For aspiring creatives, the smartphone has swiftly emerged as one of the greatest recording devices. But if you want to boost the audio quality of your production, using a wireless microphone for iPhone video recording might be the ideal option to capture excellent, detailed audio.

The top four options at Moman PhotoGears are discussed in this post, along with the reasons for their inclusion. In addition, we've provided a buyer's guide to help you know what to look for while shopping.

  • Best wireless microphone for iPhone video recording at Moman
  • Four factors to consider when choosing a wireless iPhone mic for video filming
  • Guide and tips to use a wireless mic for recording videos with an iPhone
  • FAQ about wireless recording microphone for iPhone
Moman CP2 is a compact wireless microphone for iPhone video recording with dual channel and fast-charging case. It is ideal for vlogs, interviews, podcast, etc.

    Best wireless microphone for iPhone video recording at Moman 

    Selecting the best wireless microphone for your purpose might be difficult due to the abundance of models available. For this reason, we've selected the best four wireless recording microphones for iPhone for you.

    Specification table of four best wireless recording mic for iPhone video making

    We create a comparison form that will assist you in choosing the ideal mic for your requirements by taking into account elements like price, battery life, convenience of use, and sound quality.



    Moman CP1X

    Moman CP2







    Wireless Lav Mic

    Wireless Lav Mic

    Wireless Lav Mic

    Wireless Lav Mic

    Recording Channel





    Working Range

    492ft/150m(LOS area)

    164ft/50m(NLOS area)

    492ft/150m(LOS area)

    164ft/50m(NLOS area)




    -42dB (±3dB, re 1V/Pa at 1KHz)




    Frequency Response





    Battery Life

    8 Hours

    5 Hours

    8 Hours

    8 Hours

    Wireless Charging Case



    Best long-distance wireless recording mic for iPhone SYNCO G1L at US$69

    SYNCO G1L is an excellent and classic wireless lapel microphone for iPhone. It is durable, adaptable, and has a good range. With its connection range between TX and RX of more than 150 meters (LOS), G1L allows you to record audio while taking long-distance shots with your iPhone or iPad. It also includes integrated rechargeable lithium-ion batteries of 400mAh that have a robust 8-hour battery life. In order to provide crystal-clear audio in any setting, It has an SNR over 75dB, a maximum SPL of 110dB, and an omnidirectional polar pattern.

    Best noise-cancelling wireless microphone for iPhone record SYNCO P2S at US$79

    SYNCO P2S is one of the best wireless microphone for iPhone video recording with noise cancellation. With a range of more than 450 feet, it is ideal for long-distance shots that still require the high-clarity audio you need. With a simple press, you can turn on the noise-reduction mode of P2S and enjoy a clean sound capturing that effectively filters the background noise, wind sound, and tiny noise from the air conditioner when you recording. In all, P2S is an excellent wireless mic that catches clear sound from nearly any source. 

    Best budget iPhone Lavalier mic for video recording Moman CP1X at US$29.99

    Not every recording device has to be pricey. Moman CP1X is the ideal low-cost wireless Lavalier microphone for iPhone users to produce video while it can offer clear audio and versatile functions. It has a dual-channel transmitter for 1-to-1 recording, vlogging, interviewing, etc. CP1X is a good option for those who are new to the world of content creation or who want to purchase a good external mic for their iPhone at a reasonable price.

    Best long battery life wireless mic for iPhone video filming Moman CP2 at US$69.99

    Moman CP2 is an impressive iPhone microphone with an amazing 15-hour battery life. It has a battery life that virtually lasts the entire day, so you won't have to worry about charging it between takes. It is reasonably priced AT us$69.99 with a lightning plug for iPhone for excellent audio and can record sound like the best of them. It is packed with an extra wireless charging case, which supports 5 times of charging for the transmitter of CP2.

    SYNCO G2(A2) wireless recording mic is compatible with both smartphones and cameras thanks to the adapter cable. It is easy to use and portable for outdoor filming.

    Four factors to consider when choosing a wireless iPhone mic for video filming

    There are a few important factors you should think about before purchasing a new wireless microphone for iPhone video recording. The finest one for you will offer fantastic sound quality, dependable connectivity, and range, a respectable battery life, and terrific extras or accessories.

    Audio quality: Can if capture clear, rich, and authentic sound for your video?

    The most crucial factor is probably the sound quality. See the specs for the wireless iPhone microphone for YouTube to learn about its sensitivity, frequency response, and noise-canceling functions. Having high-quality audio is crucial, particularly if you want to work as a professional multimedia developer.

    Battery runtime: Can it sustain in a continuous iPhone vlogging?

    Before purchase, find out how long the wireless mic's battery will last. The amount of time you can use your microphone without worrying about a charge increases with battery life. Additionally, you have the choice between replaceable and rechargeable batteries. The majority of wireless microphones will have a rechargeable battery pack, and some may even include a charging case so you can top off your mics while on the go.

    Working range: Can the wireless microphone for iPhone video recording support long-range filming?

    Examine the connection and range choices of the mic before making a purchase. While having numerous connectivity options, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, may give more options in different recording settings, a greater range may be useful for some usage.

    Specific features: Does it have some specific designs that meet your needs?

    Examine any extra features or accessories that the microphone could provide. Some could be carrying cases, windshields, or applications specifically designed to offer further customization or controls. Some of the greatest accessories for your wireless microphone are charging cases. They make it simple for you to store, replenish, and move your whole recording setup.

    SYNCO wireless Lavalier microphone for iPhone recording is designed to have high sensitivity and long-distance transmission for clear audio.

    Guide and tips to use a wireless mic for recording videos with an iPhone

    If you're using your iPhone for personal films, the built-in mic is enough. However, if you want to do a professional podcast or YouTube vlog, an external wireless microphone for iPhone will help a lot. Here are some useful guides and tips for beginners. 

    How do you record video on your iPhone with a wireless microphone?

    The following methods make it extremely easy to connect a wireless lav mic to an iPhone and record a video. 

    Step 1: Turn on the transmitter of the wireless microphone for iPhone video recording and pair it with the receiver. After pressing the power button, it should be waited for a few seconds for their connection.

    Step 2: Attach the receiver through the compatible port on your iPhone, which is usually the lightning. Or you can use the adapter cable to convert and then connect. Your iPhone will identify it as the default voice recording device as soon as it is plugged in. 

    Step 3: Open the recording App on your iPhone, and check whether the recording permission is on. Most of the wireless external mics are compatible with iPhone and will ask for accession once it is connected.

    Step 4: Test and adjust the volume and recording mode of the microphone. You can plug in an earphone for the real-time monitor.

    Three tips to get high-quality audio when recording videos with a wireless mic on an iPhone

    An ideal recording with a wireless mic on a smartphone requires clear, crisp, and natural audio. The following advice can help you achieve that:

    Place the speaker of the mic at a proper distance. Bring the wireless microphone for iPhone video recording closer to your lips, but avoid putting it too close so that it catches up with breathing noise. If the recording sounds too far away, it will be silent and aloof. If you're too close, there will be a lot of breathing noise and it will sound like your mouth is very next to the microphone.

    Monitor the real-time sound with an earphone. If necessary, attach an earphone to the wireless recording mic so you can hear your voice throughout the recording process. The monitor can ensure everything is working properly.

    Set a proper volume level and noise-cancelling mode. If you're using an external microphone, you can generally adjust the volume and noise reduction level till it reaches the appropriate effect. 

    SYNCO P2L is one of the hot-sellings at Moman PhotoGears. It has a 3.5mm port for real-time monitoring during the recording process, and has a Type-C for charging at the same time.

    FAQ about wireless recording microphone for iPhone

    Why do you need a wireless mic for iPhone video recording?

    Capturing both audio and video is possible with the majority of wireless mics for iPhones. In comparison to iPhone microphones, they offer superior audio quality and are frequently utilized for vlogging, conducting interviews, and other forms of filming.

    How to charge a wireless recording mic for iPhone?

    Most microphones on the market now support USB charging. Most have USB-C ports for fast charging, such as the SYNCO G1L. Some have wireless charging boxes, just put the transmitter and receiver into the box, and they can automatically adsorb and charge through magnetic absorption, such as the Moman CP2. Of course, you need to power up the charging case through the corresponding interface.

    Does the wireless external mic require a recording App to use with an iPhone?

    While some wireless iPhone mics require extra applications in order to access additional controls or settings, the majority of them work just fine with the original recording App. However, if you want to maximize the use of your external mic or have creative audio effects, you can consider to download Apps with additional functions. It is one of the adaptable methods to personalize your recording experience.


    For any project using a smartphone, a wireless microphone for iPhone video recording is the greatest approach to improve the audio quality. A nice one will make you appear professional, even when an inbuilt mic can suffice. Assessing a wireless microphone's sound quality, connection, range, and extra features are all important ways to determine if one is a smart buy.

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