera teleprompter and monitor in a compatible size

Teleprompters can be categorized into two types, one for public speaking on stage and one for live video streaming or recording like the iPad teleprompter kit. It is the latter that you need to prepare, a camera-mounted teleprompter for your device. Like Moman MT12, it is a professional studio prompter with a one-piece design and a 12-inch HD display. It can work with large smartphones and pads with a 12.9-in max adjustable clamp, which means it can adapt to various camera monitors of different sizes 4k, 6k, and even 6k pro.

Connecting: Mount the camera behind prompter and attach it to monitor with HDMI cable

The connection here refers to two aspects, one is the equipment installation of video camera and teleprompter, and the other is the data transfer connection between the camera and monitor.

Firstly, you need to find a suitable mount, such as a monopod with some load capacity. If you are using the Moman MT1 iPhone teleprompter, or other small iPad teleprompters for talks and videos, you can choose a handheld grip.

Then connect your external HD monitor to the camera with an HDMI cable, making sure that the picture from the camera appears on the screen. Then connect your external HD monitor to the camera with an HDMI cable and make sure that the screen shows the image from the camera.

Installation: Replace the tablet with monitor and put it on the iPad teleprompter holder

This step is the easiest one and the most crucial one. You will need to replace the prompting device on the teleprompter, which is the iPad or other tablet, that is projecting the scrolling script, with a camera monitor. Place it on the clamp of the iPad teleprompter and adjust the iPad teleprompter mirror to the right angle.

iPad teleprompter ideas for being a monitor for three applications

What kind of applications can we have in specific operations, and what kind of effects?

iPad teleprompter for YouTube for high efficiency

With the reflecting glass, not only are you able to see yourself in real-time and adjust your movements, expressions, background sets, and lighting effects, but you are also able to naturally look directly into the camera and maintain constant eye contact with the audience. This tool will greatly save you time both during the recording process and afterward.

Live streaming teleprompter kit for natural speaking

Compared to the video recording, live broadcasting is the time when you need this real-time monitoring device more, because you can't check your performance again after recording and before posting like video recording, and you can re-record if you encounter any problems. And you can see how you look in real time and make adjustments in time when you are live streaming.

Used in Zoom meetings on the laptop or pad for looking at your guests

If you want to use this setup for Zoom meetings for presentations or networking in online classes or conferences, this will be a little bit of a transformation. You can use your iPad or other device as your camera monitor, and the mirrors will show you the other people in the room. You can see yourself as well as others. But don’t forget to flip the iPad screen for teleprompter.

FAQ: How does a teleprompter with iPad and a monitor originally work?

Before we make actual operations, we need to understand how these tools themselves work. The following content will be divided into three parts, to talk about the definition and working principle of the teleprompter, camera monitor, and changing the teleprompter into a monitor.

How do iPad teleprompters work?

A teleprompter with iPad consists of a prompting device for displaying text, a beam splitter glass for projecting the text for reading, and a shroud for blocking unwanted lighting. The camera is placed behind the glass. Speakers can read a written text on the mirror while still being able to stare straight into the lens of the video camera. A teleprompter can be utilized in news and talks on TV broadcasting and for YouTube and TikTok makers.

How do camera external monitors work?

An external camera monitor used in videography gives you larger and clearer viewings to have real-time checks and adjustments. The wider and stronger screen display allows you to identify minor, distracting elements and other aspects for better outcomes. However, when you are recording a video and you want to utilize a monitor to watch yourself at all times, your eyes will not fall on the camera, and the drift of the eyes will distract the viewer.


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