Have you ever wondered how to produce your vlog with professionalism and ease? Find the best teleprompter for vlogging to revolutionize the way you create content. They reflect scripts in front of the lens for you to read, while the audience on the other side would not see and know it. This tool is available for people who want to deliver their lines professionally without having to memorize the lines.

To create the greatest videos for the audience, Vloggers, video producers, and podcasters have access to user-friendly prompters. This blog will recommend you the top ones and tell you how to choose one.

  • Best teleprompter for vlogging recommended at Moman PhotoGears
  • How to choose an ideal YouTube vlogger teleprompter?
  • Five advantages of using a top vlog prompter
  • FAQs about the best vlogging teleprompter
Moman MT12 best teleprompte for vlogging provides 12-inch HD display for text prompting. It features flexible adjustment and durable structure.

    Best teleprompter for vlogging recommended at Moman PhotoGears

    Our expert reviewers spend time testing and experience to find the most perfect prompting device for you in video making and live streaming. Here we introduce three best teleprompters for vlogging at Moman PhotoGears Store: Moman MT2, MTRX, and MT12.

    Moman MT2 top portable teleprompter for on-the-go vlogging

    • Price: US$79
    Moman MT2 best vlog teleprompter for smartphone is packed with a handheld grip, which can turn into a small tripod. It is ideal for travel vlogging and on-the-go recording.

      Moman MT2 is the best vlogging teleprompter for you if you prefer using your mobile phone to make vlogs instead of a bulkier camera. With a reading range of up to ten feet, this inexpensive and small gadget lets you project your script onto the glass as you shoot on your phone. It works with a mobile phone for recording, and can also function with a camera with a tiny lens.


      • Compact and lightweight for on-the-go vlogging
      • Compatible with kinds of different camera lenses
      • Budget-friendly for beginner vloggers


      • Limited reading range of 10 feet
      • Does not fit with larger tablets like iPad Pro

      Moman MTRX smartphone prompter with ring light combo

      • PriceUS$95.99
      Moman MTRX is a teleprompter setup with RGB ring light. You can mount an external monitor on it for better recording.

      Moman MTRX best vlogging teleprompter with ring light combo is made specifically for corporate applications such as YouTube video recording, live streaming, and online speech. It is lightweight and simple to install, and its ring light features 35 RGB lighting effects for good looking in front of the camera. It uses high-quality beam splitter glass that is 70/30 visible, clear, and has no ghosting.


      • Creative RGB lighting for better vlogging scenes
      • HD beam splitter glass for prompting text
      • Small size and light weight for phone recording, like the Moman MT2


      • Does not fit with larger tablets like iPad Pro
      • Plastic material is not sturdy enough

      Moman MT12 best-value vlogging teleprompter for iPad

      • PriceUS$149
      Moman MT12 is professional teleprompter for vlogging, video production, podcasting, online meeting, and other applications.

        Moman MT12 is a professional vlog teleprompter that is ideal for fixed-location vlogging and has someone presenting to the camera. It is simple to assemble and place on a tripod, suitable for many types of cameras, even the ones with long lenses thanks to the clothing shroud and drawstring design. The text device tray can handle phones and tablets up to 12.9 inches. DSLRs and compact to medium-sized camcorders, such as the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, are compatible with it.


        • Large screen for a 15-inch wide reading range
        • Durable one-piece metal construction
        • Broad adaptability with different sizes of prompting phones and pads


        • Bulkier and heavier than the Moman MT2, not suitable for being mounted on a handheld grip
        With a Moman vlogger teleprompter, YouTubers can produce high-quality videos more efficiently.

          How to choose an ideal YouTube vlogger teleprompter?

          Utilizing a teleprompter may undoubtedly make your vlog and film look more polished and professional. But how to get the best one that meets your requirements and is suitable for your application? Here are five


          When selecting the best vlogger teleprompter, portability might be a key factor. They’d better be simple to fold up and store, which is ideal for travel vlogging, on-the-go filming, and multipurpose space utilization. For locations that are used as a permanent studio to film videos, larger ones are recommended, such as the Moman MT12.

          Reading range and screen size

          You may find it easier to read the writing on a larger screen, particularly if you intend to stand far away from it. The mobility of a bigger screen may be compromised, though. Try to find a prompter with a high-resolution display for optimal screen quality. You'll be able to read your content with ease and it will seem clear and sharp.

          Simplicity of setting up and using

          Even a beginner vlogger would gain from a teleprompter that is easy to set up and use. It is suggested to take into account the simplicity of setting up the device, uploading files, and modifying scripts. To help you with the procedure, some prompters provide video guides or detailed instructions.

          Compatibility with your devices

          Verify that the one you select can work in unison with the tools you already have. Make sure it suits your cameras, tripod, and other rigs if you intend to mount it. Some of the vlog teleprompters, like the Moman MT2, are only applicable to certain types of camera lens sizes. While Moman MT12 can work with cameras, smartphones, and kinds of recording devices since it uses the clothing design.

          Reflection quality of the glass

          The best teleprompter for vlogging should have crisp text reflection from its reflecting glass, which will still be transparent to the camera. It is usually made of high-quality beam splitter glass. Good reflecting glass will guarantee that the camera records sharp video free of glare or distortion.

          Moman MT12 best prompter device for vlogs offers wide reading range and highly-clear text prompting.

          Five advantages of using a top vlog prompter

          A prompter device is a more effective method for preparing your dialogue in the vlog than using a phone or tablet. Take into consideration these advantages of utilizing a teleprompter for vlogging if you're not sure if you should employ one for video production.

          It improves your pace and enhances your performance

          Speaking at a constant pace keeps your audience interested and makes your vlogs and films simpler to understand. The best teleprompter for vlogging can help. It enables you to sound more genuine by enhancing the timing of your speaking in the video.

          The best teleprompter for vlogging enables eye contact

          Reading from a teleprompter while vlogging enables you to keep eye contact with the audience because they are usually placed immediately in front of the camera lens. It enables you to have free body movement and establish a more intimate relationship with your viewers, which makes you more professional and confident.

          It helps you gain confidence and professionalism

          It's common to become uncomfortable and stutter when speaking in front of the camera and attempting to recall your lines from memory. Having your script on a reflecting glass may give you a sense of assurance and control. They facilitate your experience in the vlog production process and provide the impression that you are more at ease and natural.

          The superior vlogger teleprompter reduces error in your speaking

          If you are unfamiliar with the script, using this tool to follow it line by line might help lower the likelihood of errors due to memory lapses or typos. It helps you speak more fluently by reducing the "um" or "ah" in your words. There is never any doubt as to what you will say next when your lines are shown on the prompter.

          The prompter tool increases efficiency and saves time in recording vlogs

          When creating vlogs, using a teleprompter may save you a lot of time since it reduces the need for many takes and editing. Because there are fewer retakes, you may complete more filming on a given day. Also, you may have a longer script for the video with a prompter because you won't need lots of time to memorize the entire thing.

          Moman MT1 and MT2 are small vlogging teleprompter for iPhone. They contains a remote control and a handheld grip in their packages.

          FAQs about the best vlogging teleprompter

          Do YouTubers use a teleprompter for vlogging?

          Yes, teleprompters are used by several YouTubers, particularly those that create content that needs to be delivered precisely, follow a script, or have a lot of conversation. Vlogs, videos, and live streaming are smoother and require fewer takes when YouTubers and TikTokers use the tool to assist them in remembering what they're intended to say.

          The best teleprompter for vlogging makes for more polished YouTube vlogs and can save time during the recording and editing stages. YouTubers and other video makers are using teleprompter systems more frequently as a result of the development of small and reasonably priced models.

          How do you use a teleprompter for vlogging?

          You will need some equipment to use with the best teleprompter for vlogging easily:

          • A recording device like a video camera or phone, should be mounted behind the reflecting glass
          • A prompting device like a smartphone or iPad, which should be installed on the clamp in front of the mirror
          • A teleprompter App for vlogging that supports text uploading, editing, and mirroring
          • A mounting device like a tripod, handheld grip, or stabilizer, should be connected to the base of the vlog prompter

          After being well-prepared with this equipment, you can adjust the text size and color, height and placement of the vlogging prompter, and start your record.


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