As Youtube shorts sweeps the world, more and more people who want to be YouTubers spring up. Besides shooting devices of cameras or phones, there’s no need to purchase a whole set of expensive and bulky tools at the beginning, but a practical and durable YouTuber starter kit includes five fundamental devices following:

1. Microphone
2. LED light
3. Wireless transmission system
4. Rechargeable Battery
5. Camera mount and grip

These five tools are complementary and combine to make the most basic set of vlogging kits. In this blog, we will tell you why they are essential and introduce the most suitable styles for starters.

Combination form of vlogging kit for youtuber beginners

1. Wireless lavalier microphone: Transfering rich voice

What microphones do YouTubers use? Assuming your channel style belongs to a one-person record, the wireless lavalier microphone coming with no more than a palm size is the most budget-friendly option. You can attach the mic to the collar to free your hands. And due to its wireless transmission system, it also allows easy movement while walk-and-talk vlogging without the distance limit and the messy cables.

Moman C1 is designed to scale with your needs. It’s compact and lightweight, delivering high-quality sound in the field, and transmitting secure and anti-interference signals within 230ft. It enjoys broad applications and can be used with devices that have 3.5mm interfaces, including smartphones, tablets, DSLR cameras, and camcorders, due to its 3.5mm TRS audio output on the receiver.

Enough budget permitting, we also recommend you purchase the appropriate accessories used with the microphone. Although the mics also support noise suppression, a sound shield is still important. For recording, singing, dubbing, and other uses, it isolates background noises and accurately restores the speaker's voice. Provided you are new to video production, and long speaking in front of the camera is required, then having a teleprompter will benefit you a lot. Not only does it helps you control your speaking speed, but also guarantees no point was left.

Moman C1 lav mic is compatible with phones, cameras, etc.

2. LED light for youtube videos: Creating vivid images

A high-quality video is mainly reflected in its visible and audible quality. Once you have good sound, the visual effects that are the subject of the video should be matched accordingly. We always encounter various problems of insufficient light in video shooting, such as cloudy days or nights, resulting in the overall picture effect is not satisfactory. Even in a normally lit room, the light in front of the camera is insufficient due to the blocking and light absorption of walls and various objects.

Compared to the costly and heavy studio light, the on-camera LED panel fill light becomes the best video light for YouTubers. Moman ML1 with three modes of CCT, HSI, and EFF, is one of the matching choices, which is so portable that can be put into a pocket as well as supports an easy setup on both smartphone and camera for everyday shooting. It can also be installed on stands, providing directional and artistic illumination. Generally, LED on-cam light is the more affordable choice compared to the umbrella, softbox, and ring light. It has a large number of tiny LED beads that work together to produce uniform lighting with no "hot spots." Modern panel lights may emit stunning lumens to give a steady light source while featuring a slim body.

Moman ML1 panel light helps you create vivid picture

3. Wireless transmission system: Supporting real-time monitoring

The wireless transmission system allows real-time checking and adjustments, making film and video shooting more simple. Energy transmission is more flexible, efficient, and practical than wired transmission constrained by cables.

Introduction video: What can Moman Matrix 600s wireless transmission system help you?

The cameraman behind the lens needs assistance to tidy the wire for filming locations with passersby on the street and crowded video lines that might trip people or even damage equipment. The wireless transmission solution can easily get around these issues. View wireless image transmission technology offers a more practical and secure solution; the product has a long-range, no compression, no delay, real-time transmission, etc., and can completely satisfy the requirements of a variety of outside shooting and transmission.

Moman Matrix 600s wireless transmission system supports both HDMI and SDI long-range input and output. In the youtube video equipment kit, it creates a secure wireless connection between the transmitter and receiver, acting as a reliable bridge. Additionally, it substitutes the fan in the wireless transmitter and receiver with a natural heat distribution structure, resulting in a sensible temperature of less than 48°C and a noise-free filming experience.
Moman 600s wireless transmission system supports real-time monitoring

4. Rechargeable Battery: Providing strong backing

Many devices these days have a long runtime up to hours or days, but frequent recharging is a hassle, not to mention that some devices won't perform at their best when not being fully charged. Take some lights, for example, only when they are full of charge can they present a maximum-lumen output. When you have outdoor on-the-go shooting, an external rechargeable battery is still the indispensable part of the youtube camera kit for beginners.

Unlike normal power banks for cell phones, the one you carry on your filming trip should have high capacity and strong output to sustain the power demand. V-mount battery as Moman Power 99 successfully meet your needs. With a maximum continuous current rating of up to 15A, it has the storage to charge 200 Watts of several devices simultaneously while you are filming, including director monitors, cameras, and LED studio lights with v-mount battery plates. It has two D-tap slots so that any D-tap charger may be used to charge it, and it can also be used to power many different devices by using D-tap converters, supplying power to all the devices in the entire kit. With such a small but mighty battery pack, there’s no need for you to worry about shots being interrupted by a lack of power. Of course if you also need to purchase the appropriate accessories to use with it, such as a charging cable and charger, as well as a v-lock plate or holder for installation. Check for more details in the blog v mount battery kit.

Moman Power 99 can attach firmly to camera with the mounting plate

5. Travel tripod and camera stabilizer: Integrating the vlogging team

There are many kinds of mounts and grips supporting the shooting devices of phones and cameras, such as selfie stick, monopod, and tripod for making youtube videos. But as you've already read above, a complete recording assignment requires a variety of accessories. In this case, you need a stable but lightweight bracket to support your camera, and a grip to hold the team together and reduce your burden. A combination of Moman CA70 2-in-1 travel tripod and Moman MG6 video camera stabilizer is highly recommended.

The carbon fiber Moman CA70 barely weighs 1.6kg. In folded condition, it’s only 18.5 inches and turns to take up little space. For outdoor filming, it is easy to pack and transport. The center pillar can be quickly disconnected from one of the legs and connected to a monopod. It is more flexible for photography and doubles as a hiking stick.

The Moman MG6 is an exquisitely crafted flat and smooth ergonomic design that provides a flawless touch experience while reducing weight. With multiple 1/4", 3/8" threaded, and ARRI locating holes, the MG6 allows for the attachment of additional accessories such as an articulated magic arm, an external microphone, and an RGB light. Therefore, it can integrate the whole YouTuber starter kit as a united team.

Moman CA70 tripod and MG6 camera stabilizer is perfect to match up

Conclusion: Enjoy the creation with the YouTuber starter kit

In a word, as with any advice regarding YouTube equipment, getting hands-on experience first is the best way to decide. You can research a product before making decisions by reading online actual reviews, speaking with friends or peers who happen to have the device you want to know about, or even touching, holding, or using it with your hands.

No matter if your purpose to be a YouTuber is to share lives and stories, entertainment, education, or make profits, just go make up your specific kit! Not only can this kit be used for video creation, but also as a camera starter kit for photography, just go on whatever you like. Hope you enjoy the creative process and the feelings you record moments and share with others!

Photography setup

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