COLBOR CL100 LED video studio light with 50 kinds of diverse effects and intelligent temperature control of 2700-6500K, can easily satisfy the need for constant lighting at a minimal cost when shooting photos and videos simultaneously. One short tells you why you need it.

Professional videographer and influential YouTuber Kaddr shot a short video to reveal the true filming effect more vividly by using this camera studio lighting setup, which includes COB protective cover and standard reflector with a bowens mount. Then he reviewed it from daily carrying, material, charging, light efficiency, noise prevention, safety, and cost, to operation, covering almost everything you want to know about it.

The finished work, which filmed a family making cookies together in their room, is placed at the beginning of the video. You can see whether people's faces and expression changes, the flour raised, or the biscuits arranged neatly on the table are illuminated by COLBOR portable led video light COLBOR CL100, finally creating a bright, clean and textured picture.

Filmming video in the house by COLBOR CL100 photography light(Using COLBOR CL100 to film a video with the COB protective cover)

In addition, Kaddr also used different test equipment, such as a digital scale, light meter, decibel meter for direct weighing, measurement of output efficiency, illuminance, and others. Ultimately he got accurate data to prove that this photography studio natural light can maintain a long time of safe and stable working state, which makes it extremely suitable for long-time shooting. There is also a demonstration of the basic operation and a screen display of ten lighting modes.

Why do experienced photographers choose COLBOR CL100 among all the lights? Watch the video and you will find out! If you want to know more about selecting a professional and affordable studio light, check for this guide to the specification of the best budget studio light.

COLBOR CL100 compact studio can be placed standing on the ground and held by hands as well

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